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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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anti-EDO campaign day in Brighton

11-02-2005 12:28

Tomorrow Saturday 12th, there is to be a day of action against local arms dealers EDO/MBM. The event kicks off at 12 at the Friends Meeting House, Ship Street Brighton with a march to Churchill Square at 4 for a vigil.

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Art of War : War

11-02-2005 05:59


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The Truth about Hoggett and Webb – review

11-02-2005 00:05

This is a short review of the play “The Truth about Hoggett and Webb”, which was performed at the Arts Centre in Swindon on Wednesday 9th February 2005. The play compresses the story of the 2003 invasion of Iraq and the aftermath into a single day in the office of two civil service bureaucrats, who produce dossiers and reports to support Blair’s case for war. It does an excellent job of unravelling the lies which led us into war, making use of quotes from real dossiers and reports, and in the humble opinion of this reviewer, it should be performed and shown as widely as possible.

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10-02-2005 12:39



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F15 - Sheffield Mass Die-In

10-02-2005 11:54

Mass Die-In
A mass die-in is planned in Sheffield on 15th Feb.

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No More Masters of War

10-02-2005 11:52

No More Masters of War
Sheffield StWC fundraiser gig - Friday 11th February 7-11pm, Blind Institute, Mappin St (off West St).

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Peace Conference in Nottingham, this Sunday

10-02-2005 11:47

Nottingham Student Peace Movement are holding a Peace Conference at the University of Nottingham on the afternoon of Sun 13th Feb.

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Transcript of talk by Hassan Juma'a: Iraqi trade unionist 08/02

09-02-2005 23:20

Hassan Juma'a is the Chair of the Southern Oil Company trade union, based in Basra.

Here he talks about the position of the various union federations, including the state-sponsored IFTU, and the prospects for non-party-political trade unionism in Iraq.

NOTE THAT: this is a transcript of a *translated* talk and therefore most nuances have been lost. This cannot be taken as a definitive account of what Hassan Juma'a or Iraq occupation Focus believe.

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A quote for Palestine leaflets

09-02-2005 17:04

This quote shows what kind of f*!$wits control Israel. I suggest it is used in palestine related leaflets and briefings.

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Week of action against Iraq Plunder

09-02-2005 09:00

Windrush Communications Wanted for Facilitating the crime of Plunder
A week of action is being called for 1 - 6 April to oppose the corporate plunder of Iraq. A leaflet is available, the text of which is reproduced below. More details can be found at

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Phone action: EDO/MBM

09-02-2005 00:35

A little bird tells me that Wednesday 9th February is phone EDO/MBM day. Thats EDO/MBM, manufacturers of bomb release mechanisms, on 01273 810500

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7 Feb – Bristol Stop the war...or election rally?

09-02-2005 00:16

Further to your previous newswire report at here's another view of the Bristol STW rally on 7 Feb.
The turnout of 700+ was amazing, and testament to BSTW's ongoing independence and hard campaigning work. However, a lot of people were drawn to see their old MP Benn, and will they have been motivated to do anything else after this meeting?

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G8: Summat for the Summit

08-02-2005 19:00

The G8-summit is coming to Britain in July. This is going to be a big event. We need to organise now.

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08-02-2005 18:46

Come to Shakedown*05! This will be a very large non-profit event, featuring numerous acts. It's part of the G8-activities.

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Palestine Action Workhop next Monday - Brighton

08-02-2005 18:44

Monday Febuary 14th - Palestine Action Workshop. 7.30pm at the Clermont Room, Brighthelm Centre, North Road, Brighton.

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Smash EDO Campaign Day this Saturday

08-02-2005 18:34

Brighton Quakers and Smash EDO have been working together to bring you a campaign day at the Friends Meeting House on Ship St on Saturday 12 Febuary from 12 noon


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Propaganda And The BBC

08-02-2005 14:34

A detailed analysis of some of the politics of BBC reporting, using Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman's book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media as an analytical tool.

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euforia as they kill unarmed iraqies

08-02-2005 11:34

Former Marine Staff Sergeant Jimmy Massey, honorably discharged after 12 years of service, reads from his upcoming memoir, "Cowboys from Hell."

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Report of Glasgow Première of `WMD weapons of mass deception` with photos.

08-02-2005 07:10

Danny (in shades) at the White House showing of WMD with Colon and Dubya!
This is a 1,300 word report with photos of the Glasgow Première of Danny Schechter's new film `WMD weapons of mass deception` .

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Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House

07-02-2005 23:03

Report of Anti-War Meeting at Bristol Council House. Because of the huge audience, the were two meetings in two seperate halls. This report is from the overflow hall and mainly covers Caroline Lucas's (Green Party) speech.