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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Israel's 'Mistake' At Qana

04-08-2006 15:38

A Letter to the Editor I was compelled to write after watching the "news" last night.

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Majority of the UK Opposes Trident Replacement

04-08-2006 15:30

CND representatives hand in No Trident Replacement petition to No. 10
A CND-commissioned ICM poll shows that 59% oppose the government replacing Trident, Britain's nuclear weapons system. CND today handed in a petition with over 53,000 signatures calling on the government not to replace Trident or develop any new nuclear weapons system.

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The Bankruptcy of the Hawks

04-08-2006 14:07

The pictures of victims among the civilian Lebanese population and the heoric fighting Mudschahedin play into the hands of the Jihad-rhetoric of Al-Qaida.. The war against terror can only be won when the ideas of Al-Qaida are discredited and a global norm against terror is created. A positive narrative that can counter Al-Qaida is necessary.

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Exporter agrees to stop live transport of cattle to Lebanon

04-08-2006 10:21

The Israeli blockade of sea access to Beirut has trapped untold numbers
of cows aboard ship where many have already died of thirst while standing
in their waste.

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Jews Against Zionism

04-08-2006 10:16

A group of orthodox Jews arrived somewhat late at Thursday's rally for Lebanon In Sheffield and their Rabbi asked to speak. They were warmly welcomed by Palestinian spokesperson Musheir and all present.

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Brize Norton: A few facts, and how Brize and Prestwick are linked

04-08-2006 07:29

Almost inevitably, in an attempt to alert people to events at an early stage we may use second-hand or less-than-complete information. I/we will always try to clarify and correct as quickly as possible.
In the case of the plane sightings at Brize Norton, it now seems extremely probable that there has so far only been one plane. One of the reasons for confusion is that we sometimes get information from several different sources. As regards Brize Norton, we received information from an eye witness, but also from people elsewhere in the UK who have been tracking planes via U.S. sources such as This website gives information about intended flight departure and arrival times etc but does not necessarily show the actual times if there are delays or re-routing. Hence discrepancies in our reports. Below is the text of an email I received yesterday from a UK tracker:

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Human Rights Watch Accuses Israel of War Crimes

03-08-2006 23:49

Democracy Now!
AMY GOODMAN: Peter Bouckaert, we want to thank you very much for being with us, Emergencies Director at Human Rights Watch. He's speaking to us from Beirut. The report that Human Rights Watch has just put out is called "Fatal Strikes: Israel's Indiscriminate Attacks Against Civilians in Lebanon."

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Pulling the Plug on Israel / Olmert Extremists' Aggression Unabated

03-08-2006 23:00

Those not supporting calls for an immediate cease-fire must be made to pay a political price, to serve as a warning to those who come after the Zionist Extremists are stripped of power.

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Coaches to Lebanon Gaza Demo London

03-08-2006 22:10



Unconditional Ceasefire Now

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Sheffield Hands off Lebanon Protest Photos

03-08-2006 19:15

Despite short notice there was a good turn out of protestors in Sheffield on 3rd August 2006 at the Stop the War demo. The protest included a 5min sit down protest on the road in front of the Town Hall which blocked all the traffic.

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Appello per una mobilitazione antirazzista a Lampedusa il 9 e 10 sette

03-08-2006 18:56

La Sicilia è diventata negli ultimi anni la frontiera Sud dell’Europa e Lampedusa è il suo avamposto. Il tentativo di mascherare l’inarrestabile fenomeno politico-sociale delle migrazioni come un problema di ordine pubblico da contrastare, con la crescente militarizzazione delle frontiere e provvedimenti di polizia, ha prodotto soltanto l’istituzione di nuove forme di apartheid.

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Transport from Swindon to Lebanon demo, London, this Saturday

03-08-2006 18:51

Swindon Stop the War banner
As the slaughter in Lebanon continues, with tacit support from Tony Blair, and munitions flown in via UK airports and air bases, peace campaigners from Swindon will be joining the protest in London this Saturday to demand an immediate cease fire. Meet at 9:30am outside Regents Circus college. Four photos from last Sunday’s demonstration in Trafalgar Square are attached, along with a press release from Swindon Stop the War Coalition, and the latest newsletter from

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Two Arrested for Publicising Britain’s Terror Weapons

03-08-2006 17:27

Trident is Terrorism
Last night two peace activists were arrested after painting a prominent peace message outside Faslane naval base, where Britain’s Trident nuclear weapon submarines are berthed.

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Israel's True Goal

03-08-2006 11:57

Less than three months after its formation, the Olmert-Peretz government succeeded in hurling Israel into a two-front war whose goals are unrealistic and whose results are unforeseeable.. When the weapons speak, the muses fall silent. When the cannons roar, the brain stops functioning.

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NYC: Pro-Lebanon Protest

03-08-2006 08:05

Pro-Lebanon Protest outside the Israeli Mission in New York City on Friday 28th July 2006.

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Farc and the Uribe Administration: Or different strategies to not talking

03-08-2006 06:09

Issues and difficulties about the possibilites of peace between the FARC gerrilla and the Colombian govrenment

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The Decider and its Poodle

03-08-2006 04:57

"We've -- you know, we've made it clear that we care about wanton destruction." -George W. Bush Friday, July 29, 2006

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Victims and Perpetrators of Oil Imperialism

03-08-2006 04:50

The victims are subject to change. But the Perpetrators have been at it for a century. Something MUST be done about the U.S.-UK Oil Cartel (Exxon-Mobil-Chevron---BP & Shell) for the sake of peace, social and political justice, and to deal with doomsday Global Warming. Grassroots Public information Campaigning to educate & politically activate the GENERAL PUBLIC -- university/college students in particular -- is the ONLY WAY to overcome the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis.

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Palestine, Lebanon: Zionism-Assassin, Imperialism- Accomplice!

03-08-2006 01:48

The Israeli attack in progress in Lebanon received, according to the expression even of the international press, the "green light" of the United States and the "tacit agreement" of the other great imperialists States, beginning with France (in spite of the declarations of "amity" with Lebanon!).