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Brian Haw ha been arrested this morining

Oliver | 09.12.2005 10:32 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Birmingham | London

Don't have any further information

Don't have any further information



...and released again

09.12.2005 12:30


By Andrew Woodcock, PA Political Correspondent

Anti-war protester Brian Haw was arrested this morning and forced briefly to leave the camp outside Parliament where he has maintained a vigil since 2001.

Mr Haw, 56, from Worcestershire, said that he was taken to nearby Charing Cross police station and released shortly afterwards without charge.

It is the first time he has been arrested since a High Court ruling in July, which established his right to continue his one-man protest.

New legislation introduced this summer requires protesters to obtain police permission before mounting a demonstration within a mile of parliament.

But the court ruled that the requirement does not apply to Mr Haw, as his protest began before the law came into force.

After returning to his spot on the pavement, surrounded by banners and flags in Parliament Square, Mr Haw told PA: "I've been through this at great lengths with the police inspector and he accepts I've got the right to be here and to have friends keeping me company.

"He said he would inform his officers, but the message obviously hasn't filtered down to some of the constables on the beat.

"I was woken up at about 8am by a couple of them shouting at a young woman who was minding my stuff while I slept. They told her she was demonstrating and it was against the law, but she said she was just a friend of mine.

"I stuck my head out of my sleeping bag and said: 'Are you bothering this lady?' and, eventually, they arrested me for breach of the peace.

"I'm not breaching the peace. I'm fighting for it."

Scotland Yard had no immediate information on the incident.

Mr Haw began his lone vigil on June 2 2001, initially in protest at international sanctions on Iraq and, later, at the war and its aftermath.



10.12.2005 10:31

this is a tip of from "out of the blue"
the police are mounting a campaign of random harrasment of Brian haw, the policy is to create a counter Demonstration so he can be moved.
a loop hole will allow the police to obtain an injunction on his prescence if he becomes a
"instigator of disrupting force"
, by way of ASBO.
All that is needed is a bit of video evidence to suggest that Haw is causing or intending to cause illegal demonstrations within the "yellow Zone".
the present law is forbidding the removal of haw for simply demonstrating, however if he can be deemed to be the cause of illegal demonstrations he can be forbidden from entry by way of ASBO.
You may choose to ignore this advice and most likely you will, however, do were Tipped off an I risked my job to do it !

Ps Do not underestimate the current resolve of Pro goverment lackeys to whip up such a demonstration and the extent to which they can infultrate your collective.

PC Plod


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