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International Human Rights Day

11-12-2005 06:40

"anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating
One of the events for International Human Rights Day in Melbourne was a rally outside the State Library attended by about 100 people on Saturday December 10. Issues canvassed by speakers included opposition to mandatory detention of asylum seekers, treatment of indigenous Australians, opposition to the "anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating of the muslim community.

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Australians to be hung with piano wire

11-12-2005 03:41

Australia set to train Indonesian terrorists
AFP head General Bung Mikado Kopassus told The Sunday Rage he had made the controversial decision due to past human rights abuses because it "might one day render more young Australian lives in Indonesia for state torture".

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Australian treasurer steps up ideological offensive against welfare recipients

11-12-2005 02:19

THE BIG PICTURE [File Photos] (Rooters)
The treasurer's comment piece was released shortly before the Senate passed the Howard government's "Welfare to Work" Bill on November 6. The new legislation will slash welfare payments for thousands of new claimants, and force single parents and the disabled into low-wage jobs. By driving down the living conditions of some of the most vulnerable members of the community, the government intends to create an enlarged pool of cheap labour available for exploitation.

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Smash EDO march, Brighton VIDEO

10-12-2005 20:35

Short 6min video of march against EDO arms factory in Brighton on the 10th of December, 2005.

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"BushWhacked", the new "Anti-Iraq War" Song

10-12-2005 04:50

TomSongs new release, "BushWhacked", has been burning up bandwidth this week with 32,000 downloads in just 5 days. The world is waking up to the travesty in Iraq!

BushWhacked WMV Runtime 3:48

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Rockin' the Boat: CPT Peace Activists Held Hostage

09-12-2005 22:48

3 of the CPT hostages in Iraq were also in Palistine are known by the ISM and are friends of people within the London activist sean.
This radio article was made by Rockin' the Boat part of Freak Radio.
One thing I aint heard of in the corperate media is that there have been calls from Palistine to free the hostages.

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Abolish the New Slavery: Protest against the Prison System

09-12-2005 20:09

People across the world will speak out
December 10 is international human rights day, and people across the world will speak out against torture and abuse carried out in US-run prisons in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay.

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Harold Pinter's Nobel Lecture: "Art, Truth & Politics"

09-12-2005 17:18

"What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed." ~Harold Pinter, 2005 Nobel Laureate, Literature

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Appeal Court Victory! EDO Rooftop Three Acquitted

09-12-2005 15:27





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Saturday anti-EDO march in Brighton

09-12-2005 10:58

The anti-arms trade and freedom to protest demo in Brighton town centre tomorrow starts at 12 at Churchill Square.

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Brian Haw ha been arrested this morining

09-12-2005 10:32

Don't have any further information

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09-12-2005 05:42

Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) Launch More Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Property in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

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A Patriot's Letter

09-12-2005 04:39

A call to action to Americans from an American. Please distribute as much as possible by any means.

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Christmas in Guantanamo

09-12-2005 04:33

After four long years
After four long years, David Hicks - and scores of others - have been confined in steel cages in Guantanamo Bay, without trial or charge. Here in Australia, draconian anti-terror laws abolish some of our most cherished freedoms, and give ASIO and the Australian Federal Police carte blanche to treat the Islamic community like criminals.

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Petition To Prosecute U.S. War Criminals

09-12-2005 03:20

War Crimes Petition!

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Inaugural Peace Wheel awarded to Brett White, the hubmotor man downunder.

09-12-2005 00:43

Never mind the Holy Grail. First 250 million-year-old peace award goes to cyberspace and airpond knight errant.

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November Again Month of Many Demonstrations

08-12-2005 21:36

Last month had a very diverse mixture of demonstrations from the ever growing military recruiting stations, to the annual protest for the closing of the School of the Americas where an estimated 20,000
held an all day rally.

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Tight security impedes scapegoat case

08-12-2005 19:33

Frozen Gulag [File photo] (Rooters)
Indymedia has learnt this includes a bank account his supporters say was set up to fund legal representation for Muslims facing any kind of legal action. The prosecution is understood to allege the money was intended for terrorist purposes.

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Terror scapegoats to be relocated without warning

08-12-2005 18:24

The next logical step is RENDITION!
Threats and intimidation in custody

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911 – a route to war or an excuse for war?

08-12-2005 15:38

The war with Iraq and everything that led to war with Iraq was a lie. Is it not time to reopen 911 to see if it too was a lie? Was 911 the 'new Pearl Harbor' that the neocons so desired?