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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Belmarsh Prisoner Stands For Election in Brent North

02-05-2005 12:34

Babar Ahmed, currently held in Belmarsh Prison without trial, is standing as a candidate for Brent North.

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Israeli terrorist organization behind harassment of IndyMedia

02-05-2005 01:53

Article about Andrew Aaron Weisburd of Internet Haganah: Cyber Terrorist

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SMASH EDO: Protesting Is Not Harrassment!

01-05-2005 23:26

Smash Edo is a group of concerned individuals campaigning to end the military activities of EDO MBM Technology Ltd are organising. People involved in the anti-EDO campaign include, but are not limited to: local residents, the Brighton Quakers, peace activists, anti-capitalists, Palestine Solidarity groups, human rights groups, trade unionists, academics and students.

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Washington Beating War Drums - Act Now, Defend The Venezuelan Revolution!

01-05-2005 21:55

"It is clear that the US administration is increasingly hostile towards the Bolivarian revolution, which is standing firm against US imperialism. George Bush is frustrated because all the attempts to smash it have failed. But the strategy of isolating Venezuela from other Latin American governments has also failed so far. Donald Rumsfeld's recent tour of the region was not at all successful in this respect. But these failures do not mean that Washington will abandon its aggressive stance towards Venezuela. On the contrary, it means that its aggression will be stepped up and acquire dangerous proportions if it is not halted by a massive movement of protest from below."

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What's left of Blair's defence?

01-05-2005 18:09

On Thursday evening the most dramatic day of the UK election campaign so far culminated in Tony Blair's grilling by a live studio audience on BBC television.

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Warmonger Unwelcome In Hove

01-05-2005 17:37

Blair visits Hove Town Hall
Heartland of Anarchism

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01-05-2005 09:41

As the elections in the UK get closer, Filmmakers Against War bring you 'Catch Your MP'. Anti-war party candidates and commentators who are discussing the one issue that Labour have been trying to ignore.

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StopWar Picket of Chetwynd Barracks, Nottingham: The Pictures

30-04-2005 21:51

Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell is where most of the Reservists and TA’s being sent to Iraq are mustered. Nottingham Stop the War Coalition picketed the main entrance of Chetwynd Barracks so as to reach out to service personnel and their families. We wanted to persuade them not to support the war in Iraq.

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SMASH EDO: Protesting Is Not Harrassment!

30-04-2005 11:54

UPDATE ON THE Smash EDO Injunction Case

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Desperate Jack Straw drags Iraqi Prime Minister into Blackburn campaign

30-04-2005 08:52

Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has enlisted the support of Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari in a desperate and controversial move to avoid defeat in his "safe" constituency of Blackburn, Lancashire.

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Americans’ Gifts to Afghanistan: Empty Words

30-04-2005 03:59

American/UK civilians are as guilty as their government

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MaydayMayday!! Peace Party callout to Sedgefield

30-04-2005 00:13

Peace Party plan to unsettle Blair in Sedgefield! While the people party, anti-war activists will plot and scheme
Blair's electoral downfall in his own constituency.

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Rory Bremner backs Keys and Murray

29-04-2005 09:45

Writing in today's Daily Mail, Rory Bremner said:

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BP TREESIT - DAY FOUR!: noise demo Mk II, Friday 5pm + new pix

28-04-2005 22:56

A noise demo has been called by the those excellent people at the St. James' Square Climate Justice Treesit Appreciation Society for 5pm, Friday April 29th, outside BP HQ in St. James' Square, London SW1.

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A Super Power Target: Empire to Fall hard

28-04-2005 22:34

The Fat Cats and the Imperialists - Stuck High and Dry - None will Help This Tim
US propels itself emitting a stain of lies, torture, secret incarcerations and disdain for international law at will or whim,: A Power unto itself.The reasons that foreigners have to hate the US are also reasons why many Americans may come to see how their government has deceived them and made them the target of the world's jokes and of its bombs.

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Judgement Day For Smash EDO

28-04-2005 16:42


Thursday 28th April 2005

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Ashfield: a chink in New Labour's armour?

28-04-2005 16:41

Strange stirrings in the backwoods of Sherwood Forest:
Geoff Hoon architect of our Wars might lose his seat - Ashfield (it's near Mansfield, J27 & J28 M1).
Local apathy and "independentism" could see the back of him
Especially with a little push to the people.

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Protestors To Shut Top UK Military Base Before G8 Summit

28-04-2005 12:20

- You can't end poverty, unless you end war

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Posters for May Day

28-04-2005 03:19

Posters for May Day
Protest posters ready to be printed out for upcoming May Day actions.

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The US Military / OIL complex

28-04-2005 01:45

04/27/2005: Bush Proposes Oil Refineries on Closed Military Bases - Washington, Apr 27, 2005 - President Bush unveiled a plan today to encourage building oil refineries on military sites that have closed. [American Forces Information Services]