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Brighton peace camp

Smash Edo | 12.08.2004 15:25 | Anti-militarism | South Coast

Peace camp in Brighton against local arms dealers EDO/MBM from Sunday 29 August-Thursday 2 September

Recently various groups in Brighton have been acting to kick out local arms dealers EDO/MBM. Amongst other things they make release mechanisms which attach and release bombs on F16s, Hawks and Tornados. The company has publicly admitted that their products manufactured in Brighton have been used in Iraq and we believe they may be indirectly supplied to Israel for use against the Palestinians. Actions taken already include shutting the factory down for a day with a roadblock and rooftop occupation.
People arriving will be met by local supporters. If you live locally and want to offer your toilet/shower facilities, bring food/drinks or support in another way, get in touch!
Non-violent direct action (NVDA) training day, Monday (30th August).
Daily protests planned throughout the 5 days. Form affinity groups and plan your own actions
Bring tents and camping gear!
Protest camp veterans and novices welcome! Local supporters will keep campers well stocked with food and drinks. Come along, learn and share skills and take action against the arms trade and the occupation of Iraq at the same time! If we are prevented from camping we can still hold a week of action against EDO, however we don’t intend to be!
Smash Edo have received a lot of support from both the local community and groups farther afield offering both logistical assistance as well as services at the camp. A site for the camp has already been located as well as entry/exit routes.
Please contact or call 07891405923 for info on picking up/convergence points on Sunday 29 August. Campers at Aldermaston can be picked up on Friday 27 August.

Smash Edo
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