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Urgent appeal from Fallujah

jamie | 20.11.2004 14:57 | Anti-militarism | World

The following messages begin to give a sense of the level of destruction and death the U.S. has brought the city of Fallujah. Described below are massive war crimes, plain and simple. Please read and forward widely the appeal of NGO’s in that suffering city.

Dear Friends,

The following messages begin to give a sense of the level of destruction and death the U.S. has brought the city of Fallujah. Described below are massive war crimes, plain and simple. Please read and forward widely the appeal of NGO’s in that suffering city. jamie

Urgent appeal (from NGOs of Fallujah)
By: Study Center of Human Rights and Democracy on: 19.11.2004 [20:13 ] (592 reads)
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It is very clear that systematic crimes of GENOCIDE have been committed in Fallujah and now across Al Anbar province in Iraq. What you have seen in recent days are only the images and photos released by the American forces. Nevertheless, these images and photos contain clear evidence that a large scale crime of genocide has been committed in Fallujah, and is now being committing across the whole Anbar province, especially Saqlaweiya, Kermah, Ameriya and the surroundings areas.

The American forces by using their most powerful bombs and artillery have demolished hundreds of houses on the top of their residents. Thousands of causalities are in the streets and under the wreckage of the demolished houses. Dogs and cats are living now on the bodies of the innocent victims of Fallujah, while Bush and Blair still talk about democracy in Iraq and the ‘civilized world’.

American forces are preventing any humanitarian or medical organizations from entering the city of Fallujah, as well as the above-mentioned cities.

In addition, the so-called Iraqi Prime Minster has fully participated in these crimes. The Iraqi Minister of Health is also fully complicit by taking no action to secure the return of the hospital in Fallujah (which was occupied by the American forces on the 7 November 2004) to its normal function. This minister is lying to the world and the Iraqi people when he puts a very low number to the casualties – which are in reality very high – and he has threatened the staff of the hospital, warning them not to speak one word about what they have seen of the American crimes. The WHO must take this act seriously and suspend the membership of the Iraqi Health Ministry.


All the humanitarian organizations of Fallujah are appealing to you to intervene now in this unbelievable situation where the American forces are preventing any organization from entering the city of Fallujah to relieve the remaining civilians as well as the civilians who fled from Fallujah to Saqlaweiya and Karma.

All the medical organizations of Fallujah are appealing to you to intervene now by demanding that the American Administration allow medical staff to enter the cities of Fallujah, Saqlaweiya and Karma - to bury the dead and to give care to the injured.

All the humanitarian organizations appeal to you to intervene now to send all kinds of food and medicines to the people of Fallujah and Al-Anbar province.

It is very urgent that you convene an emergency session to the Security Council to discuss these issues. The situation is very grave and a danger to the peace and security of the world.

Issued by: The NGOs of Fallujah

For more information contact : 0790 1492 189 or 0790 1615 665

Or Munir Chalabi (UK): 0795 2683 415


The “official” number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq is now 1219 ( The number of Iraqi civilians killed since the March 03 invasion is believed to be between 16,604 ( and 100,000 (The Lancet, prestigious British medical journal’s recent estimate). Please spread this information as widely as possible. jamie

Recent war notes:

