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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Posters for M19 -- SAY SOMETHING

17-03-2005 08:12
New posters just in time for M19:


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London ISM Presents - Signs of Resistance: Film Night (after the demo, this Sat)

16-03-2005 17:49



Saturday 19th MARCH 6:00 -10:00

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An Evening in Memory of Rachel Corrie - Friday 18th March

16-03-2005 17:20

ISM London in association with AMP (Art, Music, Politics) presents:

An Evening in Memory of Rachel Corrie - Friday 18th March

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Citizens Weapons Inspection of EDO/MBM

16-03-2005 16:20

To coincide with the international day of action

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16-03-2005 13:40

In an act of protest against the threats of military intervention by the U.S and its allies in Iran, five Iranian asylum seekers set off on foot from Birmingham on the 12th of March to join the national anti- war demonstration in London on the 19th of March. They arrived in Oxford yesterday, and left for London this morning looking tired, but encouraged by their welcome.

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In Memory of Rachel Corrie: Caterpillar Defence under siege

16-03-2005 09:51

Remembering Rachel Corrie
Today, March 16 2005, marks the second anniversary of Rachel Corries death. Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist, was murdered by an Israeli soldier driving an armoured Caterpillar D9 bulldozer. She was trying to prevent a pharmacist’s home in Gaza being demolished. Last year 13 human rights protestors walked straight into Caterpillar defence industries in Shrewsbury and asked workers to observe a 3 minute silence in memory of Rachel. The workplace was subsequently shut down.

Human rights protestors have this morning returned to Caterpillar Defence Industries armed with War on Want’s “Caterpillar: The Alernative Report”. The gates all around the factory are shut and no traffic is being permitted to leave or enter the factory. The human rights protestors are currently reading the War on Want alternative report on Caterpillar through the gates to employees and security. Caterpillar Defence industries is effectively under siege this morning.

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Ex-Military Psychic Spying Group Above the Law?

16-03-2005 06:13

This is an update to six investigative articles published online with new findings about the International Remote viewing Association's claims of being a 501c3 nonprofit group. The other six articles can be found at:

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16-03-2005 01:21

we are everywhere...
A letter to G8-summit representatives, asking for them to go home.

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Stop the War demonstration, 19.03.05 – why bother?

16-03-2005 00:07

The Stop the War Coalition is organising a march and rally in London this Saturday 19th March 2005 to coincide with the second anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. Similar demonstrations will be held in cities all over the world; including New York, Paris and Tokyo. But is there really anything to demonstrate against? And does demonstrating make any difference anyway?

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Rachel Corrie anniversary memorial at Caterpillar, Solihull - 16th March 2005

15-03-2005 13:47


Local campaigners for Palestine intend to lay a wreath to commemorate a student activist at the offices of the company implicated in her death.

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UN Strikes Back

15-03-2005 05:46

Kofi Annan recently announced the UN is attempting to define “terrorism” in a universal sense; he hopes that a ‘new’ definition would apply both to States and groups. In view of the flagrant disregard for international law and convention by the US, one wonders whether this is a flight of fancy or a feeble attempt to regain some relevance for the UN. This new definition largely hinges on ‘civilian’ attacks. Analysts would view this as a purely ideological manoeuvre. The definition of “civilian” is no longer clear.

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London, March 19

14-03-2005 23:40

On March 19th and 20th 2005, people across the world will march to commemorate Operation Shock & Awe: the launch of the invasion of Iraq two years ago, and to oppose the ongoing occupations of Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan and Haiti. People will be marching to oppose the ongoing genocide of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas & Asia, the normalization of torture camps, as well as the massive displacement of peoples by capitalist development projects, including the demand for cheap and flexible labor and its corollary: the criminalization of migrants and the construction of Fortress North America and Fortress Europe.

We can and must go further than simply demonstrating against war and occupation. We must actively work in co-ordinated solidarity to stop the many institutions and individuals that profit from war and occupation. As global capital undermines progressive peoples' movements around the world, we assert that we can build global movements of opposition to our common enemies. In the fissures of the empire, we can pursue projects and strategies of resistance that affirm life and human dignity.

