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Brize Peace Camp: Map and other info

eileen (compiled from various sources) | 14.08.2006 08:37 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

A 'package' of information, including up-to-date info on the whereabouts of the Camp. The plan of the area around the base, and a detailed description of the best viewing points for plane spotters have been removed as they turned out to be copyright. You can find them here: In any case, be very cautious if visiting point N (Viscount Industrial Estate) after 5.00pm - 2 of us got locked in!


A Peace Camp has been set up near the Brize Norton base in Oxfordshire which was used by planes taking bombs to Israel for use against people in Lebanon. Peace Camps have been set up outside all three bases which have recieved planes with bombs in transit to Israel; Prestwick, Mildenhall and Brize Norton.
Many of us in Oxford have heard very heavy planes going over Oxford towards Brize Norton at about 2am in the morning. These could be carrying troops coming back from Iraq, munitions for Israel or handcuffed prisoners on exrtaordinary rendition flights. The people at the camp will be keeping on the lookout for such planes that are brought in under cover of the dark.
The camp is in a very pleasant area of green next to the church at Alvescot, just off the road to Black Bourton, S.W. of the base.There are about 10 people staying at the camp at the moment, who have located a standpipe for water and are fairly well set up and very welcoming.
Visitors in support for any length of time would enable the peace campers to rest or to go on recces along the perimeter path of the base on that side. Kate Holcombe at the camp, recently returned from being arrested after going to search a plane at Prestwick, says she would welcome things like coffee tea and milk to keep them going.
If you would like to go out in support and want to know where it is or what they might need, phone Kate 07748015601.

2) The Peace Camp is at 'F' - the Church at Mill Lane, Alvescot Village - see map - it is close to the west end of the runway.

The best spots to watch flights close up (prevailing wind means that the flights usually land at the Eastern end of the runway and take off towards the Western end) are:

Point 'N' Viscount Industrial Estate. - park outside! the gate, leaving room for lorries to enter unhindered, and walk up to bridge near crash gate 6 (careful - very fast traffic). better still - 20 yards on the opposite side of the road away from the Viscount entrance is a farm track, with ample parking, and with the track climbibg up gives you a wonderful shot at planes, seemingly 50 yards away coming in. Actually my 1st choice for the camp, but Kate thought the farmer would have had us out pretty quick, and so chose my back up, more safe & private spot at the Church.

There is also an Iron Age fort off to the left of the A4095 road to Lew - get to Lew farm and there is a footpath to the fort, high up and right under the flight path.

Point 'C' at the western end of the runway - down the narrow lane right next to the Springfield Cattery - but only room for 1 car to park, and often occupied by a plane spotter.

Alternatively, use A361 at Point 'E' , travel towards Filkins for about 200 yards, and where the road joins from the right, turn into it, and park on the layby just there at the junction. Obviously used by many to watch the take offs, with a good view of all.


eileen (compiled from various sources)


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