11/20/04 Clashes intensify in Mosul
The bodies of nine purported members of the Iraqi National Guard have been found in Mosul, where clashes between the troops, supported by US forces, and armed fighters continued for a third day.
11/20/04 Centcom: ATTACK KILLS ONE, WOUNDS NINE OTHERS - confirmed
Insurgents attacked a Task Force Baghdad patrol in central Baghdad at about 7 a.m., Nov. 20, killing one Soldier and wounding nine others.
11/20/04 Reuters: Polish Woman Hostage Freed in Iraq
A Polish woman held hostage in Iraq by a militant group since late October has been freed, Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka said Saturday
11/20/04 wtnh: Wounded Marine awake, knows of injuries
A Connecticut Marine severely injured in an explosion in Fallujah has woken from a coma.
11/20/04 FirstCoastNews: Wounded Marine Recovering From Attack In Fallujah
Corporal Will Silcox and four other Marines were attacked by grenades...his...entire right side is covered with shrapnel.
11/20/04 kbcitv: Boise Marine Injured in Iraq Back Fighting in Fallujah
Joe and Gina Peel's marine son, 19-year-old Nick, was injured in Iraq a few weeks ago in a suicide attack.
11/20/04 morningjournal: Soldier injured in the fighting in Fallujah
Staff Sgt. Jason Laser was injured when his unit was raiding the houses of insurgents and was met with a barrage of bullets...Laser was struck in the chest and neck Nov. 11, before the situation was controlled
11/20/04 Teacher's injured son calls to tell her 'Mama, I'm fine'
Pvt. Naylor and two other Marines with the First Division were patrolling the streets in the aftermath of last week's intense fighting in Fallujah...They went into a home and were confronted by eight Iraqi insurgents who shot at them
11/20/04 BBC: Three missiles hit Camp Dogwood
British Black Watch troops in central Iraq have come under rocket attack for the second time in 24 hours. Three missiles flew into their base at Camp Dogwood...
11/20/04 aljazeera: Car explosion kills three Iraqi soldiers in Baghdad
A roadside bomb exploded in western Baghdad, killing three Iraqi soldiers, police officials said.
11/20/04 timesdispatch: Casualties up at military hospitals
Officials at Bethesda Naval Hospital and Walter Reed Army Medical Center said yesterday that both are at the highest patient loads since April 2003, soon after the U.S. invasion of Iraq.
11/20/04 Wounded soldier home for the holidays
The last time Howard Scott Andrews saw his left foot, he was stand ing behind a Humvee in Iraq, waiting for his buddies to safely explode a roadside bomb.
11/20/04 AP: Amputees To Get New Rehab Center
A state-of-the-art rehabilitation center opening next year at Walter Reed Army Medical Center seeks to return more amputee soldiers to a place once thought impossible: the battlefield.
11/20/04 Reuters: Iraqi police attacked in Baghdad
Guerrillas have attacked Iraqi security forces in Baghdad in daylight, hours after a top U.S. general conceded it was too early to say if a big Falluja offensive had broken the backbone of the insurgency.
11/20/04 azcentral: Arizona Marine succumbs to wound
Michael A. Downey, a Marine from Phoenix, died Friday at a Maryland hospital, nine days after being hit by a sniper's bullet in Iraq.
11/20/04 AP: GI Killed, Nine Wounded, in Baghdad Attack
Insurgents attacked a U.S. Army patrol Saturday in Baghdad, killing one American soldier and injuring nine others, the U.S. military said.
11/20/04 Aljazeera: Fighting Rages in Baghdad
fierce clashes were spreading to other districts of the city and fighters have pushed their way to streets and roads and are using rocket-propelled grenade launchers. US forces responded with artillery fire
11/20/04 AP: Four decapitated bodies found in Mosul
U.S. troops have discovered four decapitated bodies whose identities were not established, were found on Thursday, and have been turned over to Iraqi authorities
11/20/04 Natchez Newspapers: Insurgents Hit Police Station in Baghdad
Insurgents also attacked a police station in northwestern Baghdad with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms fire, witnesses said.
11/20/04 AP: Four Iraqi government employees killed
Four government employees from the Ministry of Public Works were gunned down on their way to work Saturday, a ministry spokesman said.
11/19/04 AFP: 15 killed, 45 captured in Mosul raids
Iraqi and US forces have killed 15 arrested 45 suspected insurgents over a 24-hour period in Mosul, which includes raid on a mosque and tea house unconfirmed reports that 12 members of the ING had been kidnapped and possibly executed.
11/19/04 Times-Republican/AP: Pair of Iowa Marines are recovering from wounds
Lance Cpl. Shane Heimgartner, 23, of Marshalltown, and Lance Cpl. Joseph Andrews, of Grand Junction, have been moved to a military hospital in Germany, said Maj. Jim Leach, a Marine spokesman in Des Moines.
11/19/04 AP: U.S., Iraqi Troops Storm Baghdad Mosque
Iraqi forces, backed by U.S. soldiers, stormed one of the major Sunni Muslim mosques in Baghdad after Friday prayers, opening fire and killing at least three people, witnesses said.
11/19/04 IPS: 4 Dead As US Forces Raid Baghdad Mosque
U.S. soldiers raided the Abu Hanifa mosque in Baghdad during Friday prayers, killing at least four and wounding up to 20 worshippers.
11/19/04 DOD Identifies Army Casualty
Sgt. Catalin D. Dima, 36, of White Lake, N.Y., died Nov. 13 in Baghdad, Iraq, when enemy mortar fire landed near his position. Dima was assigned to the Army Reserve’s 411th Engineer Brigade, New Windsor, N.Y.



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