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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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5 Arrested at EDO MBM for singing Karaoke Badly

10-10-2007 20:04



Press Contact Andrew Beckett or Sarah Johnson 07875 708873


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Al-Qaeda: Sort of Like the Energizer Bunny

10-10-2007 17:12

None of this works, not very well, because people are sick and tired of hearing about “al-Qaeda,” the putative terrorist organization akin to the boy who cried wolf, forever barking but never biting because the wolf has no teeth, heck it is not a stretch to say the wolf does not exist, except in the fervid but all too prosaic imagination of think-tank neocons and the like.

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CND video of 'Troops Out' demo

10-10-2007 12:18

3 minute long video of the 'Not One More Death' demo, from Trafalgar Square to Parliament on Monday 8th October 2007. Organised by Stop the War Coalition and Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

Includes an interview with CND Chair Kate Hudson

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Palestinian takes on UK in court

10-10-2007 11:00

A 60-year-old Palestinian will begin a case against the UK government in the High Court later when he will say that sales of arms to Israel are illegal.

[Apologies for simply posting BBC article --- anyone got any other info on this?]

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Burma: Total Oil London HQ picketed again

10-10-2007 09:42

30 Burmese protesters and solidarity campaigners are again picketing Total Oil's London headquarters in Cavendish Square to highlight the company's support of the military junta in Burma, and complicity in ongoing repression of the Burmese population including the rape and torture in prisons. Police arrived after 40 minutes but have so far taken no action.

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Video london anti war march 08-10-07SD

10-10-2007 02:30

A Short Video report on the days event when the demo called by the anti- war coalition marched towards parliament sq despite the Police intially telling them they couldn't eventually were given permission.

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Stop The War/CND London Rally and March - 8 Oct

09-10-2007 17:36

Tony Benn and Brian Haw on the plinth at Trafalgar Square
The Stop the War/CND organised rally and march to lobby Parliament attracted around 5,000 people to Westminster on a dull Monday afternoon. Numbers were larger than expected probably because of the attempt to ban the march. Brief report and pictures.

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Stop the War March goes ahead photos and report

09-10-2007 15:21

Long term protester Brian Haw addresses the crowd in Trafalgar Square
Police declared Monday's march legal just moments before it was due to begin some arrests and rough handling by police

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Video of Parliament Square on 8th October 2007.

09-10-2007 13:57

Confrontation with authorities in Parliament Square on 8th October 2007.

On the day that the British Parliament resumed after its Summer recess, a large group of anti-war protesters marched into the Square. They were joined by people who demand the basic freedom to be able to protest peacefully without prior police permission or conditions. The video shows some of the confrontations with authorities, while no doubt Members of Parliament looked on from the windows of their well protected building.

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Next AWE Aldermaston Blockade

09-10-2007 12:33

The next Block the Builders blockade at AWE Aldermaston will be on Monday 12th November. Please be there and help us make this a realy BIG blockade.

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Footage of Banned Anti-War Demo in London Parliament Square

09-10-2007 09:55

Video of October 8th demonstration - marching from Trafalgar Square to Parliament Square
See it at:

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Major factual innacuracies in BBC Report of Anti-Nuke action

09-10-2007 04:04

The BBC, probably acting on deliberately inaccurate information provided by the Ministry of Defence, recently claimed that an Anti-Nuclear activist had to be pulled from the water around Coulport, the Royal Navy base where warheads for Trident nuclear missiles are stored. According to the activist converned, the story was quite different.

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IRAQ, War Reports, Troop NEWS

09-10-2007 02:11

Demonstrations now for the first time being led openly by veterans in uniform, issuing open challenge to Washington through open display of American flag as belonging to the troops and people.Open calls for serving soldiers to join, display of anti-war veterans and serving comrades as people representing the majority of the public.Including invitations to help the new change expand further.

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Fool me twice

09-10-2007 01:30

In short, when it comes to the Middle East, domestic politics rule. Oil and “the spread of democracy” are secondary factors. It is all the explanation you need to understand Hillary’s vote to invade Iraq five years ago as well as her vote last week to enable a war against Iran. She was not fooled by Bush in 2002, any more than she is being fooled by Joe Lieberman today.

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London Underground CCTV firm replaces fugitive CEO

08-10-2007 22:50

Verint's fugitive CEO Jacob 'Kobi' Alexander
Ten months before the 7/7 London bombs Verint Systems signed a 30 year contract with privatised London tube company Metronet Rail. Metronet is now in liquidation so many are asking is that contract still valid? They are also asking because Verint's last chief executive, ex Israeli army officer Kobi Alexander, is a fugitive in Namibia who has run off with $13m and is wanted in New York under 35 counts of fraud. Verint was also Delisted from the NASDAQ in February this year for failing to file accounts to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Troops Out Now: Interview with Tony Benn

08-10-2007 21:33

A short interview with Tony Benn to Indymedia prior to the protest.

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TOPOFF 4 and Vigilant Shield 08: a view from the "feverish fringe"

08-10-2007 18:11

All the pieces will be in place. The top officials in town. The Iranian problem presumably still unresolved. The usual alphabet soup of security agencies represented. The majority of the citizenry rendered fully docile by the reporting and editorial pablum of mass media narcotics purveyors like The Oregonian.

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17:15 at Parliament Sq

08-10-2007 16:37

Most of the protesters still in the Square although an attempt was made to march of in the direction of Westminster Bridge.

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Fence down at parliament sq

08-10-2007 15:30

During today's Stop the War demo large numbers of protesters who had previously occupied the road turned their attention to the fence surrounding Parliament Square green. In the surreal scenes that followed 3/4 of the controversial fence were ripped down and stacked neatly.