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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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AN Interview with Mordechai Vanunu

18-08-2004 23:55

“So I am ready to speak because I used all my fight and want in seventeen and a half years in prison was the demand for freedom of speech. I believe the human being have the right to freedom of speech. I don't have any secrets. All what I'm speaking about is my view. My political view as a human has a right to express his view in any subject.”

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- Art of War : New York Times

18-08-2004 16:18

New York Times
News Analysis

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Defend the Commission of Racial Equality Library

17-08-2004 19:19

It is a request for solidarity with the librarians of the Commission ofRacial Equality of UK because the government wants to close its libraryleaving the public without access to information.

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Faslane protest - Stop Britain's Nuclear Weapons! coaches from London, Oxford an

17-08-2004 14:26

Book your place on the coach from London, Oxford or Birmingham to the blockade at the Clyde Naval Base, Faslane, where Britain's nuclear warheads are stored.

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Maybe next Olympics should be held at American Prisons?

16-08-2004 19:11

Maybe next Olympics should be held at American Prisons?

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Faslane protest - Stop Britain's Nuclear Weapons! coach from Oxford

16-08-2004 16:16

Book your place on the coach from Oxford to the blockade at the Clyde Naval Base, Faslane, where Britain's nuclear warheads are stored.

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No War in Iran

16-08-2004 01:31

There has been a lot of talk about Iran lately: lies, threats, distortions, foreshadowings. The antiwar movement must take note.

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Video from London US Embassy hands of venezuela demo

15-08-2004 22:30

Here is a short video from todays demo at the america embassy...

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Photos from US Embassy demo for Venezuela

15-08-2004 20:19

Photos from the demo at US embassy in solidarity with the people of venezuela...

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Blood Money: The Human-Capital Equation of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

15-08-2004 14:40

When a state is determined to pursue war, and all forms of indirect symbolic protest actions have failed to sway politicians to halt their imperialist aggression, the only remaining option is direct action by the working class. One option is a general strike by workers that can effect the production and transpiration of military capital, that is the materials essential for the war machine. The other is to deprive the military of the labor it needs to fight the war.

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SUDAN: What's the TRUTH behind the crisis in Darfur?

15-08-2004 06:38


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BLOCKADE FASLANE - Carry on up the Clyde: August 23rd

14-08-2004 22:23

On 23rd August, hundreds of peace activists will blockade, and shut down the base at Faslane, home to the UK's illegal nuclear weapons programme. This action, organised by Trident Ploughshares and Scottish CND, is just the latest in a series of mass direct actions bringing attention to UK government preparations for genocide. Be there, to uphold the law, and celebrate life over death, peace over war!

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Iraq: The Evil Of Cluster Bombs

14-08-2004 17:35

father on hunger strike & son, Mustafa.
Baghdad: A Father goes on hunger strike in support of his son, who has lost partial sight in one eye and fingers - due to a cluster bomblet. No one is to blame!!

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British Activist Detained at Tel Aviv Airport

14-08-2004 08:41

British activist Ewa Jasciewicz was detained by Israeli police on Wednesday as she attempted to enter the country. Further details are to follow.

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Brighton peace camp

12-08-2004 15:25

Peace camp in Brighton against local arms dealers EDO/MBM from Sunday 29 August-Thursday 2 September

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Pictures of Sunday Vigil

12-08-2004 14:57

Spot the climbers...
Pictures of Sunday's Lantern Vigil...

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Palestinian solidarity cartoons worldwide (by Latuff)

12-08-2004 13:59

Printscreen of PLO Negotiations Affairs Department website.
Copyleft by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's terror.

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EU defencetop in Netherlands

12-08-2004 13:50

Since Holland is "chairman"of the EU we'll have a good few militarists coming to Noordwijk on the 17th and 18th september. The top of the weapon industry, defence ministers of all EU countries, airforce top and that kind of folks will be discussing the defence plans for the EU. If you look at the plans that are written in the concept EU constitution it's gonna be:
more money will be invested by all member states in weapons and defence, everything is gonna be done to achieve to compete with the US weapon industry, and: of course we 'll go on supporting the selfdeclared US war on terrorism.
We are gonna have a manifestation on the 18th of september 2004 to protest against those evil plans.
Help us make publicity.
Order our posters and flyers and spread them allso in England and wherever you go.
Read on:

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Bush's Plan to Build a Better Octopus

11-08-2004 20:04

The plan to concentrate spy power in a new office

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Weapons of Mass Disruption being made in Glasgow

11-08-2004 16:57

People will be gathering in Glasgow this Saturday (14th August) to make Lock-On tubes in preparation for the Big Blockade at Faslane on Monday 23rd August.