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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Full Circle Demo: From weapons to wars to refugees. Market Sq. Nottingham

01-12-2008 17:53

To highlight the link between the arms trade and refugees, Shut Down H&K and No Borders Nottingham held a demonstration on Saturday 29th November at 12:30 on Market Square in Nottingham called "FULL CIRCLE – from weapons to wars to refugees".

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India's 9/11. Who was Behind the Mumbai Attacks?

01-12-2008 17:40

The Mumbai terror attacks were part of a carefully planned and coordinated
operation involving several teams of experienced and trained gunmen.

The operation has the fingerprints of a paramilitary-intelligence operation.
According to a Russian counter terrorist expert, the Mumbai terrorists "used
the same tactics that Chechen field militants employed in the Northern
Caucasus attacks where entire towns were terrorized, with homes and
hospitals seized".

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Dyncorp found guilty by jury of racism in Iraq contracts.

01-12-2008 12:18

The massive US military contractor has been found to have discriminated against an african-american run corporation over contracts in iraq.

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Philippines: An urgent call to the NDF and the GRP regarding the recent killings

30-11-2008 12:24

An urgent call to the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) regarding the recent killings of farmers!

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Child Soldiers: US Military Recruiting Children to Serve in the Armed Forces

30-11-2008 01:07

In violation of its pledge to the United Nations not to recruit children into the military, the Pentagon “regularly target(s) children under 17,” the American Civil Liberties Union(ACLU) says.

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ICTR: Dallaire "failed in his mission"

29-11-2008 19:22

A French military historian testifying as an expert witness before the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has attacked the Canadian General who commanded the UN Force in Rwanda in 1994. "Dallaire failed in his mission", said the witness..

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Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine

28-11-2008 21:14

Today starving Gazans won't be silenced. They keep protesting, and according to Hamazah Mansur, head of the Jordanian-based Islamic Action Front's six-member parliamentary bloc: If conditions in the Territory worsens, "Arab rulers should expect an earthquake that would shake their countries and regimes." It's high time something shook them out of their silent complicity with decades of slow-motion genocide, now worse than ever in Gaza under siege.

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Kingston Student Union bans the military

28-11-2008 16:09

At yesterday's Student Union AGM, Kingston University students voted to "ban Military Forces from Promoting on Campus".

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Mumbai carnage: world unity urged to punish culprits

28-11-2008 13:45

Jinnah's great grandson Ness Wadia with his wife actress Preity Zinta.
Pakistanis are openly acknowledging their country's rogue I.S.I. was responsible for the ayhem in Mumbia that left 120 people dead. The maverick Baluch ethnic group calls for world unity to defeat "the monster."

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Fitwatch response to Counter-Terrorism Act Receiving Royal Assent

28-11-2008 02:07

The Counter-Terrorism Act received Royal Assent on 26th November. This act makes it a criminal offence, punishable by up to ten years imprisonment, to publish or elicit information abotu police officers which could be useful to terrorists.

Here is Fitwatch's response

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Fronting for Paramilitaries: Holder, Chaquita and Colombia

27-11-2008 23:16

Chiquita Brands was among the U.S. corporations that funded Colombia's rightwing death squads, organized under the umbrella of the United Self-Defense Groups. Eric Holder, the soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General, defended Chiquita's relationship with the death squads, as a corporate attorney.

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China and the Congo Wars: AFRICOM. America's New Military Command

27-11-2008 22:56

Just weeks after President George W. Bush signed the Order creating a new US military command dedicated to Africa, AFRICOM, events on the mineral-rich continent have erupted which suggest a major agenda of the incoming Obama Presidency will be for the son of a black Kenyan to focus US resources, military and other, on dealing with the Republic of Congo, the oil-rich Gulf of Guinea, the oil-rich Darfur region of southern Sudan and increasingly the Somali ‘pirate threat’ to sea lanes in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean. The legitimate question is whether it is mere coincidence that Africa appears just at this time to become a new geopolitical ‘hot spot’ or whether it has a direct link to the formal creation of AFRICOM.

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Jewish Voice for Peace Announces Shministim Solidarity Campaign

27-11-2008 15:47

The Jewish-American group Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has announced a solidarity campaign with the Shministim, a group of Israeli high school students who refuse to serve in the Israeli military because of the occupation of Palestinian Territories.

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Wanted -Court Support!

27-11-2008 13:35

Lakenheath 8
· The Lakenheath 8 will be in court from 10 am on 1-4th December for taking action to prevent war crimes back in 2006. The 8 were charged with SOCPA 128 and Criminal Damage. (Full details see The 8 would like support at the court. If you have not attended to help with court support before, here is a brief guide to how you can help and why it is important.

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Obama names corrupt old ex-EDO Corp CIA man as national security chief

27-11-2008 10:50

Dennis C. Blair to be the new Director of National Security in Obama administration

the more things 'change' the more they stay the same

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The Gaza Ghetto (by Latuff)

26-11-2008 15:54

The world's largest ghetto
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Larry Cox, head of Amnesty International, silent as guard assaults activist.

26-11-2008 03:25

Banner, you can do it too.
Larry Cox, head of Amnesty International, stood silent as a guard violently assaulted a human rights activist who asked him a question at a public gathering at the Ethical Culture Society.

The four minute Youtube video was posted at:

The activist was there to draw attention to AI's support of the Merida Initiative, aka, Plan Mexico, a military aid package that arms the Mexican army and police who are involved in the murder and arrest of activists in Oaxaca and Chiapas and the massacres in Atenco.

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Smash EDO Smashing Update

25-11-2008 17:09

here's the latest news from Smash EDO

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Human Rights Observers start hunger strike in Israel

22-11-2008 21:06

On Tuesday 18th November, the Israeli Navy forcibly abducted 15 unarmed Palestinian fishermen and three International Human Rights Observers from the waters 7 miles off the Gaza coast. Although the fishermen were well within their rights to fish in their own waters, the Israeli Navy boarded and confiscated their boats, and illegally detained all of the civilians in Israel.