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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Clinton says Iraq War was to make Israel feel more secure

22-07-2004 21:41

"I think that in the beginning this whole weapons of mass destruction thing for them was maybe a good way for them to get their foot in the door, but not the major issue for them."

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Protestors Prevent Arms dealers From Attending Farnborough Air Show

22-07-2004 10:57

A double decker coach packed with arms dealing delelgates, literally standing in the isles gagging for the spectacle of the Farnborough air show, were held up for over an hour by four peace protestors.

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Michelin Guides Try to Censore Israel-Critical Spoof: Much Better than the Offic

21-07-2004 13:39

pamphlet cover: Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons,
Satirical pamphlet titled "Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture Chambers," is taken to court. Follow these links to an excerpt from the guide, and the letter of defense submitted to the British High Court in London.

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Anti-war march photos

19-07-2004 18:08

9-11 cover-up
Anti-war march photos in San Francisco.


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Why Aren't These Girls In Uniform?

19-07-2004 15:25

Bush's daughters: Barbara and Jenna

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The **EUROPEAN SOCIAL FORUM** comes to London!

18-07-2004 20:46

Hello, this is the text of a leaflet which I recently picked up and I have typed it up and emailed it in order to promote the ESF.

Please forward this email to anyone - groups or individuals - who may be interested.



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A Tale of Two Kings

18-07-2004 20:10

Colonialism changes form, but continues unabated as it has for over five hundred years. While reading King Leopold's Ghost, I was impressed by the similarities between the lies and fabrications used by Leopold to justify his actions with those of George W. Bush to justify the Iraq war. The economic motivations and incredible hypocrisy of both men are also similsr.

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Oxford's Women in Black hold vigil against the occupation

18-07-2004 11:50

On Saturday 17 July, Oxford 'Women in Black' held their first vigil against Israel's illegal occupation of the Palestinian Territories

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Refuseniks Update (pt 2)

17-07-2004 12:08

Court cuts sentences for five who refused to serve in IDF

A military appeals committee on Wednesday decided to reduce the sentences of five men who refused to serve in the Israel Defense Forces by one-third, defying the military prosecution's recommendation.

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Refuseniks Update (pt 1)

17-07-2004 12:06


Pacifist Jonathan (Yoni) Ben-Artzi's struggle reached a new level
on July 9, 2004, when his case came in front of an extended panel of
five judges in the Military Court of Appeals in Tel Aviv. Among the
judges were four Major Generals, including a former commander of
Israel's Central command, a former head of military personnel, and
the former and current Presidents of the Court of Appeals.

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Anti-clusterbomb event-London 17 July.

16-07-2004 15:55

Handicap Intl anti cluster bomb event.

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You Calling Me An Unpatriotic Wimp?

16-07-2004 12:54

Peace Flag
When Americans opposed to Bush are called unpatriotic wimps, a disabled veteran in a wheelchair goes on the attack.
By Jack Dalton

To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, right or wrong, is not only un-patriotic, but it is morally treasonable to the American people.
--President Theodore Roosevelt

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A Vision of Joint Life: Israeli Intellectuals Recognize the Right to Return

16-07-2004 06:03

A Vision of Joint Life: Israeli Intellectuals Recognize the Right to Return

Prof. Anat Biletzki, Andre Draznin, Haim Hanegbi, Yehudith Harel, Michel (Micado) Warschawski, Oren Medicks

English version: 12 Jul. 2004

full text and links:

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Seymour Hersh says US government has videotapes of boys being sodomized at Abu Ghraib

15-07-2004 15:37

"The worst is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking," the reporter told an ACLU convention last week. Hersh says there was "a massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there, and higher."

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So What happened to Peter Townshend? Too Old, or Too Rich? (or Just Too Dumb?)

15-07-2004 03:01

So Peter Townshend, a Vietnam era rocker, supported the war. Hmmm? I didn't support the war. You didn't support the war. Millions around the globe didn't support the war, but he did. And now he rails against Michael Moore? Give me a break.

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ICJ Condemns Israel's Apartheid Wall

14-07-2004 00:49

The International Court of Justice has ruled in an advisory opinion that the construction of Israel's Apartheid Wall deep in Palestinian territory is illegal and unjustified by military necessity.

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Another Blair Whitewash: Butler Report Likely To Be As Bad As Hutton Report

13-07-2004 19:27

It is known that Blair lied with his pre-ar about WMDs and the use of the 45 min claim that he knew to be a manipulation of facts. The only result of these inquiries has been the punishment of the news media for reporting the truth! Don't let Blair get away with this. He is more to blame for the Iraq war than Bush since he went against public opinion while Bush was able to get majority support.

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LEADED/UNLEADED The State Unleashed

13-07-2004 11:43

Beirut Independent Media Center Presents the Film - LEADED/UNLEADED The state unleashed
London Screening at MARXISM 2004 - University of London – Birkbek Hall on Thursday, 15 July 2004 @ 2 PM - For bookings: go to ULU registration to get an afternoon ticket

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Sexual Domination In Uniform: An American Value

12-07-2004 19:02

Militarized sexual domination is neither "contrary to American values" nor simply the work of a few "bad apples." It is, rather, a daily practice. The "bad apples" defense is both unspeakably inadequate and completely disingenuous.