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Cindy Sheehan: YES - 63 percent - MSNBC poll: Bush NO - 94 percent

Henk Ruyssenaars | 19.08.2005 13:32 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Repression

'Convenient' heart attack of mother gets Sheehan off Bush's back: there's certainly no conspiracy - it's only facts we don't have yet. Facts like this MSNBC poll showing 94% of the people thinking that Bush with his cabal's pack of lies steered the United States into the Iraq war disaster. A tsunami of dissent rolls...

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF - August 19th 2005 - The by now world famous grieving mother Cindy Sheehan had to leave the protest camp near the Bush clan's Crawford house, after the bad news that her 74 year old mother, Shirley Miller, had had a stroke and was in the intensive care unit of a Los Angeles hospital.

In some comments, the stroke which the mother of Cindy Sheehan has suffered, is called 'convenient', and it of course is a - by all neocons much wished for (temporary) - solution of a protest movement against Bush and the cabal's war in Iraq, a protest which has started engulfing the United States.

In a poll today in a US newspaper, concerning the protest, it shows that sixty-three percent (63) of the people voting 'does agree with Cindy Sheehan and her actions', which is as usual contrary to what the neocon's mainstream media keep saying.



YES - 63%

NO - 33%


It's logical to assume that Bush and his cabal wanted Sheehan and her group to disappear as fast as is possible, especially since a global poll - on conservative pundit Ron Reagan's MSNBC on Internet - shows a whopping ninety-four percent (94%) of the people thinking that Bush - with his cabal's pack of lies - steered the United States into the Iraq war disaster: MSNBC Poll: "Do you believe that President Bush mislead the nation to go to war with Iraq?" Url.:


Voices are raised that - to one way or the other 'break' the protest movement, one has to 'take out' the core - and thus 'the stroke might be induced'. A question which is as difficult to answer, without proof, as the methods are easy. Among much other, there's this information concerning the possibilities: "Who could have chance to become such kind of assassin/murderer to create leaks on a victim's blood/brain barrier to cause cerebral hemorrhage? [] That's because inducing cerebral hemorrhage is a method to quickly eliminate a victim. The victim will either have a stroke and become disabled, or immediately die. - (end quote) - [Url.:]

Since the FPF always 'checks and double-checks', and only deals with the often hard facts of life, more information showed to be available from the globally abhorred propaganda mouthpiece "US News & World Report", a product of the PR people at the US Military (not so) Intelligence Service, the CIA, and other ''Lie Factories" - - It's an article written a long time ago, so one can only wonder and use Internet to see and read what the spooks can do now. - Reference: US News and World report on the 'Wonder Weapons' - Url.:


In the US publication 'The Nation', it's perfectly described by John Nichols* writing about 'Cindy Sheehan's Tragic Critics': "The rapidly dwindling minority of Americans who continue to search for some rationale for keeping U.S. troops in Iraq has been driven to the brink of breakdown by the success of Sheehan's protest.

Go to the web site of William F. Buckley's National Review magazine and you will find Sheehan described in headlines as "nutty," dismissed by columnists as "the mouthpiece... of howling-at-the-moon, bile-spewing Bush haters" and accused of "sucking up intellectual air" that, presumably, would be better utilized by Condoleezza Rice explaining once more that it would be wrong to read too much into the August 6, 2001, briefing document that declared: "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the U.S."


Human Events, the conservative weekly newspaper, dismisses Sheehan as a "professional griever" who "can claim to be in perpetual mourning for her fallen son" -- as if there is some time limit on maternal sorrow over the death of a child. Fox News Channel spinner-in-chief Bill O'Reilly accuses Sheehan of being "in bed with the radical left," including -- horrors! -- "9-11 families" that are still seeking answers about whether, in the first months of 2001, the Bush administration was more focused on finding excuses to attack Iraq than on protecting Americans from terrorism.

And Rush Limbaugh was on the radio the other day ranting about how, "(Sheehan's) story is nothing more than forged documents. There's nothing about it that's real..." (Just to clarify for Limbaugh listeners: Cindy Sheehan's 24-year-old son Casey really did die in Iraq, and his mother really would like to talk with President Bush about all those claims regarding WMDs and al-Qaida ties that the administration used to peddle the "case" for war.)

The pro-war pundits who continue to defend the occupation of Iraq are freaked out by the fact that a grieving mother is calling into question their claim that the only way to "support the troops" is by keeping them in the frontlines of George W. Bush's failed experiment. Bush backers are horrified that Sheehan's sincere and patriotic anti-war voice has captured the nation's attention."

Nichols ironically refers to the neocon's newspeak megaphone 'Newsweek', but finishes with a well heeded warning: "According to the latest Newsweek poll, 61 percent of Americans disapprove of Bush's handing of the war, while just 26 percent support the president's argument that large numbers of U.S. military personnel should remain in Iraq for as long as it takes to achieve the administration's goals there.

The supporters of this war have run out of convincing lies and effective emotional appeals.
Now, they are reduced to attacking the grieving mothers of dead soldiers.

Samuel Johnson suggested that patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

But, with their attacks on Cindy Sheehan, the apologists for George Bush's
infamy have found a new and darker refuge."




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* Saturday, September 24 - 2005 - Massive March, Impeachment Rally & Anti-war Fair, Gather 11:00 AM at the Washington Monument - Info - Url.:

* Help the troops come home! Url.: - We need them badly to fight our so called 'governments' - Url.:

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