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Two Axioms of 9/11

13-09-2006 20:08

The War on the American People – that psychological operation against our minds and emotions that began with the demolition of the World Trade Center and has continued unabatedly for five consecutive years – has been reinvented and redeployed, its army of lackey journalists, talking heads, government institutions and authoritarian politicians eager to spread the language and images needed to resurrect emotions and feelings, spreading the filth designed to manipulate our fears and hatreds, conditioning us into accepting the dictates of the state and the corporation along with the reality of a world of perpetual war and perpetual terror.

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When will someone on Britain's left break ranks?

13-09-2006 16:02

This article challenges the assumption that the Parties on the left, by definition are opposed to all of the War Party's doctrine.

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Tony Blair: noun 1. politically insane 2. asshole / SOCPA: bullshit 1. gag order

13-09-2006 15:23

Killing foreign children for domestic financial gain. How insane is that for a democratic foreign policy?

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U.S sponsored Terrorist network busted in Dartford Kent

13-09-2006 13:05

"It is impossible to overestimate the misery and fear these weapons could have brought if they had got into the hands of criminals."
The arrested man, who is a registered gun dealer, was led out under a blanket from his semi-detached house - which has a US flag flying from it - at about 1000 BST.

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Blind Flight by Noam Chomsky

13-09-2006 12:14

The incompetence of the Bush planners has led to a catastrophe in Iraq. The US administration may face a nightmare, a loose Shiite alliance that independent of Washington controls the greatest energy supply in the world and in the worst case builds close ties to the Shanghai group.

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Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no

13-09-2006 09:01

this flyer can be printed up 2 to an a4 sheet and distributed in your community
Chalk4Peace represents a new direction in activism. It requires no
central organisation other than the communication of the idea and
what YOU as an individual organise in your community. It is moved
forward by the enthusiasm of those who are touched by the concept

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'Path to 9/11' Obscures Real Terror Network

13-09-2006 08:15

Thankfully, the “docudrama,” the Path to 9/11, thought to be a documentary by some people—likely to the glee of neocons, especially former Marxist David Horowitz—has come and gone, or at least half of it has. Now we are roiling in the political aftermath.

In order to make a long and tedious story short, it appears Horowitz had a guiding hand in the production of the eminently forgettable miniseries, consisting basically of little more than prolonged and orgiastic Clinton bashing.

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Guns seized in Kent

13-09-2006 07:47

Sounds like the police will be on the doorstep of several western arms manufacturers...

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The Anglo-American empire’s 9/11 atrocity: criminality’s zenith

13-09-2006 07:24

To accept any aspect of the US government’s account of 9/11, whether it is the brutal deceptions of the Bush administration (and the equally complicit neoliberal faction of the US elite), the limited hangout and cover-up of the 9/11 commission, or any of the incoherent “anti-conspiracy” ramblings of Left progressive “intellectuals," is to condone murder, and the absolute rule of criminals.

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9/11 Rooftop occupation - St Paul's Cathedral video

13-09-2006 02:03

Three women take to St Paul's Cathedral rooftop, breach anti-terror security and send out a message of peace.

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The Colder War

12-09-2006 18:25

An old article - but worth revisiting. This is a little disseminated story about how America - under Prez Carter - created, funded and trained the Taliban. This is the selfsame Taliban who violate women's and human rights, and against whom the war of terror - sorry! war on terror - is perpetrated, killing untold thousands of innocents in the process, reversing human rights and civil liberties in the name of freedom, etc., when meanwhile, back at the ranch - this was an enemy bought and paid for by the Americans. This needs to be widely circulated and the leaders of the so-called "democratic" and "freedom-loving" nations called to account for their atrocities.

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Trident Replacement Conference, 2 Sept 2006

12-09-2006 17:17

These are a few of the points made at the No Trident Replacement meeting organized by CND, Sept 2nd, 2006

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Greenham - Peace News online archive published

12-09-2006 15:39

This month, to mark the 25th anniversary of what was to become Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp, Peace News delves into its archives from the 80s and publishes a new Greenham archive with almost 40 articles online (more to follow when we find the time/energy/volunteers).

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Roof of St.Pauls Cathedral occupied to commemorate 9/11

12-09-2006 14:21

I case you were wondering 9/11 is not just the anniversary of General Pinochett's US backed coup which installed a fascist government and murdered 30,000 people. Nor is it just the day that the people of New York discovered what it is like to be Palestinian.

It is also the day that Gandhi announced his strategy of peaceful non violent direct action. A way of doing things that would eventually see the liberation of an entire continent and inspiration for many of the great civil rights movements of the last 100 years.

Whether or not such tactics could work now is a matter of debate. One of the first things that US troops did when 'liberating' Iraq was to gun down 'peaceful non violent' demonstrators demanding jobs from the 'Coalition' government. Personally I think that if Gandhi was alive now he would be carrying an AK47 and dedicating his spare time to making roadside bombs.

Anyway, yesterday was the 100th anniversary of Gandhi's declaration. So to remember the great man and his work, 3 women occupied the roof of St.Pauls Cathedral and dropped a banner. Below is their press release.

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EDO Corp. Hits Forbes Beltway Index Rock Bottom Again As Protests Grow

12-09-2006 13:48

On the fifth anniversary of 9/11, arms firm EDO Corp, who had till this year profited more from the 'war on terror' than nearly any other company in the US, are now regulars on the Forbes Beltway Index 'worst performing' stock list. Once again this week, EDO hit the bottom of the list in the Forbes Magazine monthly overview of US equity performance.

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Dems Rally Around War Criminal Clinton

12-09-2006 13:01

Democrats really have no problem destroying the Constitution and killing people in faraway lands, so long as a Democrat president does the killing and trashing. In fact, when it comes to war crimes, Bill Clinton leaves George Bush in the dust.

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Film Screening in So'ton

12-09-2006 09:09

To mark the anniversary of September the 11th there will be a film screening this week organised by the Stop the War Coalition in Southampton

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Blair: Beating Washington’s war drum in the Middle East

12-09-2006 09:01

Blair’s pose as a peacemaker is, in fact, aimed at neutralising popular opposition to the creation of a truncated Palestinian entity, with Israel permanently annexing much of the West Bank and the whole of Jerusalem. At the same time, he wants to offer some respite to Olmert, who like Blair has been badly weakened by the failure to defeat Hezbollah in Lebanon. More important still, he is seeking to create the best conditions for Israel, as the key regional ally of Washington, to be able to focus its political and military capabilities against Iran and Syria.

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Australia: Typical CIA planted story: Whose ABC?

12-09-2006 02:23

Shadowy figures
Former JI leader warns of further attacks this year? Terrorism: Noordin Mohammad Top has ordered his supporters to carry out attacks every year since the 2002 Bali bombings ABC (file photo). (AFP)

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Blair press conference disrupted in Lebanon

12-09-2006 00:36

link to indymedia ireland