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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Iraq, nirvana, and collective existence

11-06-2005 12:31

"American snipers killing mothers, soldiers executing civilians in the street, houses being demolished with entire families inside.

A little girl on the way home from school is shot through the abdomen while watching her younger brother’s delicate body explode under the voracity of bullets spit from the cold muzzle of an m-16."

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Hicks 'should be an Australian'

10-06-2005 22:44

SUSPECTED? Australian David Hicks
Allegedly, he is facing trial on charges of conspiracy to commit war crimes, attempted murder and aiding the enemy in the US but now they don't want to do it! Because it would no doubt be in breach of the US Constitution back in the US, back in the US, back in the USA. And back in Australia, back in Australia, back in Australia Mate!

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SpOILs of War: The neo-liberal carve up of Iraq and why its THE issue at the G8

10-06-2005 10:08

Away from the bloody battlefields, Iraq is being plundered through the brutal economic reconstruction of a country already bombed to submission and starved by years of sanctions. This article examines the corporate takeover of post-Saddam Iraq, set in the context of a violent expansion of neo-liberalism and argues why its crucial activists in the UK take up the issue in the run up to the G8.

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10-06-2005 10:02

A week before Blair hosts the G8, corporate executives from multinational oil companies will be meeting in London with representatives from the Iraqi government to discuss the future of Iraqi oil and gas reserves. Join us, the corporate pirates to protest against this neo-liberal plunder!

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High Noon in Brighton police showdown

10-06-2005 09:42

Suusex police vow to make sure 'ordinary residents and shoppers' don't have their day 'disrupted' by a demonstration in Brighton against local arms dealers EDO/MBM. The demo meets at The Level at noon.

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10-06-2005 09:27

Publicity about the Royal International Air Tattoo at Fairford (RIAT) has been appearing in local libraries and papers in the last week. The tattoo is sponsored by arms manufacturers, but is not strictly an arm's fair (i). However the Gloucestershire Green Party argue it is still about selling the concept of weapons and war as acceptable ways of resolving differences between nations. Greens say 'give it a miss'.

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Military, bankers, big oil and and royalty discuss Iran invasion

09-06-2005 21:19

A typical scene
Here is a rare fly-on-the wall glimpse at how deeply power corrupts. It corrupts those who wield it. And it corrupts those who seek to influence those who wield it. Media have long been part of the world of elites. The free press is a myth when powerful people own it. Only when many small people own it will it be a truly free press, and will on our "right to know" be possible.

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09-06-2005 17:55


On June 11th, following a rally on the Level, Brighton peace campaigners will march to John St Police Station and demand that Sussex Police investigate local arms dealers EDO MBM for complicity in war crimes. A bundle of evidence demonstrating EDO’s involvement in the illegal war in Iraq will be supplied. SMASH EDO invites press and anyone who is against the arms trade and for freedom of speech to join them on this national demonstration.

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Zero Hour in Bolivia: What to Watch for Today

09-06-2005 14:44

Please read this dramatic account of current events in Bolivia and stay tuned to them via Let everyone know that you are aware of what is happening there and that any attempt by U.S. power to impede the people’s will, will only further tarnish the world’s perception of us and bring death and more misery to yet another third world people struggling to be free.

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Stratcom: One-Stop Shopping for Bush War Plans

09-06-2005 05:13

Bush is likely to get us into more wars. Since critics are now aware that we were lied to about the reasons for the war on Iraq, he will have to start the next war so quickly that no debate is possible. Stratcom makes this possible.

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Under Likud, illegal outposts received NIS 70 million to Build ....on Palestinia

09-06-2005 03:12

The Housing Ministry allocated at least NIS 70 million
to build infrastructure and erect public structures in
82 illegal outposts in the West Bank during the prime
ministerial terms of Benjamin Netanyahu (1996-1999)
and Ariel Sharon (2001-2004), Haaretz has learned from
an appendix to attorney Talia Sasson's report on the

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Friendship Walk for the Middle East

08-06-2005 21:21

praying together
Faiths walking together today for peace in the Middle East.

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No real alternative media in USA, please help!!

08-06-2005 20:46

I have irrefutable information which has a direct bearing on the militarism, sexism and general dysfunction endemic to american society. This information, if given widespread distribution in the USA, might have the power to undermine bush's plans for world domination.

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Modern Barbarism

08-06-2005 12:38

In the Dialectic of the Enlightenment (1944), Adorno and Horkheimer diagnosed that instrumental reason has the tendency to become a murderous delusion under the frosty sun.. Adorno used the term regressive progress to express the paradoxical nature of modern civilization.

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Massive Breach of Security at Faslane

07-06-2005 10:09

Thirteen activists entered Faslane naval base in Scotland last night where the UK's WMD's are held. Two scaled an additional fence inside the base to reach the high security area where Trident submarines berth.

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Online petition launched against DSEi Arms Fair

06-06-2005 09:25

Campaign Against Arms Trade aim to present a mass petition to Ken Livingstone against east London's Arms Fair, due to take place in September.

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Direct Action Training for G8 and DSEi

06-06-2005 07:48

Sunday 19 June @ the Institute for Autonomy, 78 Gower St, London WC1 (Nearest tubes: Russell Sq, Goodge St, Warren St, Buses: Tottenham Court Rd.)

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May Day Versus Loyalty Day

04-06-2005 18:01

May Day versus McCarthy era like "Loyalty Day" opened a UN Conference against Nuclear Weapons that seemed doomed by ambiguities and lack of reportage from its very start… including vagueUS intentions towards peace contrasted by recent trends and “nuclearised” weapons that support pre emptive strikes. Meanwhile, Israel still vague about possessing nuclear weapons adds to its crimes against humanity in the Occupied Territories by dumping its waste on someone else’s homeland.

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Brian Haw clocks up 4 years of 24/7 in Parliament Square!

04-06-2005 17:42

This is a 1,400 word report with 6 photos of the 4th anniversary of Brian Haw's vigil for Iraq in London's Parliament Square.