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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Protest signs in London

24-11-2003 15:57

Signs of the time - some examples of the creative work that was done for the anti-Bush protests in London

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When 'David' Took On Goliath - One Dying Worker Challenges The Corporate Giants

24-11-2003 13:38

The East Devon – West Dorset coastline has a history of producing and harbouring various trouble makers, be it the pirates and wreckers that inhabited these shores, attacking and sinking trading vessels in the 18th Century, or those who supported disputed heirs to the British crown, such as the Duke of Monmouth, landing his ill-fated cause against James I in 1685

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The right to take preventive action?

24-11-2003 10:27

Straw recently claimed on R4 that Article 51 includes "the right of states to take preventive action"?

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Samba Party blasts through London's Streets

24-11-2003 02:06

Thousands stream down Kingsway
A report and pics from a wonderful afternoon spent with the Samba block in Thursday's protests against BU$H.

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Heavy handed policing at Bush protests

23-11-2003 21:15

During the week of Bush protests, I witnessed police arrests where people were treated pretty roughly, but I also saw police being pretty restrained. There were an unprecedented number of police monitoring the anti-Bush protests, and consequently Bush was able to travel without ever really encountering the protesters (occasionally this involved Bush slightly rearranging his schedule, so he certainly felt our presence).

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27/11: 'We Interrupt This Empire...' & 'Kilometer 0' in London

23-11-2003 20:26

Film screenings of "We Interrupt This Empire..." and "Kilometer 0".

Thursday November 27th, 9.30pm

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pics. Manchester STOP BUSH Demo 19th Nov.

23-11-2003 16:04

Choke on this Dubya
3 photos from the Manchester STOP BUSH protests

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Conrad Black & Hollinger inc.: A Story You Might Want to Follow

23-11-2003 03:15

A story you might want to follow: Conrad Black & the right-wing "Hollinger" newspapers (with Richard Perle & Killinger on the board of trustees)(!!!). Now, they all may be going to jail.

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An American Protester in London

23-11-2003 01:37

George Bush made me do it.

Politically apathetic all my life, I barely followed the issues, never voted, and never much cared to.

After September 11th, the United States had the sympathy of the world. There was so much potential. But, in a few short years, Bush and his foreign policy turned that sympathy into hatred.

Bush forced me to get up, get out, and take to the streets.

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Colin Powell is coming to Maastricht

23-11-2003 00:06

No More Lies
The Enmasse platform organises a demo at the eve of the OSCe summit held in Maastricht. Collin Powell will briefly visit this summit to promote his war on terrorism. We don't like that. Probably also a speaker from the stop war coalition will make te stage.

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Messages to Bush pt2

22-11-2003 22:33

More responses to the Bush visit in London.

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Deception Dollars @ St*p Bu$h

22-11-2003 21:45

Deception Dollars on London streets 2003-11-20

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Messages to Bush pt1

22-11-2003 21:43

Bush's visit to the UK provoked a variety of responses.

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More Vietnam Atrocities

22-11-2003 18:07

Nick Turse has done an excellent job in documenting that My Lai and the Tiger Force atrocities were not isolated incidents, but he misses an important point. Disappearances, hideous torture techniques, mutilations, rapes, etc. serve a very logical purpose in US counterinsurgency strategy. In Vietnam it was called the Phoenix Program. It is savage intimidation designed to reduce popular support for guerrilla fighters. In recent terminology, it is shock and awe.

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22-11-2003 12:54

dirty protest against dirty warmongers - Friday 21st November

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News from Iraq: Jo Wilding, 17th of november

22-11-2003 12:16

November 17th
Asking the Fairies

There are buildings in Baghdad, old government premises, secret police offices, properties formerly owned by members of the ruling clique and Saddam's family, officers' clubs, military barracks, houses, apartment blocks which are now squatted by hundreds, perhaps thousands, of families made homeless by bombings during the invasion and evictions after.

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Trafalgar Square Today

22-11-2003 02:54

Trafalgar Square, Friday around 1.30pm
Back to normal - well almost.

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Anti Bush Demos 19 and 20/11/03

22-11-2003 01:15

Pix from the really big demo 20/11/03 and Buckingham Palace protest 19/11/03

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You're Welcome America!

22-11-2003 00:22

A thanks for the all the thanks.

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22-11-2003 00:06

Anti Bush Protest 2003
Thank You, England!!