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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Propaganda Equations

06-10-2004 17:09

A list of examples of US corporate propaganda concerning the war in Iraq.

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Protest against Less Lethal Weapons Conference

06-10-2004 14:54

Are folk planning stuff against Jurys? Glasgow,
Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds, Mancs, Brum, Notts,
Cardiff, Bristol, London and Soton all have hotels
ripe for a wee bit of DA/picket. Info at: for action against Juries in the UK.

PDF leaflet at:

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Stupidity: Another outrageous movie starring Bush

05-10-2004 18:31

For your entertainment!

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Blair's smoking gun - concrete evidence of lies to press and Parliament

05-10-2004 17:37

On 18 September 2004, the Daily Telegraph published extracts from a series of newly leaked documents from the Cabinet Office. The full texts of these documents were not reproduced. Unlike the Hutton or Butler reports, the full text documents provide far stronger evidence not simply of falsehood by omission, but of substantively untrue statements made consciously to press and Parliament; and of the government's explicit intention to use (and arguably abuse) the UN/weapons inspection route to provide a legal pretext for pre-decided regime change, not as a route to peaceful disarmament.

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"Stupidity" coming to UK

04-10-2004 16:38

Stupidity, the hit Bush-bashing film is playing one night at Raindance Film Festival in London this week.

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Water denied to 500,000 Iraqis

04-10-2004 14:34

The US army has cut off water supplies to 500,000 Iraqi civilians in Samarrah and Tall Afar.

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Patron Saint of Mass Destruction?

04-10-2004 09:20

The beatification of the last Habsburg Emperor sends the wrong signal to current world leaders who use their personal beliefs to justify going to war.

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Peace campaigner arrested in heavy handed policing at Menwith Hill

02-10-2004 17:44

Lindis talking to the gathering before her arrest
Lindis Percy, veteran campaigner from the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) was arrested today while taking part in a demonstration at NSA/USAF Menwith Hill in North Yorkshire.

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Blair Has Lost His Grip, In the end we’ll give in to terrorists, so why not now

02-10-2004 17:29

Two salient facts define the national political predicament this autumn. The first is a growing sense of disquiet about Tony Blair. Experts often speak of the lack of ‘trust’ which shows up in opinion polls. But there is more to it than that. People are beginning to sense that there is something rum about this Prime Minister, and that he is no longer quite 16 annas to the rupee.

Paul Robinson says the Tories are so frightened of challenging Blair on the war that their favourite think-tank will not tolerate dissent.


At the time of writing, the hostage Ken Bigley, so far as we know, lives. While he endures his ordeal, the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary said that they could not negotiate with his tormentors. That would be to ‘give in to terrorism’. Those — who must include Mr Blair and Mr Straw, as well as the rest of us — who want so much for Mr Bigley to live must rely on intermediaries such as the two eloquent Muslims from Britain who have gone to Iraq to do what they can.

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America and Israel: the embedding of fear, the conquest of hope

02-10-2004 09:31

Bubba and Jebus
As Israeli and American fortunes become ever more entwined it gives hope to the Armageddonists who seek the Rapture and the destruction of the unsaved. Will that mean that America isn't going to leave Iraq? Doesn't look like it, does it?

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Fairford Coaches go to the Court of Appeal

01-10-2004 20:45

Stills from the film
The British Court of Appeal is hearing the case of 120 coach passengers who had their human rights violated on 22 March 2003 when they tried to attend an anti-war demonstration. The passengers were prevented from attending the demonstration by police who searched the coaches, then turned the passengers away from the legal demonstration, and illegally detained the passengers for more than 2 hours. This is first time the Human Rights Act has been used in Britain to challenge a police detentions of activists.

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Antimilitarists demonstrate at Army event

01-10-2004 17:49

Protest against "London’s largest Army recruitment event"

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Moazzam Begg Tortured in Guantanamo

01-10-2004 16:04

Read the full letter from Moazzam Begg and the press release from his lawyers...

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 1st October 2004 : (VIRTUAL Version)

01-10-2004 10:44

COACH TICKETS for the 17th October International Demonstration in London,
are now available. Please buy your Bristol coach ticket now. (See Section 3).
Tickets: £12 waged, £6 unwaged from Greenleaf Books, 82 Colston St, BS1.

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 1st October 2004 : (PRINTER Version)

01-10-2004 10:04

Welcome to the October version of Bristol-Stop-The-War News. This downloadable version is part of a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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2 letters home from Iraq ( a soldier and a reporter)

01-10-2004 00:55

His Master's Boot
Two letters home from Iraq published this past week. One from a serving US army sergeant, the other from a Wall Street Journal reporter.

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EDO are bullshit

30-09-2004 16:41

EDO MBM flytipped

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Dublin Protest: 'We Need Protested From The Brits - Not By The Brits'

30-09-2004 15:16

Armagh Ireland Protesters @ Dáil Éireann (Irish Parliament): 'We Need Protested From The Brits - Not By The Brits'

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Why, Doesn't Anybody Care?

30-09-2004 13:48

In short the video was an effort to put a spotlight on the crimes and injustices currently being perpetrated by the continuation of illegal occupations in the name of democracy.
video 4min 4sec