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Libyan scenario for Syria: Towards a US-NATO "humanitarian intervention"?

02-05-2011 13:14

The Times, 23 April 2011
Britain, France, Germany and Portugal circulated a draft for a Resolution 1973-type initiative against Syria earlier in the week, failing which Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain later on the 27th demanded the Syrian ambassadors to their countries condemn their government's actions at home.

Synchronized with the U.S. action on the 29th, the European Union announced it plans to impose a wide range of sanctions against Syria including the now typical portfolio of travel bans, the freezing of assets and an arms embargo.

What is underway currently is the realization of the former George W. Bush administration's project for "regime change" in Syria of six years ago following the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri in Lebanon and the subsequent Cedar Revolution - a term coined by then-U.S. Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs Paula Dobriansky - the withdrawal of Syrian troops from the country and the recall of the American ambassador from Damascus.

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Bin Laden dead - real target Pakistan

02-05-2011 11:30

Don't be fooled. Bin Laden's been dead for years. The real target is Pakistan. THere have been some major changes going on in the relationship between Pakistan and the US.

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Robert Fisk’s anti-Syria propaganda

30-04-2011 14:16

The Independent, 31 March 2011
Below is a compilation of articles published by Robert Fisk between March 31 and April 29 in The Independent.

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Pro-Iranian officers in Syria's ruling clique plot coup against Assad

30-04-2011 08:25

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order Friday April 29 imposing sanctions on members of the Assad family for brutality against civilian protesters after learning that pro-Iranian officers and intelligence chiefs within the ruling family and top military command were conspiring to overthrow President Bashar Assad.
The sanctions order also named the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) for aiding the Syrian crackdown.

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Latuff: download all my cartoons in support of the brave Syrian people here

30-04-2011 08:06

As the brave Syrian people are mown down in their hundreds by Assad's pan-Arab fascist regime, aided by Hezb'allah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (Al Quds division), here are all my latest cartoons in their support.

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How to find out the location of Brighton Mayday

29-04-2011 14:55

Just to clear up any confusion- Brighton May Day is on 30th April, not officially of course just the protest. Start location will be announced shortly before on here, Facebook and Twitter. If you can’t get to a computer call 07950 889281 after 1130am and a message will tell you, don’t leave messages or text it, cause no one will get back to you. Alternatively go on the critical mass bike ride, which will form up on the Level at 1030am.

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Britain’s royal wedding: A big day for the global oligarchy

29-04-2011 14:34

The British public – grinding under massive austerity budget cuts, unemployment, poverty wages, social deprivations and crumbling services – are thrown scraps of feelgood comfort from the much-hyped wedding between Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton.

Meanwhile, the spectacles of gore and bloodlust – admittedly despite much public opposition – are located thousands of kilometers away in the Middle East, Iraq, Central Asia, Afghanistan, where over a million civilians have been killed in British-backed “wars against terror” that have yet to be sated even after eight and 10 years of butchery, respectively; and now the latest spectacle opens in North Africa, Libya, where over the past six weeks Royal Air Force warplanes have been bombing and killing civilians in the name of “peace” and “humanitarian concern”

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Nobel Peace Winner: Obama ......

28-04-2011 16:53

NPW Obama ........
Nobel Peace Winner Obama's Shameful Libyan Warmongering ...... With respect to Libya President Barack Obama has lost his bearings and should return the Nobel Peace Prize to Oslo. The president should do it before the Nobel Selection committee issues a recall. President Obama has now authorized the deployment of armed U.S. predator drones for NATO's combat operations in Libya. This weaponry has been used to target and assassinate hostile combatants in Afghanistan--it has also killed hundreds of innocent civilians including people attending weddings. In Libya the obvious target for Western assassination would be Muammar al-Quathafi . Obama has ignored the African Union's peace proposal--snubbing the entire African continent in favor of former Imperial powers France's and Britiain's militarism.

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Facist infestation on facebook

28-04-2011 09:56

English National Alliance attempt to infiltrate animal rights movement.

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Media disinformation and the Syrian protest movement

27-04-2011 19:01

The determination to generate turmoil in Syria conveys a blunt foreign will to deplete this country which enjoys a key and decisive position in the conflict over the future of the region.

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Thailand's Original Colour Revolution

27-04-2011 09:03

Thailand's on the verge of a fourth American backed military coup.

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All my cartoons in support of the brave Syrian people

26-04-2011 16:13

As civilian protesters marching for freedom and democracy are mown down in their hundreds by the pan-arab fascist Ba'athist regime, here are all my cartoons on the subject.

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Smash EDO Press Release - For Immediate Release

26-04-2011 08:59

26th April 2010

Anti Arms Trade campaigners shut down arms factory in solidarity with Gaza

For details contact Andrew Beckett or Chloe Marsh on 07526557436 or

Follow updates on Twitter (with more photos): @smash_edo

Early this morning three activists locked themselves to the Brighton arms
factory EDO/ITT, in solidarity with the people of Gaza.

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Report from Pembrokeshire gig for Bradley Manning

25-04-2011 18:09

Report from Saturday's benefit gig held in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where Bradley's Mum and other relatives still live.

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Britain, the traitor nation: Media disinformation and crimes against humanity

25-04-2011 11:43

The Guardian, 22 April 2011
The plans for the evisceration of Libya were long laid by the vultures. The myxoma virus of the blackest of black propaganda is being squirted into the nervous systems of homo non-sapiens to allow many to believe the process is benign. 'We are aiding revolution and saving Arabs from themselves'. The State Broadcaster leads the mega-wattage and is fed by serried ranks of able liars in the FCO, the Downing Street Media Unit and the Ministry of 'Defence'. Lying has is now our heavy industry in blood soaked Albion.

The actual axis of evil is very busy. One pole, the dominant one, is in Tel Aviv. The other pole is Washington. In the middle is London, and now Paris. London gives the axis propriety with all the flummery. It also gives its cunning and its historical knowledge of imperialism. The power shifts backward and forward along that axis as busily as those jets carrying the psychopaths who pull the triggers.

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Al Jazeera's war on Gaddafi

24-04-2011 18:52

Based on its recent Libyan and Gulf states reporting (or lack thereof), Qatar-based Al Jazeera's credibility appears extremely compromised. Overall, its Libya misreporting has been deceitful, functioning more as a propaganda arm for Washington, NATO and insurgents, indistinguishable from US and other western media, representing imperial conquest, colonization, and pillaging of another non-belligerent country.

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Smash EDO/ITT Pixie Action

22-04-2011 15:08

On Thursday 21st EDO/ITT got a late night visit from some passing black clad ninja pixies carrying gifts.

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Statement from the Ahava 4

21-04-2011 16:50

Today 4 activists were convicted for blockading Ahava, a cosmetics store selling products from Mitzpe Shalem - an Israeli settlement on occupied Palestinian land

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Report from Bradley Manning event Sun 17 April

20-04-2011 09:03

Giuseppe Conlon Hall
60 plus people attended a public meeting and gig for Bradley Manning on Sunday 17 April in Harringay. Speakers included anti-war activists from the US, former SAS soldier, Iraq veteran and war refuser Ben Griffin and there was an address on video from human rights lawyer Gareth Peirce who was unable to attend the event. Musicians included Dublin singer songwriter Joe Black, the Bow Creek Ramblers Old Time String Band, Kiwi blues artist John McLean and the multi-talented American Catholic Workers.