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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Arms Fairs make a killing

13-09-2005 10:02

Anti-arms trade, peace and other activists are travelling form Bristol & the south west to London over the next few days to protest at & around the Excel centre in East London, location for the DSEi (Defence Systems & Equipment International) arms fair. At the same time a solidarity vigil has been called in Bristol for Wednesday 14 September, 5pm, opposite the Hippodrome, St Augustines Parade, central Bristol.

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13-09-2005 08:32

Thames Magistrates’ Court, Bow Road E3, 9.30 am, Wednesday 14 September: Two activists who occupied the offices of Windrush Communications – the organizer of a string of Iraq-related business conferences – will challenge the legality of privatization measures imposed on Iraq by the US and UK at their trial next Wednesday.

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betting on terror

12-09-2005 23:27

Are you sick of betting only on Nasdaq, on the price of oil, or on football games?

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DSEi Candelit Procession + Prayer Vigil @ Excel - Pics

12-09-2005 23:18

Pictures from Monday's anti-arms fair candle light procession and prayer vigil. Around 150 people gathered on Monday (12th sept), meeting at Tidal Basin Road at around 6.30pm before processing inside the security cordon right up to the Excel centre. A silent multi-faith prayer vigil was held as an opportunity to reflect upon the silent voices of the human tragedy of war.

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Food Not Bombs Hurricane Appeal

12-09-2005 22:23

FOOD NOT BOMBS has groups all across the southern United States feeding families displaced by Katrina.

They need clothes, food, cooks cooking equipment, and money to provide for thousands of hungry homeless people.

Veggies has sent $100 from it's 'Samosas for Social Change' project - please help us send more.

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Metropolitan police allow Israeli General wanted for war crimes to flee

12-09-2005 17:11

Amnesty International today deplored the failure of the United Kingdom (UK) authorities to arrest Israeli army General Doron Almog when he arrived at London’s Heathrow airport yesterday, describing this as a clear violation of the UK’s obligations under both national and international law. A warrant for the general’s arrest for alleged war crimes had been issued by an English court the previous day.

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Protest for Peace - Saturday 10 August

12-09-2005 15:51

More footage from events on Saturday.

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DESi Companies targeted on September 11th

12-09-2005 09:46

Companies in the south-east of England involved in the exhibiting at DESi, the world’s largest weapons fair, planned for 13th-16th September, have been targeted.

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PDF of DSEi/Reed Elsevier leaflet distributed in Oxford

12-09-2005 09:14

Here is a PDF of the leaflet distributed during the Reed Elsevier demo in Oxford last week. Please feel free to print and distribute as it explains the reasoning for targeting Reed Elsevier and has the contacts for the top people in the company (including their direct emails).

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MOD figures reveal one thousand British casualties in Iraq to date

12-09-2005 08:04

British forces have suffered approximately one thousand casualties since the invasion of Iraq and the total is likely to keep increasing as the conflict intensifies.

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Diary of Events for the Meditators' Mobilisation

12-09-2005 00:49

This is the diary events for the meditators' mobilisation against the DSEi arms fair. See the website for more details...

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Thoughts on New Orleans

11-09-2005 22:34

The terrible tragedy of the poor in New Orleans is very moving. Here are some thoughts and observations with links to related articles. 4 photos are attached.

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yet more DSEi pics and comment

11-09-2005 13:58

hemmed in on the pavement
A small Beat The Bombers street party including a couple of bike sound-systems and a bunch of Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clowns...

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Report of chemical weapons being used in Tall 'Afar

11-09-2005 11:43

Report of chemical weapons being used in Tall 'Afar

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Madness In New Orleans - The Only Sane Option

11-09-2005 02:04

They are just being human
These alleged rampaging criminals, running amok along the Gulf Coast, are not breaking any laws. Their government no longer exists, and therefore the laws no longer exist. They are just being individuals. They are just being human.

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beat the bombers, party for peace, more pics

10-09-2005 23:26

clown army in cannin town
beat the bombers party against dsei, london, 10.09.05

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beat the bombers...more pictures

10-09-2005 23:03

clowns blocked on bridge
reclaim the street to beat the bombers, party aginst dsei, london, 10th september 2005

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Arafat's Death: Road Map for a Decease Plan

10-09-2005 22:24

Mystery of Arafats death- was it natural, or an alleged murder by poison?

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Photos from rally against racism in Leith Saturday 10th September 2005.

10-09-2005 20:55

This is a short piece with 12 photos of the rally against racism which took place on Saturday 10th September 2005 in Leith, Edinburgh.

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Economic Occupation of Iraq on Trial

10-09-2005 20:44

Next week, four British human rights activists will face trial for attempting to prevent the alleged criminal activity of London-based Iraq privatisation organisers Windrush Communications. The defendants have applied for disclosure of all advice given by the Attorney General to the British Government. Their defence statements will be challenging the legality of the economic reforms imposed by coalition authorities in occupied Iraq.