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Report from Pembrokeshire gig for Bradley Manning

brad supporter | 25.04.2011 18:09 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War

Report from Saturday's benefit gig held in Pembrokeshire, Wales, where Bradley's Mum and other relatives still live.

A Green Fair and evening gig were held at St Dogmaels Memorial Hall, Pembrokeshire on Easter Saturday 23 April. Green fair with Bradley cafe, display boards and performers attracted hundreds of people from his county in Wales.

In the evening speakers and bands with political message inspired and got everyone dancing. Speakers said it could take a few years to get Bradley free but our county is used to campaigns short and long (many over 10 years) and to winning them against huge odds. This is the biggest.

Chris May described his long dialogue with Chuck, a senior marine who had attacked the Bradley Manning campaign in virulent terms! It was a long respectful thoughtful email dialogue. Chris made a very silent hall re-think about how they handle right wing opponents. By the end Chuck thanked Chris for taking the time to discuss and said this had made him reconsider.

Families enjoyed the discussions and comedy – U.S. apple pie direct action, young people enjoyed the evening’s bands. Regime were the best political band! Nearly everyone danced and shared details to keep in touch with Bradley. The move to Leavenworth was seen as a success for the first goal of the campaign. Journalists will tour the facility on Thursday 28th to see how Bradley will be kept, in a total reversal of policy – inviting in public scrutiny instead of a tower of angry silence. The gathering heard that the family of Bradley both sides of the water appreciated our campaigning and its effectiveness. Bradley would thank us in person when he gets out!

The display boards on Bradley were read through the day.

Message to Wales from U.S. Gray Brechin:

“Although I live in California, my forebears were Welsh and I love visiting Cymru . I am deeply ashamed by my government’s unconscionable treatment of a man who appears to have acted out of moral conscience rather than blind obedience as the Nuremberg principles would have military members do. Conversely, I am proud of my ancestral country for standing up for Manning and seeking the civil rights and justice that our Constitutional Scholar-in-chief has denied him. Thank you, people of Wales.”

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