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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Jo Wilding Coming to Leeds

10-07-2003 13:45

Peace activist Jo Wilding is coming to Leeds to speak about her experiences in Iraq during the invasion & bombing and on the current situation. She will be talking on Monday July 14th 7.30pm at All Hallows Church 24 Regent Terrace Leeds LS6 1NP. All welcome.

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Leeds Coalition Against the War Minutes

10-07-2003 13:41

Here are Leeds Coalition Against The War Minutes of Meeting at Leeds Civic Hall 7th July 2003.

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Help Build a "West Bank Wall" in Manchester to Expose Israeli Apartheid!

10-07-2003 11:42

Against the wall of silence
Against the apartheid wall
We raise our voices.

Demonstration Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall

Saturday 12th Albert Square 2pm Central Manchester

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Rally opposing Blair's rallying-cry for funding Colombian Death Squads

10-07-2003 00:07

Please come to a rally at 6pm today (Thursday) outside Downing Street opposing Blair's spearheading of extra funding for Colombian Death Squads. Blair is convening a meeting of EU states, the US, World Bank and IMF. The title of the meeting is "London Meeting on International Support for Colombia", but its actual purpose is to raise support for the government of Álvaro Uribe Vélez, which presides over the worst human rights abuses in the western hemisphere. Five-thousand Trade-Unionists has disappeared in the last year.

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Changing the words again

09-07-2003 22:01

Bush and rumsfeld both changing their wording of the Saddam 'threat'.

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International Call to Action: Stop Europe's biggest Arms Fair!

09-07-2003 18:42

One of the world’s biggest ever trade fairs for guns, bombs, military planes, small arms, mines and tanks is taking place in London from 9th – 12th September 2003.

*** Also called as a European focus of disent against the WTO ***

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The Extinction of the Federal Government

09-07-2003 18:23

In any revolution there is pain (and this is a revolution, whether there's shooting involved or not.) But soon the government parasites who subsist by inserting straws into their victims' throats will discover that their victims have simply walked away.

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More on DSei

09-07-2003 16:32

Update on Disarm DSEI planning

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Charges Dropped Against Alleged Coup Plotters

09-07-2003 15:37

Insufficient evidence exists to pursue charges against 16 military officers accused of inciting an uprising against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, reports South American media (Background Report).

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War Tattoo at RAF Fairford

09-07-2003 10:50

Over the weekend of the 17th- 20th July, there will be an "air tattoo" held at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire .

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Beit Hanoun and a Report from Maya Rosenfeld

09-07-2003 06:04

Beit Hanoun, in the aftermath of the two-month long Israeli re-occupation -is now a disaster zone:

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Meet the new boss...

08-07-2003 18:17

A discussion refuting the claims that the Iraqi people are "free."
Rather they are subject to imperialist occupation.

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ClassicK FM & Air Tattoo.

08-07-2003 15:46

ClassicK FM advertises Air tattoo at Fairford.

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REPORT: Eight U.S. Soldiers Killed In Iraq

08-07-2003 14:12

Eight U.S. soldiers were killed when two armored vehicles came under a fresh grenade attack in Baghdad early Tuesday, July 8, one day after two soldiers were killed and four others wounded in the occupied, restive capital.

The attack by rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) occurred at 9.15 local time (5.14 GMT), eyewitnesses told

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Defeating Depleted Uranium

08-07-2003 13:52

The campaign against the military presence in Scotland is a fight against the British State. Depleted Uranium testing shows the contempt with which ordinary people are held.

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Boycott ExCeL! Home of DSEi Death-Mart

08-07-2003 11:13

Boycott the home of Europe's largest arms fair. Boycott all companies exhibiting at the excel centre.

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Why Is Baghdad Sufferin?

08-07-2003 09:28

Joanne Baker, organiser for the Pandora project, and the newly formed "Radiation Child Victims of War, reports from Baghdad on the fragmentation of the country, and the news rules of occupation!!

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08-07-2003 08:06

ANGUISH shows on the faces of US troops yesterday as their new commander tells them their stay in Iraq is to be extended.

The despair was clear as it emerged that morale amongst US forces is so low that troops are writing letters to politicians, begging to be sent home.

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08-07-2003 07:01

James Glenn White, 47, was arrested May 9 while waiting for a shipment from the United States. Police said they found an AR-15 assault rifle, a pistol and a machine to make bullets in a refrigerator that White was to pick up that day.

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America keen to exploit boom in Africa’s black gold

08-07-2003 06:33

CRS has been campaigning for greater transparency in the international oil industry in an effort to stamp out corruption and ensure that oil revenues are used to improve the lives of impoverished Africans, the bulk of whom live on less than $1 a day.

During his visit, Mr Bush is expected to emphasise American support for good governance and respect for human rights. But CRS doubts that such values will be allowed to get in the way of US strategic issues.

“The US has identified increasing African oil imports as an issue of national security and has used diplomacy to court African producers regardless of their record on transparency, democracy, or human rights,” Mr Gary said