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Democracy Now! London visit, do listen

07-03-2006 15:24

Sorry about the short notice but

Democracy Now!, america's syndicated, community radio news &
current affairs show will be broadcasting from London for the next few

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Under-reporting of British casualties in Iraq

07-03-2006 10:28

The Lancet has published research on the under-reporting of Brirish casualties in Iraq which highlights the governments reluctance to reveal the true situation

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07-03-2006 07:03

The UK Ministry of Defense has just admitted (March 3, 2006) that a large CIA transport, such as the one picture with torture prisoners and US Army policemen, has landed at RAF bases in Britain and Ireland. Were these people treated thus on British soil? Here are the flights reported:

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author of US torture revisionism and rendition to speak in London

07-03-2006 04:01

Alberto Gonzalez, US Attorney General will address the Institute of Strategic Studies at 1000hrs on Tuesday 7 March 2006. Gonzalez is the legal apologist for "rendition": the abduction and torture of hundreds if not thousands of people in contravention of international law at Guantanamo and elsewhere.

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2nd Renaissance -13

06-03-2006 21:12

The Feds and the parrot people
Such a development is part of the phenomenon of reverse surveillance that will come to characterise the 2nd Renaissance and a rapid transition to a Level 4 Civilization and a truly free society. You can learn more about reverse surveillance at the 'Surveillance' freesite. Reverse surveillance principles extend well beyond the use of ubiquitous digital imaging technologies, and include audits of all aspects of federal government operations, by randomly selected teams of citizens. The Feds and the parrot people will be quick to pronounce that such monitoting is "not in the national interest," but it will definitely be in our interests, and those of future generations of humanity.

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Iraqi Sunnis four times more likely to be killed than Shiites

06-03-2006 01:36

Respected Beirut-based journalist Robert Fisk claims that Sunni Arabs in Iraq are being killed at four times the rate of Shiite Arabs in continuing violence in Iraq, contradicting mainstream media reports which portray the Shiites as the main victims of ongoing sectarian violence.

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EDO injunction victory demo

06-03-2006 01:02

Over 70 campaigners gathered to celebrate the end of the injunction which created an exclusion zone around the factory.

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Campeace Remember Kamber

05-03-2006 18:25

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This afternoon, there was a small but poignant vigil staged by members of Campeace to mark the 100th day of British Peace Activist Norman Kamber being held hostage in Iraq.

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"Oh GOD! Save us from the religious nutters" Tony Blair

05-03-2006 15:56

Making a television appearance on the Parkinson Show on ITV, a British satellite channel, Blair described his decision on the Iraqi war as the most important one since he came to power eight years ago, while referring to his Christian values as quite influential in his past decisions on the Iraqi issue. Warned by his advisor Alastair Campbell to separate politics and religion, the British prime minister told the audience during his television appearance that his interest in politics derives from his faith in Christianity, because the Christian moral values and philosophy guide him in his daily life as well as in his office.

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Oxford International Women's Festival 2006 and NOW

05-03-2006 08:50

Haifa Zangana
WOMEN'S VOICES: A celebration. This year the Oxford IWF runs from 4-19 March, with the theme of 'women's voices'. As usual there is an extensive programme and a rich variety of offerings. Brochures are available in public libraries. Here I only have room to tell you a little about the 2 festival contributions from the Network of Oxford Women for Justice and Peace, both of them open to all (including men!).

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Peace Not War gig free to activists and Indymedia users

04-03-2006 22:40

IN SUPPORT OF the movement, Peace Not War are offering FREE ENTRY to all peace activists and to Indymedia users: just tell us your group or quote “Indymedia” at the door (and leave your email address) - although we may request the change in your pocket as a donation!

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CIA James Woolsey,Asa Hutchinson, Fortress America,offshore money laundering

04-03-2006 21:44

I note also that your Fortress America partner ex-CIA Director Mr.James Woolsey has an offshore account in the Caymans(Palidin) famous or should I say infamous for penny stock fraud and money laundering.Yes you and he set a fine example along with Asa Hutchinson and Oklahoma's Don Nickles of how decent Americans should NOT behave. Somehow your priviledged lifestyles have led you to perceive American ethical standards legal or not are for other Americans and not for yourselves.

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04-03-2006 19:26

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! Now crystal clear on widescreen!

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Jose Couso - victim of state murder

04-03-2006 16:45

On 8 April 2003, the US army attacked the Hotel Palestine in Iraq and killed José Couso, a Spanish TV cameraman. José is one of nearly forty journalists who have been killed in this war - one of the deadliest wars in history for journalists .

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The Media, Islamaphobia and the War on Terror

04-03-2006 16:29

The role of the media in the war on Iraq and the "war on terror" will be discussed at a public meeting open to all. Speakers: Mark Steel (The Independent), Jonathan Steele (The Guardian), Sami Ramadani (Iraqi writer), Yvonne Ridley (Islam Channel), Tim Lezard (NUJ President)

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Howard's 10 year party gatecrashed

04-03-2006 13:57

62 Clendon Rd Toorak, Victoria was the address of John Howard's 10 year celebration as scores of Invited guests ranging from fellow Liberal Party members to the business elite. Yet scores of onlookers without a $10,000 per table invitation had something different to say about Prime Minister as they staged a counter party.

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Report: Hands Off Iran Protests, Glasgow

04-03-2006 11:18

Stop the War against Iran before it starts!

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04-03-2006 06:48


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Corruption and Decline

04-03-2006 05:53

Bush is not very good at anything, with that fact the world is fully acquainted, however, even the lowliest morons are usually good liars but recent video evidence has proven that Bush is not even skilled in the lowly art of lying. All doubts regarding Bush’s prior knowledge of the magnitude and destructive impact expected of Katrina have been dispelled by the release of video evidence clearly portraying Bush in full knowledge of the then pending emergency. We leave the pathological problem of Bush and the lying neo-cons in the incapable hands of the American people; the Bush regime is internationally known as the most deceitful and tawdry in American history. Good luck doodles, China and Russia could not hope for better!

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04-03-2006 05:34

oped a path to war