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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Bare Your Bum at Bu$h, Bitch, and Bliar

18-11-2003 20:22

Sedgefield might be just the place to try this form of direct action, directed at Chimpy, Librarian Laura, and Bliar.

Anything you can do will be much appreciated by all of your American cousins.

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The Blair's Brothel (by Latuff)

18-11-2003 17:33

The Blair's Brothel
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Return Bush to Sender

18-11-2003 16:47

Cartoon by Latuff

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Protest and Orange Overalls action @ Blairs visit to the CBI in Birmingham

18-11-2003 15:57

Independence from Bu$h
On the eve of Bush's visit to Britain yesterday, protestors from a diverse range of concerns converged on the International Convention Centre (I.C.C.) in Birmingham to protest at Tony Blair's arrival at the annual conference of the C.B.I. (Confederation of British Industries).

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Student Action against Bush Builds

18-11-2003 14:34

London Students to hold a theatrical picket of Exxon-Mobil HQ as part of George W Bush State Visit. LSE Student Union voted for a 'teach-in/sit-in' today ahead of the protests.

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No WMD No Lie

18-11-2003 14:21

My humblest apologies to Bob Marley; please, please forgive me.

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Bring Down Bush - Solidarity from America

18-11-2003 14:04

I am writing you in solidarity to applaud your protest. Make it loud and vivid for your sisters and brothers in America who no longer can.

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Parliament Sq protest

18-11-2003 13:48

Most of you here will probably know about Brian from Redditch. He's been camping out on a tiny patch of grass between the pavement and the green at Parliament Sq for nearly 3 years now, in all weathers, in protest against this appalling war against the people of Iraq. He was on hunger strike during the bombing earlier in the year, and has been subject to all kinds of abuse from passers by and tourists.

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Doubts when duty calls

18-11-2003 11:41

Army Spc. Willie Turner III, 21, returned from Iraq on crutches
While most soldiers on leave return refreshed, some soldiers on leave worry about what to expect when they head back to Iraq.

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OF Grunts and Gooks; The latest Victims

18-11-2003 10:35

What kind of bounty will a freedom fighter collect for “taking out” Bremer or Greenstock let’s say, or what was the rocket man hoping to bag with Wolfowitz’s scalp at al-Rasheed hotel? The cunning, despicable character Wolfowitz shaken but still threatening as he licked his wounds after his sojourn at resort Rasheed where the Machiavellian brain behind the smart bombs insanity finally got a taste of his own poisonous medicine. God knows contract murder and bounty hunting is a crude game but the Americans started it so of course that gives it the sacred imprimatur in this disgusting Judeochristianmu

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Bush, welcome to London !

18-11-2003 05:59


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HOW TO: Conduct Direct Action Against Bush Visit -- Seattle Style

18-11-2003 05:12

Seattle, Washington, USA showed the world how to conduct real direct-action protests during the WTO protests. This site shows some of the possibilities of the STOP BUSH protests: Direct action is what the media cover and what people understand.

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Marching Chant against the Iraq war

18-11-2003 02:38

One person with a megaphone can make this happen.
Better, 3 persons separated by 50 meters.

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Master and Destroyer, Of the Peace of the World

18-11-2003 00:26

Bush Poster
Free satire poster of George Bush pretending to be Russell Crowe.
Go England! Stop Bush!

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TRASH OUR TOXIC TEXAN - By a Loyal American

17-11-2003 22:54

AS AN AMERICAN, I hope you "dis" our Toxic Texan, the fraudulent President George W. Bush. If you are a true friend of America, you will take your lead from the grandmother who scaled the fence at Buckingham Palace and the thousands who are marching for decency and against the Bush-Blair Axis of Evil. This is as important to Americans as it is to you. We are watching your nation and hope that you display your loyalty to us rather than to G.W. Bush.

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17-11-2003 22:52

The little old lady named Lindis Percy
(Go, Granny, go, Granny, go Granny go)
Has a pretty little flower bed of white gardenias
(Go, Granny, go, Granny, go Granny go)
But parked high up on a Buckingham gate
Is an upside down symbol against occupier hate

And everybody's sayin' that there's nobody meaner
Than the little old lady named Lindis Percy
(She climbs real fast and she jumps real hard)
She's the terror of the Palace Guard

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17-11-2003 22:28

Wednesday 19th November
Demonstrations in Central Manchester to protest against war & Bush's arrival

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Letter from America - THANK YOU FOR YOUR PROTESTS!

17-11-2003 21:55

Seattle Police Attacking Americans at LEIU Protests, June 2, 2003
I am an American activist who is appalled by our President Bush, and am writing to support your Bush protests from America. I saw Bush on American TV last night. An announcer from the UK said he had never seen this much vehemence towards a U.S. president in the UK EVER. Bush's response was that he was HAPPY to go to a country where protest/free speech was openly embraced and allowed. The hypocrisy here is unbelievable.