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Smash EDO Newsletter Issue #4 - Anti-Arms Manufacturer Campaign Update

14-03-2005 23:13

Smash EDO is campaigning to shut down Brighton-based arms manufacturer EDO MBM, who make parts for the Paveway series of bombs and release mechanisms for Tornado warplanes, amongst other military hardware.

Attatched is a pdf file of the latest Newsletter (small file = quick download!).

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Against Bush's Demagogic Foreign Policy

14-03-2005 18:34

The security advisor under President Carter criticizes the delusional US foreign policy and urges recognizing Iran as a stability factor.

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19 March - join "against all war" bloc

14-03-2005 12:48

On 19 March there will be an opportunity to march under the simple banner "against *all* war"

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U.S. Marines Engaged in Mock Executions of Iraqi Juveniles

14-03-2005 05:42

U.S. Navy documents released today by the American Civil Liberties Union reveal that abuse and even torture of detainees by U.S. Marines in Iraq was widespread. One Navy criminal investigator sent an e-mail in June 2004 describing his Iraq caseload "exploding" with "high visibility cases."

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Dr Kissinger arrested at Gleneagles shock!

13-03-2005 23:04

Relax and let Gleneagles take over!
This is an account with photos of my experiences at the Gleneagles Hotel on Saturday 12th March 2005. I was taken into custody after hotel security were not amused by my impersonation of Dr Henry Kissinger!

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12-03-2005 15:50

HALABJA: The Martyred City

Nemat Sharif
March 2003

Off Hiroshima
The Smoke ascended
And the earth quacked
Homes smashed and domes cracked
Temperature rose into thousands
Cadavers scattered
Humans burned, things blackened

It was said:
Radiation causes cancer …
But in years, from the rubbles
Will rise a healthy Japanese
Who will hoist the flag!

* * *

On Halabja
A colorful smoke descended
Dazzling the eyes
Dazing the mind
And slowly
It seeped inside
A tormenting curse, it descending
On all living beings …
On animals,
On plants,
On humans …

* * *

Spring was breezy fresh
When on Halabja
The smoke descended
The earth didn't quake
Domes didn't crack,
And homes didn't smash
Temperature didn't rise
And flesh didn't fly
But by the thousands
Corpses scattered
--Some bleeding here,
--Others frozen there.

"What is it?" the world asked
"Surprised!", a Kurd replied:
"Hitler is born again."

* * *

Hitler is calling for revenge
Deep the feelings ran
It was said, again:
It isn't carcinogen
But in years …
In a generation or two
There will be born
A deformed Kurd
Who will bear the signs

On his right, will be
--A sterile plant

And on his left,
-- A wingless bird

In years, in Halabja
There shall rise,
-- A deformed Kurd
-- Who will ring the bell!
-- Who will call to return …

And for Kurdistan,
--He shall hoist a flag.

Of Nagasaki, they told:
Of fire, and destruction
A long history, and a little
Of mercy and care, they said.

Of Hiroshima, they said:
The fear of defeat,
The drive to win,
And of Halabja, they said:
Revenge ….
May be revenge!

* * *

Of the Kurds, he said:
"People without land" and it is
"Our exact calculations …
Did we err when we set
To change the balance of power
In the north"
And solve the equation of reality

A land without people,
A land infertile
A land scorched
A land saturated with toxins
Where life is bleak
And plants unlike plants
A land driven insane
With mustard, with Sarin
With nerve gas!

* * *

He said it years ago:
"A land without people
Or people without land?"

But history proclaimed:
He has lied
His equation isn't true!!
One day, from the ashes and gas
A deformed Kurd shall rise
He will spit on the world
Form a burnt lung
A spit half chemicals
And the other half is blood

He shall write
On his scorched land
Kurdistan shall be
Kurdistan will live
Kurdistan is My Home
Kurdistan is My Home …