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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Over 30 Protests all around the UK against attack on Falluja

08-11-2004 18:09

US Soldiers are now storming Falluja. Across the UK there are protests in many towns and cities. People are calling this a war crime in an illegal war. There will be more protests tomorrow (tues) and on wednesday (see below):

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fallujah atack begins

08-11-2004 17:58

- -

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Propaganda war rages ahead of battle for Fallujah

08-11-2004 17:12

As a battle for Fallujah opens, a psychological war has already been raging between the US military and fighters in the rebel enclave of western Iraq.

Insurgents claimed they had captured US and Iraqi soldiers, with Islamist leaders announcing over loudspeakers in a city mosque that 36 Americans and 107 Iraqi national guardsmen had been seized.

"Let us announce with joy the capture," the rebel claim said, adding that the prisoners would be paraded publicly and a video of their humiliation released.

Insurgents in southwestern Fallujah had also shot down a US helicopter, a symbol of America's military superiority over the often lightly-armed insurgents, said rebel leader Khaled Hammud Jumali.

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Four Arrested at the 'blood stained' US Consulate

08-11-2004 16:39

US Consulate stained 'blood red'
Four local residents have been arrested today at the US Consulate in Edinburgh - protesting at the continuing US heavy-handed approach in Falluja. Already there has been huge civilian loss of life in Iraq since the start of the illegal war. Red paint 'blood-stained' the steps of the Consulate, and activists spray painted slogans 'Stop the Attacks on Iraq'.

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The Government's misleading response to the Lancet Iraq Mortality Survey

08-11-2004 16:16

The Government's response to the Iraq Mortality Survey published last week in leading public health journal The Lancet (estimating that around 100,000 excess deaths may have been caused by the invasion of Iraq) is deeply inaccurate and misleading. Amongst other things it constitutes an opportunistic political attack on academic standards.

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Fallujah Protests

08-11-2004 15:43

Town and city centre protests at 5pm Tuesday 9th November to protest at the attack on Fallujah

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Pictures of Cambridge protest against the destruction of Fallujah

08-11-2004 14:28

Protestors on the roof of the Guildhall (City Council)
Pictures of the banner drop from the Guildhall in Cambridge.

They came down after an hour and the police let them go.

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Art of War : The Christian Right

08-11-2004 13:21

The New Crown of Thorns
The Christian Right

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08-11-2004 12:39

In the Oliver Stone Vietnam War movie "Platoon", one African American soldier says that, "The U.S. has been going around kicking everybody else's ass for so long, I know that it's about time that the U.S. got its *own* ass kicked." THAT TIME HAS COME AGAIN!!

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Cambridge residents take to roof of Guildhall to protest Fallujah attack

08-11-2004 12:37

Cambridge residents have climbed fifty feet up on the roof of the
Guildhall, in Market Square, Cambridge, and are currently hanging a giant
banner reading 'Fallujah: Stop the Massacre', as part of a larger protest currently taking place in Cambridge's Market Square.

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Fallujah Graffiti in Cambridge

08-11-2004 10:31

Anti-war graffiti on the entrance of the Labour headquarters in Cambridge.

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Rush-hour protest in Cambridge against Fallujah massacre

08-11-2004 10:14

Several protesters were handing out leaflets and displaying this beautiful banner at Elizabeth Way in Cambridge this morning.

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Fallujah Protest in Market Square Cambridge

08-11-2004 09:45

The long announced all out attack on Fallujah is now imminent.

Campeace are asking all supporters to gather outside the Guildhall from 12 noon TODAY (Monday the 8th of November) to protest this appalling war crime.

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Fallujah, the Hue of Iraq

08-11-2004 03:04

US troops are following Gen. Westmoreland’s playbook, while the Iraqi insurgents seem to be following the playbook of Ho Chi Minh. We know the ending of both books.

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Supposed video of attack on UK troops in Iraq

08-11-2004 01:01

Below find internet address to video of attack on UK troops that killed four

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State of emergency: Allawi 'killer of saints'

08-11-2004 00:19

Allawi's order supposedly sustains the illusionary propaganda for some in the International Community (with rose coloured glasses). Who apparently are supposed to see this decision coming from an interim Iraqi Government perspective? However in reality it's clearly giving the US occupiers some illusionary "legitimate" right to impose curfews set up checkpoints, and search and detain subjects, preceding an "invasion" on any resistance.

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 8th November 2004 : (VIRTUAL Version)

07-11-2004 23:09

[South West, Wales & West Midlands] Please send us your events.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a monthly newsletter. To publicise events which
come to light between newsletters please use the forums in Section 12.

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The more people you kill the more votes you get!

07-11-2004 22:41

War is peace, slavery is freedom, attack is defence

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Bristol STW Regional NEWS : 8th October 2004 : (PRINTER Version)

07-11-2004 22:30

Welcome to the November version of Bristol-Stop-The-War News. This downloadable version is part of a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.