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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Songs about the War on Terra

25-11-2004 05:21

Links and words to songs about the War on Terra

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When America Kills Children, Is God On Its Side?

25-11-2004 00:29

America's unjust war on Iraq took a barbaric turn with the killing of civilians, including children, in Falluja.

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'Normality' in Palestine

24-11-2004 15:48

Three weeks ago, whilst Gaza was being bulldozed and
the world watched Arafat about to die, the Israeli
army invaded Jenin. Surrounding and closing off the
city for two weeks, they occupied houses to use as
bases, erected roads-blocks, and imposed curfew.

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Bush state visit in February

24-11-2004 13:24

Apparently Bush is visiting Britain again in February next year. More details at

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Brave U S Marine snipers shoot women and children

24-11-2004 09:20

Allegations of widespread abuse by US forces in Fallujah, including the killing of unarmed civilians and the targeting of a hospital in an attack, have been made by people who have escaped from the city.

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Peace demos planned in Canada

23-11-2004 20:10

Second Falluja USUK massacre
(re-post from Quebec Indy.)

See also..

Ottawa Indy is down.

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23-11-2004 06:54

New claims this weekend by the author of 'Blair's Wars' take allegations of the PM's deceit to a whole new level...

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23-11-2004 02:04


President Bush may be heading to Iraq. He cut short his news conference in Colombia. As of 7:16 p.m. Central Time, he surprisingly has not been reported as landing in Texas. Bush no doubt would consider it a real coup to repeat the surprise visit he made last Thanksgiving to the troops in Iraq. Probably he is more eager this year, after his victory and as he kicks off four more years. Also, it has been a bad year for morale in Iraq. This trip is a must. His schedule and the secret plans for last year provide clues to this year, as explained below.

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Ugly and getting uglier in Iraq

22-11-2004 22:59

1227 GI's "officially" killed in Iraq and rising fast. Details below.

P.S. The publish function of the indy main page is not working. Please help spread this info on other sites and by other means. The real "bad guys" are working hard to hide the truth. Don't let them. jamie

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EU Subsidies for Education not Weapons

22-11-2004 15:38

20 million Europeans out of Work and Our Subsidis go to Hiring Americans

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Smash Edo pictures Brighton

22-11-2004 13:01

heres some first class pictures of Edo/mbm bomb making factory in Brighton recieveing some collateral damage.

Operation search and destroy continues. Watch this space!!

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Edo in Brighton well and truely smashed.

22-11-2004 12:27

Smashed again, our local arms dealers were awoken again today to the sound of smashing windows, red sam missiles and surface to air rocks going through their windows.
Hey lads start making something useful at Edo and we will consider poshing someone elses windows.Honest.

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US: Very superstitious? Writing's on the wall!

22-11-2004 06:57

"Among them were the homes where British engineer Keneth Bigley and his two US colleagues, Jack Hensley and Eugene 'Jack' Armstrong were executed after being kidnapped in mid-September"

But on a truth scale from 1-10 this statement rates at about 1 because of lack of evidence?

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USUK attack and occupation - More blood, More chaos

21-11-2004 19:45

As the mass graves in Fallujah continue to be filled with countless
corpses, sporadic fighting flashes throughout areas of the destroyed

“The Americans want every city in Iraq to be like Fallujah,” said
Abdulla Rahnan, a 40 year-old man on the street where I was taking tea
not far from my hotel, “They want to kill us all-they are freeing us of
our lives!”

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This is Camp X-ray - The film

21-11-2004 19:10

This Is Camp Xray - The film
Sunday 12.12.04
A documentary film by Damien Mahoney
Showing at The Dancehouse. 10 Oxford Road (opp. BBC) Manchester

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Electronic Blockade Of DSEi organisers - Monday 22nd November

21-11-2004 12:00

22nd November 2004
Electronic Blockade of Reed Exhibitions (owner of Spearhead and organisers of DSEi - the world's largest arms fair)

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Airbus Fails to Expropriate Farmland

20-11-2004 18:03

Airbus fails to Expropriate Farmland in Germany- Jobs go to French Unions

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Urgent appeal from Fallujah

20-11-2004 14:57

The following messages begin to give a sense of the level of destruction and death the U.S. has brought the city of Fallujah. Described below are massive war crimes, plain and simple. Please read and forward widely the appeal of NGO’s in that suffering city.

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Press Conference with Naomi Klein:

20-11-2004 14:07

Press Conference with Naomi Klein:
‘Now we’re taking you to court!’ - Protestors insist on trial as government and ‘plunder promoter’ drop charges
Naomi Klein, award-winning journalist and author of No Logo, had been scheduled to give evidence at the trial. She will take part in a press conference alongside the defendants and their lawyer at The National Union of Journalists, 308 Grays Inn Road, WC1, 4pm this Tuesday 24th November.

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benefit for Iraqi children in Neath

19-11-2004 20:07

Benefit night for Iraq in Neath