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This Week's SchNEWS - Gaul To Arms

24-03-2006 13:44

“The widespread perception in French society is that the gulf separating those ‘inside’ society, even if they are badly paid, from those ‘outside’, in particular living in the suburbs, has become more accentuated over the past 20 years.” - Sociologist François Dubet.

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23-03-2006 22:43

On Thursday 23rd March 2006 a High Court Judge handed
down a damning judgement against an arms company. He
struck out an interim injunction against remaining
defendants in the controversial harassment injunction
case brought against anti-war protesters in Brighton
by arms manufacturers EDO MBM Technology Ltd.

The case has been continuing in the High Court for
nearly a year without reaching a full trial despite an
court order that a speedy trial should be prepared
for because of ‘human rights implications’.
‘The blame for loss of the trial date in my view
undoubtedly lies with the claimants’ says Judge

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Freedom for Ahmed Saadat, the General Secretary of PFLP

23-03-2006 10:25

The Zionist Israeli State, which become reckless in its attacks and massacres against the oppressed Palestinian people by the backing of the imperialist USA, has carried out another of its ugly attacks against the General Secretary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Ahmed Saadat,

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Kember Free

23-03-2006 09:28


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Demo at Aerolink Wales Aerospace Event, Cardiff, 23rd March

22-03-2006 19:10

Call out for demonstration at an interantional aerospace event in Cardiff, 23rd March, 5pm

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Newswire Radio Show - Wed 22nd March - Listen Now

22-03-2006 14:12

Weekly hour long show from Indymedia Radio London with coverage of the CPE uprising in France and the global day of protest, the occupation of Iraq on the third anniversary of the illegal invasion by the US led forces, plus confessions from an economic hit man.

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ETA calls ceasefire

22-03-2006 12:48

In a statement issued to the websites Gara, Berria and Basque Radio, the terrorist organisation has announced a cessation to its armed conflict to begin on Friday.

consider this a news flash.

It is the first ceasefire for Spain since 1998
the group issued a partial ceasefire for Catalonia in 2004

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Film: "Loose Change 2" showing at Oxford Brookes University

22-03-2006 10:10

New film about 9/11 showing at Brookes Uni, plus talk by ex-MI5 whistleblowers David Shayler and Annie Machon

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A Message to the Citizens of the World, from Dr. Doug Rokke

22-03-2006 06:48

Depleted Uranium assessment
A message to the citizens of the world and especially the politicians, scientists and physicians involved in the debates about uranium weapons from Dr. Doug Rokke, former Director, United States Army Depleted Uranium project, former United States Army Gulf War 1 Depleted Uranium assessment and recovery team health physicist, and confirmed DU casualty.

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The Public Speaks for Itself

22-03-2006 01:52

We are ONE.
There will be ‘hell to pay’ and hopefully an entertaining spectacle when the ICC becomes a real people’s court and those in the dock will prove that the people of the WORLD cannot be abused or deceived for long.

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Condoleezza Rice to visit Liverpool on Friday 31st March!

21-03-2006 22:37

Crossposting from Liverpool to make sure none of you over there miss it.

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Worldwide Wars and Anti-Military Options in the 21st Century

21-03-2006 22:21

The wars at the beginning of the 21st century are marked by US unilateralism, distribution battles over dwindling resources, the growing gulf between poor and rich and the new role of Islam in this connection.. Offensive wars do not appear winnable today.

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In the Crosshairs of Preventive War

21-03-2006 22:14

March 2006 Update of Bush Pre-emptive War National Security Strategy Targets Iran:
An Interview with Preventive Warriors director Michael Burns

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Belated Pictures of London March 18th Demonstration

21-03-2006 22:09

Pictures from Saturday, March 18th 2006, the big Stop The War demonstration, which marked the third anniversary of the second Iraq War, and was also part of a global day of protest, including anti war demos in Iraq itself.

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21-03-2006 21:58

A review of news & opinion
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

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Dublin Stop War March

21-03-2006 20:59

On the day after half a million people attended the St. Patricks Day parade, a couple of thousand more took to the streets of Dublin as part of a global day of protest against George W. Bush and the U.S. ruling elite’s campaign of world dominance and terror.

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Brilliant Activists Taking it to Congressional Official's Door Steps

21-03-2006 19:47

This past weekend saw demonstrations all around the world with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to protest the third anniversary of the War in Iraq. But something new is happening.

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Voices in the Wilderness benefit gig

21-03-2006 16:46

A night of punk, ska and hardcore to raise money for Voices in the Wilderness, a grassroots organisation campaigning against the brutal occupation of Iraq.

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More pictures from London anti-war demo

21-03-2006 15:38

Eight photos of the Stop The War Coalition march on 18th March 2006

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BREAKING NEWS: EDO Injunction Breach Criminal Case Dropped

21-03-2006 14:49

Today the CPS in Brighton dropped yet another controversial criminal case against an anti-arms trade protester in Brighton. A legal observer who was arrested for using a video camera at a demonstration outside EDO MBM in June last year in an alleged breach of the harassment act injunction then in force, has had all charges against him dropped . In February EDO dropped their interim injunction against all protesters after a long legal battle by protesters in the High Court.