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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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ISM: Palestine Olive Harvest Campaign 2005

28-08-2005 19:19


August 28, 2005

International Solidarity Movement

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Colonialism in the 21st Century: Our Ally, the state of Israel (Part 1)

28-08-2005 18:30

The Gaza disengagement provided an opportunity for people in the US and the UK to review the ugly colonial record of their ally, the state of Israel. That opportunity should have been taken.

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Neath Against The Nukes

28-08-2005 12:05

Neath against the nukes meeting in Neath!

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Colombian Journalist member of the British delegation WYSF in Venezuela accussed

28-08-2005 00:01

A colombian journalist, and political activist based in London is accussed of paramilitarism when he controverted the CNP (Comite Nacional Preparatorio) Organisers of the 16º World Festival of youth and students in Caracas, Venezuela.

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Radioactive Wounds of War

27-08-2005 15:39

Tests on returning troops suggest serious health consequences of depleted uranium use in Iraq

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Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp

27-08-2005 10:43

Thoughts on Crawford: Latest news and pictures of the Cindy Sheehan Peace Camp
Lots of pictures and news from a progressive Blogger.

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Clowning as a protest tactic

25-08-2005 16:07

Police led protest organisers up the garden path. Clown!
It is understood from reliable sources, however, that police led protest organisers up the garden path by suggesting that there would be no problems with protesting at the Opera House, only for the police to change their minds at the last minute, saying such a protest would be out of the question.

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Caterkiller demolish 300,000 homes in Zimbabwe

23-08-2005 13:21

Destroying homes

Many people are familiar with Israel’s use of Caterpillar armoured bulldozers in Palestine and the US military’s use of militarised bulldozers in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. Now news has emerged that Caterpillar machines are responsible for the destruction of over 300,000 indigenous homes in Zimbabwe, during Operation Murambatsvina, (literally “clean out the trash” in Shona), in which impoverished supporters of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change were driven out of urban settlements into strenuously guarded rural camps.

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Teachers accused of anti-US bias

22-08-2005 00:39

But who owns the problem?
The NSW Teachers Federation condemned costello's comments as "absolute nonsense". Its senior vice-president, Angelo Gavrielatos, said: "The constant denegration of teachers isn't good for the country."

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Sheehan tells it like it is!

21-08-2005 04:31

Cindy Sheehan speaks out regarding the right-wing media smear campaign, and what she wants from coward George.

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Jan Benvie third report from Baghdad

20-08-2005 22:08

Jan at Edinburgh City Chambers in 2003.
This is Jan Benvie's final report from Baghdad after her 6 week stint there with Christian Peacemakers. Jan who is from Kirkcaldy in Fife, Scotland is now safely home.

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Art of War : Making a Killing on Wall Street

20-08-2005 20:54

Making a Killing on Wall Street
Making a Killing on Wall Street:

Stock prices of Halliburton, Exxon, British Petroleum, Boeing (and other war-related companies) have doubled since the Iraq Invasion

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EDO MBM Singing in the rain, last day of peace camp

20-08-2005 07:59

EDO Not welcome in Brighton
Smash EDO were singing and bashing bin lids in the rain for the pleasure of EDO on the last day of their peace camp. Whilst some parts of the region suffered flash floods the peace protesters gathered themselves one more time to in their fight against EDO MBM.

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Cindy Sheehan: YES - 63 percent - MSNBC poll: Bush NO - 94 percent

19-08-2005 13:32

'Convenient' heart attack of mother gets Sheehan off Bush's back: there's certainly no conspiracy - it's only facts we don't have yet. Facts like this MSNBC poll showing 94% of the people thinking that Bush with his cabal's pack of lies steered the United States into the Iraq war disaster. A tsunami of dissent rolls...

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Victory for animal testing centre

19-08-2005 11:33

The extremist leaders of a high-profile animal rights movement were forced into bankruptcy by the testing centre the campaign was aimed at.

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Swansea Coalition Against The War

19-08-2005 08:42

Swansea against the war!

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190 to destroy and 200 to re-build Afghanistan?

18-08-2005 22:24

Disagreement with candidates
So he calls remarkable progress sending 190 militants off to wage war against all the free and democratic people in Afghanistan? I think that is a remarkable statement. I mean what would he have said if there weren't any problems and he had to send troops just to rebuild after the Taliban regime was overthrown in 2002. Fantastic?

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Dsei Exhibitors in Nottinghamshire

18-08-2005 20:44

Dsei is Europe's largest arms fair and takes place every two years in the ExCel Centre in London's Docklands. Helpfully, the organisers have provided a list of organisers on their website and two of them happen to be in Nottinghamshire...

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Sorry (JCdM Shooting)

18-08-2005 17:09

Last month I posted several messages on here defending the police over the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes...