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SOCPA shame - CPS clutching at bent straws

Charity Sweet | 08.03.2007 20:32 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

It was nice to see some democracy and justice within a courthouse, for a change.

I would like to offer Judge Wadsworth a huge bouquet of roses and many thanks. After seeing the likes of the bent DJ Evans, the corrupt DJ Snow and their crony DJ Purdy, I have had a small amount of my faith restored in the justice system. For the minute, anyway...

Any more news... well, let me tell you

Why are the CPS such assholes? Do they need a degree in assholology to work within the crown persecution service of Westminster?

After having a chat with Tucker's barrister, David Emmanuel from Garden Court Chambers, we were all feeling quite confident upon entering the courtroom.

The judge sat forward and listened and questioned which made a pleasant change from the asswipes who I have witnessed before my mates, on bent benches before; over Brian, Steve, and Babs. They had been clearly scripted as to what to say and what to do.

Eureka! We had what appeared to be an impartial, intelligent judge!

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!

You have to believe to recieve, is what I teach my children. We must all live in faith and with hope guiding our actions.

The arsehole who represented the CPS went off on his usual rant.... while Tucker keeps being assalted by the police - character assination, character assasination, blah blah blah... same old shit coming out of anothers muppets gob.

Judge Wadsworth seems to question as to why the CPS first perjured themselves with the "Babs climbed over the railing and punched and kicked an officer" and further explained the charge was lessened to resisting a PC charge, which had not yet been charged.

He still talked shit, when he knew he was talking shit, and would, in the same breath, explain that the pile of shit he said was true was bullshit and had been reduced to a lesser pile of shit.

Mr. CPS was such a daft idiot, he even brought up the case which was thrown and declared NFA. Steaming piles of shit steamed out his mouth and we all behaved and only laughed when the judge smirked at the obviously NOT serious threat Babs was to the police... so serious that they had not seen fit to charge in over three months?

Mr. Emmanuel was prepared and successfully argued the "draconian" bail conditions that had been meeted out and how they didn't quite match up with Article 11 of the human rights act - the right to freedom of assembly.

As a last ditch effort, the CPS rebutted that Babs had tried to "throw herself under the PM's car".

And the police had not immediately arrested or charged for why?

Can you spell C.R.O.C.K. O.F. S.H.I.T.?

Westminster is now deperately clutching at straws. Their deperation is becoming quite apparent to the public in general.

The good and Honourable Judge Wadsworth noted that Tucker was "intelligent" and even mentioned that he drove past Brian Haw's peace camp, twice daily, outside the Houses of Parliament, and he clearly wasn't swallowing the shit he was being seved up the CPS. All bail conditions dropped.

Just a little bit of egg on SNOWjob's ugly mooie! (the idiot who imposed these conditions)

What is most curious was the fact that there was not a peep regarding any of the how many outstanding SOCPA charges out of the lips of the CPS?

The CPS was schtum regarding Tucker's long, long, long, long list of SOCPA charges and lack of convictions. HUH? Did I miss something?

Oh no, that's the big white elephant that Tony and his cronies and buddies on the dirty benches don't want being brought out into the open and under the scrutiny of a conscious, living, breathing, independent, real judge.

Tucker notified and she has been punished for notifying and confounding their bullshit law, ever since.

What does one do when one is thrown from one's mount? Get right back up on that horse again!

Upon returning to Parliament Square, three plod went walkies around the square. I took a few photos and was told, "Stop taking my picture. I haven't given you permission to take my picture". I carried on and ignored them. They carried on and walked away.

We made a joint decision to head up to Tony's yard with the dirty laundry... a rather long plastic line draping with babygrows, undershirts, bibs and socks that have been stained and painted with red paint and 'bloody' handprints.

After about half an hour, idiot police decided to come over for a chat.

"It's nice weather we're having". Plod from Charing Cross (CX) trying to strike up a pleasant conversation? None of us were having it and simply ignored them.

I was questioned and stopped under Section 44 of the Terrorism Act... no mention of SOCPA or demomstrating... that old white elephant of a bullshit law Tony penned one night when he had far too much bugal up his honker.

The outcome code was NFA - no further action.

Grounds for search or reason for stop.


To reiterate, I was stopped under the terrorism act for standing quietly with Ton'y dirty washing and Maya's sign saying No more Falluga's within Tony's safe and secure world of Westminster where he is hiding from his future fate of the HAGUE.

Steve Jago and Barbara Tucker recieved absolutely not one ounce of hassle as is right and proper and highly unusual and irregular.

Andy was also stopped and search and given sald rediculous waste of time and space, stop and search form, for holding a camera. He sported no banner nor held up any dirty washing.

Four persons present and... two questioned, two left alone...

Maybe I am mad and I seem to think that this SOCPA law is a farce. One day, Babs can be slammed down to the ground and assalted by CX Met and another day, she is safe, regardless of the fact that since last March, she correctly notified, as per SOCPA legislation, in Tony's mad world where free speech is not a right, it is something that must be begged for.

"Please sir, can I have more?" with hands cupped and outstretched.

"Please Sir, can I have my voice and God given right of free speech back?"

Sir Ian Blair - Go f*ck yourself!

You cannot take from us, the gift we were given from GOD. There will be hell to pay, rest assured, for attempting to silence the hearts and minds of the nations.

The English will only stand for so much and the news is starting to surface amongst the sheeple. They might just wake up and remember that they are people. People with emotions; emotions that motivate them into peaceful action.

Mr. Brian W. Haw was present as support and the raw inspiration of all our actions - he didn't win the most politically inpring individual for nothing!

After plod had done their bit, we decided to go a step further.

The Women of WW2 War Memorial seemed a good place to hang out.

Then the War Memorial... the dirty laundry really made quite a statement!

In closing,

Judge Wadsworth... you have restored my faith in the English judiciary. Thank you.

Blair and Snow ... eat shite! To the Hague you gotta go!

Babs ... you are one in 6 billion or however many brothers and sisters we have all around the world.

Steve ... an absolute pillar of strength and shining example of how real men really should behave.

Brian ... First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, and then you win - Ghandi

Power to the people!
Charity Sweet

P.S. Tony, Jesus loves you. The rest of the world thinks you're a wanker.

Charity Sweet
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