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EU defencetop in Netherlands

omega establishment team | 12.08.2004 13:50 | Anti-militarism

Since Holland is "chairman"of the EU we'll have a good few militarists coming to Noordwijk on the 17th and 18th september. The top of the weapon industry, defence ministers of all EU countries, airforce top and that kind of folks will be discussing the defence plans for the EU. If you look at the plans that are written in the concept EU constitution it's gonna be:
more money will be invested by all member states in weapons and defence, everything is gonna be done to achieve to compete with the US weapon industry, and: of course we 'll go on supporting the selfdeclared US war on terrorism.
We are gonna have a manifestation on the 18th of september 2004 to protest against those evil plans.
Help us make publicity.
Order our posters and flyers and spread them allso in England and wherever you go.
Read on:

On the 17th and 18th of Septembre a eurotop on defense will be held at the Huis ter Duin hotel in Noordwijk, in connection with the dutch EU presidency. The european secretaries of defense and the armslobby will confer on facilitate the creation of a competitive european army, and increase the efficiency of european armstrade. Whereas thousands of europeans marched in the streets to make their aversion to Bush' and Blair's thirst for war heard, the conditions for a more active military role for europe are created behind the scenes, whereh real power is located. We can't let such an occasion pass by without a loud and clear protest. In responce to this european defense top project Joint Strike Noordwijk (to speak in military terms) has been launched, under the codename 'Operation Omega'. The operation will be a colourful manifestation with sketches, speakers and music, completed by stands with info and food. We mean to locate an antimilitaristic commandocentre in midst of all this, from which various action groups, so called battle groups ('battle group' is a military term for a small team with a special mission), will be formed to critisize the top in a playful manner. As is the case with all eurotops, there is an atmosphere of secrecy and importancy around this one, and as little information on the real goals and intentions as possible is being released. To throw a light on the substantial critique on this eurotop, a brochure will be made (only available in Dutch), and several informative meetings will take place in at least Utrecht, Groningen, Leiden en Amsterdam. These meetings will focus especially on the current protests against the EU and the transatlantic war machinery, and perspectives for the contra-movement in the future, apart from the themes mentioned.

Such an enterprise does cost a lot of preperation, and through this convocation we hope to enthusiasmize as many people as possible to contribute. So, if you have a creative idea, a mission for a battle group and/or are you able to facilitate a meeting and/or benefit, please contact the Omega Establishment Team.

If you write to the emailadres or PO box above, and tell us how many posters and flyers you want to spread in your own town, we send them to you for free as long as we have them.

If you want to come to our protest on 18 th of september and if you want a place to sleep, let us know at least one week before the 18th.

See you in Noordwijk!

omega establishment team
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