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Photos- Time to Go Demo Manchester 23rd Sept

24-09-2006 19:42

photos from Time to Go demo

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Manchester. 23rd Sep. Time to Go. Photos

24-09-2006 16:24

The City of Manchester welcomes the Labour party conference
A small but determined group of peace campaigners made the long journey from Swindon to Manchester yesterday for the Time to Go march and rally around the GMEX centre where this year’s Labour party conference is being held. Here are some photos of the messages on display during the march.

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50-60,000 People Demonstrate In Manchester, UK

24-09-2006 14:54

Despite MSM reports of just 10,000, over 50,000 activists, politicians, religious groups and members of the public gathered in Manchester today, to demonstrate against the criminal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to also call for British Prime Minister Tony Blair to step down.

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Manchester Labour Party Conference Protest Photos

23-09-2006 19:08

Some photos from the Manchester Labour Party Conference protest organised by the Stop the War coalition. I release these photos into the public domain. Use them as you wish.

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Democrats’ historical commitment to the agenda of U.S. imperialism

23-09-2006 16:59

The former Republican strategist-turned-critic Kevin Phillips once called the Democrats the “world’s second-most enthusiastic capitalist party” because of the zeal of the so-called “party of working people” for promoting business-friendly policies.

The same could be said about the Democrats’ support for U.S. imperialism. But “second-most” might be an understatement.

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Who benefits from the Afghan Opium Trade?

23-09-2006 16:29

The United Nations has announced that opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan has soared and is expected to increase by 59% in 2006. The production of opium is estimated to have increased by 49% in relation to 2005.

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More Evidence “al-Qaeda” is a CIA-ISI Contrivance

23-09-2006 14:29

For every person who looks beyond the official story and gleans the indisputable truth about “al-Qaeda” and various other intelligence contrivances engineered by the Pentagon, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, et al, there are literally millions of people who buy into the official explanation, or rather Brothers Grimm machination—the Muslims, represented by the dead Osama and al-Zarqawi, are out to get us and an incessant “clash of civilizations” is required, with attendant police state and tyranny at home.

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Nothing Right

23-09-2006 14:16

The one glaring undeniable fact regarding the Bush administration is the fact that they have failed in ALL their endeavours – in other words they have done nothing right. The latest display of neo-con ineptitudes by John Bolton and Condoleezza Rice regarding their tactical inaction during the conflict in South Lebanon reveals the essential ideology/philosophy of the neo-cons – not only [to], ‘GIVE WAR A CHANCE; but also, WAR IS THE ANSWER’! [Thank you John Lennon.]

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Get rid of Warmonger, patsy of capitalist corruption Dictator Tony Blair

23-09-2006 08:07

The war in Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries, and Tony Blair's political policies are only to line his pockets and the pockets of the rich. Protest in Manchester this Saturday and against Labour at their Labour Party conference this week.

The Labour dictators want to stop protests and want to stop democracy. The British Labour Party has thugs and paid police mercenaries to stop the media from seeing protests against the Labour Government. Remember the old Jewish man they bullied at one of their conferences.

New Labour and the Labour Party of Tony Blair are creating a dictatorship.


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On the ground: Eight hours to Manchester

23-09-2006 02:57

Just hours from a hellish early morning trip to Manchester and I can't sleep, due to an incredibly twisted body clock and a brain reeling countless thoughts.

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Kucinich Calls For Hearings on Negroponte’s False And Misleading Report on Iran

22-09-2006 17:12

We cannot and must not permit this Administration to build a case for war against Iran on falsehoods and pretext. We have seen similar patterns with the twisting of intelligence to create a war against Iraq and we must not let this happen again. I ask that the Subcommittee invite the DNI to appear immediately before the Committee. It is imperative that our questions be answered in an expeditious manner.

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Judge praises DSEI train blockers!

22-09-2006 13:11

Well almost, Lord Justice Moses, hearing the appeal against sentence of 10 people who blockaded trains taking delegates to the DSEI arms fair in London stated that every one of them had given considerable public voluntary service to the community.

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Two Kinds of International Law

22-09-2006 12:01

In an absurd way, president Bush aslo justified the Iraq war as "self-defense." Lebanon and its population have the same right to security, territorial integrity and inviolable borders.. Israel's right to exist is not a reason for violating the rights of others.

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22-09-2006 09:39


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Neo-Fascists Planning "Useful Crisis" #2: Rove Promises 'October Surprise'

22-09-2006 07:19

A `Qaeda' attack would help Bush in the forthcoming midterms. And it would help Olmert, whose popularity has dropped sharply following the disastrous Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Netanyahu also recently visited Cheney. are they planning an "October Surprise?"

One thing is certain, Israel has a history of creating fake Al Qaeda.

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Anarchist Against the Wall, Lebanon, Climate Camp, Soy and table football

22-09-2006 00:40

Here is a special indymedia edit of the latest news from the rampART social centre in East London. To make sure you get the latest news and listings each week, subscribe to the mailing list via

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The March to War: Iran Preparing for US Air Attacks

21-09-2006 21:14

British and Australian forces in southern Iraq would deploy with the strategic aim of occupying the Iranian province of Khuzestan and securing its oil. Khuzestan is where most of Iran’s oil fields are located. Meanwhile a naval build-up is developing in the Persian Gulf which also includes the U.S. Coast Guard and the Canadian Navy.

The United States and its partners meanwhile are continuing to marshal and siphon their forces into the Middle East and Afghanistan. Both the United States and Britain have promised troop reductions in Iraq, but are actually increasing their troop levels. It also seems that a muzzle is being placed on Lebanon to stop any attacks on Israel by the presence of troops from member states of NATO.

Syria also seems to be expecting a possible aerial campaign. A vessel sailing to Syria under the flag of Panama, the “Grigorio I,” has been reported to have been stopped off the coast of Cyprus transporting 18 truck-mounted mobile radar systems and three command vehicles for delivery to Syria. This equipment appears to be part of an air defence system.22

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International day of peace observed in Swindon

21-09-2006 18:38

Peace one day
September 21st has been unanimously adopted by all UN member states as the one day in the year for a global ceasefire and non-violence. Peace campaigners in Swindon held a vigil in the town centre to mark the day.

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Time to go from Sheffield to Manchester reaches Glossop

21-09-2006 18:36

Support and publicity in Glossop tonight

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Arms Dealers forced to Break in to their own Factory

21-09-2006 14:17

EDO-MBM suffered major disruption for the third time in three months when activists completely blocakaded all entrances to Brighton’s bomb factory.