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1 March 1954 - Operation Bravo and the Marshall Islands Human Guinea Pigs

01-03-2004 04:38

On March 1st, 1954 - 50 years ago - the USA did proceed to their
first H bomb test: Operation Bravo.

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US troops 'made Aristide leave'

29-02-2004 23:28

HAITIAN leader Jean Bertrand Aristide was taken away from his home by US soldiers, it was claimed today.

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29-02-2004 19:09

IRAQ 2004

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CoupsRUS: Haiti and Venezuela

29-02-2004 18:25

An argument that the CIA is involved in both Haiti and Venezuela and the techniques and criteria that the CIA use in overthrowing governments.

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Experts examine Apache Killing Video

29-02-2004 12:36

Followup to IMC article "The Apache Killing Video", showing a video of a possible war crime.

Text follows of a documentary, where a former US Lieutenant General and an international lawyer describe the killing as a war crime.

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The Crats of Hebron

28-02-2004 15:41

And now this rising "third" population lives ferociously in Hebron, along with the Palestinians and the settlers and soldiers. They have come about as a direct result of the illegal occupation, but are in some ways symbolic of the different kind of existence that Old Hebron has become as it is called, Area H-2.

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Blair Troops Drown Iraqi Teen

28-02-2004 15:17

Blair troops in Iraq drown 16 year old teen

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Four left-wing* Israeli activists detained in Budrus

28-02-2004 14:56

(en) Israel-Palestine, Media, Four left-wing* activists detained in Budrus
From Worker
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2004 11:31:13 +0100 (CET)

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Government DU-Plicity

28-02-2004 14:46

The article examines the gross cover-up and double standards used by the British and US governments over the issue of Depleted Uranium, and how grass-roots initiatives are beginning to publicise the truth.

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UN Security Council Refuse Carribean Call and Support US Backed Coup in Haiti

28-02-2004 13:40

UN security council support US backed attack on Haiti

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Police Harassment of DSEi meetings and future meetings

28-02-2004 12:12

Due to police harassment of DISARM DSEi meetings we are no longer advertising the London dates. However the meetings remain open and if people want to come along please email

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Oppose Alistair Campbell at Royal Festival Hall, Monday evening...

28-02-2004 11:09

Alistair Campbell brings his one-man talk show to the Royal Festival Hall on Monday 1st March at 7.30 pm, to boast of how he led the illegal charge to War.

We plan to oppose him and disrupt this obscene 'cashing in' by Blair's former 'manipulator in chief'.

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Military attacks non-violent protest, kills, arrest protesters

28-02-2004 08:40

At my hearing in the Israeli court, Judge Amnon Cohen recommended my release if I would declare to the court that in the future I would respect closed military zone orders and leave such an area. I refused on the grounds that the Israeli military arbitrarily declares Palestinian areas, farmlands, dwellings and sometimes entire cities closed military zones. I do not respect the right of an occupation force to inflict such illegal measures on the Palestinian community.

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27-02-2004 20:11


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27-02-2004 14:49

The Devonport 3 were all found guilty today on all charges, after they were denied the use of their legal defence by Plymouth Judge Overend.

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Uncle Klebold wants you (by Latuff)

27-02-2004 04:49

Uncle Klebold wants you for U.S. army in Iraq
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Bands Against the Bomb

26-02-2004 21:12

Bands Against the Bomb - Chamfer, Igloo and Sirus

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Bugger Blair!

26-02-2004 20:38

While we knew that Blair was an arrogant, duplicitous warmongering liar, I for one am shocked he thought he'd get away with bugging the UN Secretary General, even while preaching from on high about UN resolutions. Is it too much to ask that our politicians don't act like mafia gangsters?

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26-02-2004 18:50

There were extraordinary scenes in Plymouth Crown Court today as the case of the Devonport 3 unfolded today, in a second day of hearings.