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Amnesty Protest in Nottingham City Centre - Close Guantanamo Bay [Please]

11-03-2007 14:35

Amnesty Protest in Nottingham City Centre - Close Guantanamo Bay [Please]

The University of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society's held a protest against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay.

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Iran Attack: Neocons Find New Curveball

11-03-2007 01:18

Ali Reza Asghari
Once again, the corporate media is feeding us a main course of half-truth and fabrication as the neocons and Israelis prepare to invade Iran, the next target on their total destruction roster. “Ali Reza Asghari was spilling valuable secrets to an American intelligence team as a prelude to defecting to the United States,” the CIA’s favorite newspaper, the Washington Post, reports.

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U.S. military banking on Turkey for Iran, Iraq access

10-03-2007 23:18

The U.S. military has sought to significantly expand operations at a key Turkish air base.

Officials said the Defense Department has been negotiating for an increase in U.S. air operations at the Incirlik air force base in southern Turkey. They said Incirlik would be used for operations in northern Iraq as well as reconnaissance in neighboring Iran.

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Amnesty protest over Guantanamo Bay in Nottingham :: report with audio

10-03-2007 20:36

The University of Nottingham's Amnesty International Society's held a protest against the continuing human rights abuses at Guantanamo Bay. It is now over five years since the first detainees were transferred to the detention camp and despite widespread international condemnation, hundreds of people from more than 30 nationalities remain there: without charge and with little hope of obtaining a fair trial.

Here is some audio that was taken during the demo.

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New pamphlet, "Alcatraz – Uncle Sam's Devil's Island"

10-03-2007 13:46

"Alcatraz – Uncle Sam's Devil's Island : Experiences of a Conscientious Objector in America during the First World War" by Philip Grosser
The Kate Sharpley Library has just published a new edition of Philip Grosser's account of his time imprisoned on the notorious prison island of Alcatraz. Philip Grosser was sent to Alcatraz because he didn't want to murder anyone, even on government orders. He was a Boston anarchist and anti-militarist who refused to be drafted into the slaughter of World War One.

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Genocidal or Great Britain? - Mr. Brian W. Haw

10-03-2007 10:03

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Brian over the years and I have also had the privilage of typing this message from him.

Charity Sweet XXX

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UN Sanctions on Iran: Political Confrontation, Iran's Response to US Threats

10-03-2007 02:14

The US so far has not directly targeted the clerical leaders of Islamic Republic namely Supreme Leader Khamenei and former president Rafsanjani. Instead, it has pointed at President Mahmood Ahmadinejad who has stayed firm against US pressures. The US is trying to link Ahmadinejad and his affiliated Sepah-e Pasdaran with supplying weapons to anti-US militants in Iraq. Ahmadinejad has popularity among Iran’s underprivileged class who were disappointed with former clerical presidents due to their inability to enhance economic welfare for the poor. It is unlikely that US can cause Ahmadinejad to be deposed by any means.

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State Dept Report: Sickening Gov Abuses in Afghanistan

09-03-2007 21:11

The practice of courts ordering the defendant to provide compensation in the form of young girls in marriage to a victims' family continued........Most experts believe the practice of child trafficking was widespread and continued to be a problem. The law does not prohibit trafficking in persons. The government did little to combat trafficking in persons.

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Mayan Priests to Purify Site After Bush Visit

09-03-2007 19:43

This is priceless. S. America, which has faced decades of US Fascism first-hand, appears to be leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the world in acknowledging the capacity of the USA to perpetrate great evil.

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Fishy Fun on Trident Vote Day

09-03-2007 16:24

On Wednesday 14th March, MPs will vote on whether or not to replace Trident - Britain's nuclear weapons system. Lots of actions are being planned for the day of the vote, among these is a "Fish on Bicycles mass cycle ride" around central London.

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New film released today: Blood £ Money anti-war/anti- EDO MBM.

09-03-2007 11:26

a creative protest against the blood £ money that EDO MBM makes and a salute to the activists who won a battle but not yet the war, we fight on for life and good and right.

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‘Turkey is under the threat of Iran’s missiles’ claims US Ambassador to NATO

09-03-2007 00:05

Turkish Foreign Minister, Abdullah Gül, has said that Turkey will not be rushing to comply with the UN sanctions on Iran and that Turkey’s territory will not be used as a base for any attack on Iran. The following day, the US Ambassador to NATO, Victoria Nuland, declared that Turkey is under the threat of Iran’s short- and medium-range missiles. “Turkey and the USA concur on the increasingly serious nature of the nuclear threat posed by Iran”, she said.

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British Army used under-18-year-old soldiers in Iraq occupation

08-03-2007 23:21

A recent written answer to a parliamentary question from the Liberal Democrats revealed that the British Army sent 15 soldiers under the age of 18 to fight in Iraq, contravening a United Nation’s protocol on children’s rights.

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Challenge to media hype against Iran

08-03-2007 23:17

New Westminster watchdog launched to monitor media bias against Iran

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(Video) Nablus: 2 New Clips from Military Operation "Hot Winter"

08-03-2007 20:59

Today, a-films and RJI released another two short video-interviews from the recent military operation in Nablus, Occupied Palestine. The first interview was conducted with Ashraf al-Tibi, the injured son of 'Anan al-Tibi, whom the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) shot dead on February 26th, 2007. The second interview is with 11-years-old Jihan Tahdush, who was used as a "human-shield" by Israeli soldiers during house-to-house searches in Nablus.

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SOCPA shame - CPS clutching at bent straws

08-03-2007 20:32

It was nice to see some democracy and justice within a courthouse, for a change.

I would like to offer Judge Wadsworth a huge bouquet of roses and many thanks. After seeing the likes of the bent DJ Evans, the corrupt DJ Snow and their crony DJ Purdy, I have had a small amount of my faith restored in the justice system. For the minute, anyway...

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"Women In Black" hold silent peace vigil on church steps

08-03-2007 17:42

Women In Black Vigil, St Lukes Church Liverpool 8 March 2007
On International Womens Day a local "Women In Black" group held a silent peace vigil on the steps of St Lukes Church, high above the rush hour traffic.

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US ally Musharraf in a tangle over Iran

08-03-2007 17:24

The intense pressure from Washington on President General Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan to be cooperative in the "war on terror" is yielding dramatic results, although perhaps not of the kind initially anticipated.

The Pakistan-Iran relationship, which has never been easy, has nosedived to a low point in recent weeks, even as Musharraf remains under pressure to do more in clamping down on al-Qaeda and the Taliban in Pakistan's tribal areas.

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Art of War : Veterans

08-03-2007 13:06


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El-Baradei Strongly Challenged for Not Speaking the Whole Truth on Iran

08-03-2007 03:35

Dr Mohamed El-Baradei, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy
Agency (IAEA) has been challenged for not speaking the whole truth about
Iran’s nuclear programme. The challenge comes in the wake of Dr El-Baradei’s
statement that Iran’s concealment of its nuclear programme for some 18 years
sets it apart from all other nations.