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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Iraq: Game Over

27-12-2005 03:09

The victory of the Shiite religious bloc means the big winner in the Iraqi elections is Iran. Next stop: civil war.

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26-12-2005 19:42

A review of Professor Norman Finklestein's important new book that exposes Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and Israel's supporters who approve of them

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26-12-2005 18:00

Represion policial
In the last three days the Mapuche Community ‘Juan Paillalef’ was confronted with harsh police violence. The confrontations started during a peaceful act of protest by the Mapuche Community against illegal road constructions through several Mapuche lands. The police chased away the protesting group and entered the community using guns, teargas and clubs. The following day Juana Calfunao and her sister were arrested without a warrant. When released yesterday, both women showed bad injuries from being beaten by the police.

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Iraq: Depleted Uranium aka Baghdad Boils?!

25-12-2005 20:58

"On the other hand, we know already from the first Gulf War that: "Soldiers who served in Bradley fighting vehicles, where it was common to sit on ammunition boxes where depleted uranium ammunition was stored, are now reporting that many have rectal cancer."


Having recognized the previous facts we are left with the following consequences:

(1) Depleted uranium explains the changes in the Master Code in the DNA caused by Baghdad Boils much better than the 'sand flies’ (if the sand flies are not simply considered as an army code word for 'uranium particles’ or alike)."

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Bush’s Xmas Tantrum

25-12-2005 05:32

Bush is furious that patriot/s who still hold the values and laws of the USA sacrosanct, leaked the story of illegal bugging and surveillance to the media. The American Fuhrer’s indignation equals that of his historical Nazi counterpart. How dare someone expose the ‘commander and chief’ for the criminal that he really is!

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Publication of all London Peace Conference Sessions

23-12-2005 08:25

Traprock Peace Center has just published to the internet its comprehensive coverage (audio, photos and video) of the London International Peace Conference, held on December 10, 2005. 1400 conference delegates called for worldwide antiwar demonstrations on March 18 and 19, 2006 to demand an immediate end to the war and occupation of Iraq.

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Spying on the US Government

22-12-2005 22:59

Countermeasures for US and Globals Citizens

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The class issues behind Australia's race riots

22-12-2005 22:18

Muslim Australians have been the target
The racialist violence at North Cronulla beach erupted under conditions where the Howard government has confronted widespread opposition to an avalanche of regressive legislation--from the imposition of draconian anti-terror legislation to the full-privatisation of Telstra and far-reaching changes to industrial relations legislation. The cultivation of racialist tensions is aimed at cutting directly across the class solidarity between workers of all backgrounds that has characterised recent mass rallies and protests against the Iraq war, the IR laws and in defence of living standards.

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Updated article on Iraqi election frauid

22-12-2005 17:03

This is a couple of articles on the Iraqi elections amounting to about 2,300 words. A short piece with 19 photos has also been added.

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Jack Straw on gays,human rights and any action about Iran

22-12-2005 16:51

Reply received from Foreign Sec, Jack Straw to a letter from a constituent of former Tory leader Micheal Howard.

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John reid on Trident renewal

22-12-2005 16:46

Reply from Defence Sec Dr John Reid to a constituent's letter on Trident Renewal via former Tory leader Micheal Howard MP.

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Deployment of 'energy' weapons in iraq

22-12-2005 16:27

US military/industrial complex development team is urging immediate deployment of a "non-lethal, counter-personnel directed-energy weapon", a transmitter that produces an energy frequency of 95 GHz and an antenna to direct an invisible beam at a target. Once the energy reaches the subject, the light beam penetrates the skin by less than 1/64th of an inch. Within seconds, the target experiences an intolerable heating sensation. The sensation would stop if the target moves or the system is turned off

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small WORLD interview with Charlie, out of the Navy

22-12-2005 04:41

USS Antietam
Interview with Charlie and his experiences in the Navy.

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Thursday night free cinema - Fallujah, War Of The Worlds

21-12-2005 14:03

The rampART social centre now has a stunning video projector setup thanks to a kind donation. The setup utilises a 8ft wide screen, full blackout, half decent sound (not 5.1 surround sound but what activists videos have that anyway) and seating for about 80 people.

This thursday, the second of the relaunched rampART free cinema gets into the christmass spirit and brings you the shocking RAI TV documentary 'Fallujah - the hidden massacre'. We'll also be screening some little seen video propaganda from Iraqi insurgents for a view of the other side. Enough reality, we'll screen classic clips from the ultimate war film of all time, 'Apocalypse Now' then enjoy the mass distraction of the 2005 remake of War Of The Worlds.

Films start 8pm SHARP

Entry FREE. Popcorn etc available.

15 rampart street, London,

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Season's Greetings and pass the amunition

21-12-2005 08:45

Armed police were again out on the streets of Nottingham city centre yesterday

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Gov't scapegoat alleged, 'met bin Laden'

20-12-2005 21:43

But more likely the officer used his Al Qaeda training to help the police, ASIO, phillip duddock and john hoWARd the coward to organise and be more focused in their objectives? Shame hoWARd, shame on you.

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Censure motion: Bush and Cheney to be impeached?

20-12-2005 19:03

Censure motion hits Bush on Iraq, 'torture'...
Dem senator seeks advice on impeachment

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A Narrative of the London Bombings

18-12-2005 22:45

The main points in this 'conspiracy theory' were sourced exclusively from mainstream news reports.

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Protest against the Jewish National Fund and Colin Powell.

18-12-2005 16:10

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign would like to announce a protest against the Jewish National Fund and Colin Powell to be held outside the JNF charity dinner at the Glasgow Hilton on 16th January 2006 from 5pm onwards. After the demonstration outside the Hilton there will be a public meeting where two Palestinians will speak by telephone to people attending and will discuss how the JNF have affected, and often destroyed, their lives and property.