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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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61 schoolgirls killed, 129 wounded in airstrike

16-08-2006 02:07

“a horrible act of terror.”
They condemned the “deliberate, cold-blooded and inhumane” targeting of the schoolgirls compound by the daylight air raid.

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Hezbollah’s Victory and the Coming Shock and Awe of Iran

16-08-2006 01:17

"Since Hitler, there has not been an enemy like Ahmedinejad…. He has Hamas in the south, and Hezbollah in the north. This is an existential peril.”

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Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC

15-08-2006 21:56

Christian Zionism Lobby
We take a look at a new recently established group called Christians United for Israel - an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is: "a biblical imperative." We speak with investigative journalist Max Blumenthal who reports they lobbied the Bush administration to adopt a confrontational posture toward Iran, refuse aid to the Palestinians and give Israel a free hand in its attack on Lebanon.

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Mildenhall Peace Camp

15-08-2006 15:00

A peace camp has been established at RAF (ha ha its actually USAF) Mildenhall. After Israeli arms fights were diverted from Prestwich they ended up at Mildenhall. A peace camp has been setup just off the A1101 next to the base. Phone 07760 171655 for more details.

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Hicks, Guantanamo and the Howard Government

15-08-2006 12:19

David Hicks, good, bad or just plain stupid remains an Australian son. Democratic nations have a responsibility to protect their citizens in times of need; a number of democratic nations have already successfully repatriated their citizens from the illegal torture centre of Guantanamo Bay; however, after a period of four years the Howard government has been unable or unwilling to effect the repatriation of David Hicks. If a truly strong case against Hicks existed it surely would have been prosecuted to the full advantage of the terrorist scare campaign that Bush constantly wages on the American people. The fact that the USA is loath to give Hicks a fair and open trial, and in view of the obvious manipulative tactics utilised by corrupt U.S. ‘legal’ officers to delay proceedings, it would appear that the grounds upon which the U.S. military have based their ‘case’ are extremely flimsy and/or could attract litigation for illegal detention, torture and human rights abuses!

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Activist aid convoy stopped by Lebanese National Security Guards - Sat 12th Aug

15-08-2006 12:08

Over the past few days Lebanese activists from a broad range of political and social groups have been meticulously planning an aid convoy to villages in the south. The idea was both political and humanitarian. Many villages have been without aid for some time and their situation is desperate. Meanwhile those peace loving Israelis have consistently announced that all moving vehicles in certain areas are legitimate targets. This was to be an open and passive defiance of that ban. The convoy of over 50 cars loaded with everything from food to diapers was publicly announced to both the Israelis and Hizbollah. Hizbollah had agreed to clear the way so there was no excuse for any bombing in the vicinity. No response from the Israelis who are presently refusing to allow NGOs like MSF (Medecins sans Frontieres) and the Red Cross a safe passage. In the end Lebanese National Security guards on Mount Lebanon stopped the convoy on the grounds that it would be too dangerous to proceed.

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The politics of the latest terror scare

15-08-2006 04:58

There undeniably is a conspiracy
There undeniably is a conspiracy. It is a plot to use terrorist threats, real or imagined, to terrorize the American people, intimidate them, disorient them, and accustom them to accept the militarization of every aspect of their lives and the destruction of their democratic rights. The center of this conspiracy is the American government itself.

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Counter-terrorism/liberty propaganda measures 'need strengthening'?

15-08-2006 00:42

Anyways, just by coincidence?
It makes you wonder whether they just have a list of propaganda material lined up that they don't tell the community about until the 'right time'. I mean don't tell me they couldn't have said it last week?

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The Foiled UK Terror Plot and the "Pakistani Connection"

14-08-2006 23:44

The announcement by the British Home Office of a foiled terror plot to simultaneously blow up as many as ten airplanes on transatlantic flights, conveys the impression that it is the Western World rather than the Middle East which is under attack. 

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remember - if the "small peaces" fall to pieces - try the "big" peace. . . .

14-08-2006 18:59

. . . . (if you've also checked in case a few jerks might have a criminal gravy-train or cover-ups or "news management" that needs wars + "clampdowns" for even the semblance of success - if so - you need to stop them, + perhaps the even "bigger" peace/change process - see "reopening tactful discussions" + later comments)
- this is about the "surface" practicals - thinking "big"-with realism, if out of "boxes"

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CBS 60" interview: Iranian Leader Opens Up

14-08-2006 16:29

CBS TV is a very important part of the US war machine. Les Moonves is the 'Project for a New American Century' (PNAC) as President and CEO of CBS News, and CBS is owned by the infamous US/Israeli propaganda giant VIACOM. The double nationality and multinational VIACOM is owned by Sumner Rothstein.

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US Aided Olmert Extremists In Long-Planned Aggression/Cease-Fire Charade

14-08-2006 16:17

Evidence now proves that the Olmert Extremists planned their attack on Lebanon at least a year ago, yet the bulk of the media still repeats the LIE that this was a response to acts carried out by Hezbollah.

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Hizbullah, Zionism and the Ideology of late Imperial America

14-08-2006 16:14

Like so many other faltering "democracies" throughout the world right now, the only way for the Israeli People to live in peace is to take their country back from the Extremists who have hijacked it for their own aggrandizement.

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Nobody's Victory / Israeli 'Leaders' Fault Bush For Lebanon Failure

14-08-2006 16:12

Throughout the world, corrupt 'leaders' are finding it costly to align themselves with the world's greatest terrorists in the criminal Bush/PNAC Regime.

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WAR-mness of our nations guaranty profit cycle

14-08-2006 15:45

3 Copyleft materials to rexistance .

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14-08-2006 14:48


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Coalition of the Wet!

14-08-2006 14:44

Video In Da Hood!
Despite the soggy weather, this Saturday saw the third in a series of demos take place in Cambridge against the current military agression in Lebanon.

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Anti-War Film Screening - Tonight

14-08-2006 09:06

Video flyer
An evening of films on Monday 14th August as part of this years Portobello Film Festival in West London curated by Filmmakers Against War, includes, from the Independent Film School in Baghdad, 'Baghdad Days'

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Brize Peace Camp: Map and other info

14-08-2006 08:37

A 'package' of information, including up-to-date info on the whereabouts of the Camp. The plan of the area around the base, and a detailed description of the best viewing points for plane spotters have been removed as they turned out to be copyright. You can find them here: In any case, be very cautious if visiting point N (Viscount Industrial Estate) after 5.00pm - 2 of us got locked in!