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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The US-Military will spy US citizens!

28-11-2005 20:59

- The Bush administration and US military have been actively lobbying for the right to use military personnel to spy on U.S. citizens and share information with other intelligence agencies -

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Video: US mercenaries randomly shooting Iraqi civilians

28-11-2005 16:49

Video of Random Shootings in Iraq

Tentatively identified as Aegis - UK based hired killers.

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3 of the Vine and Fig Tree planters community in newbury court.

28-11-2005 02:27

Pre trial court convenience hearing of 3 Fig and Vine Planters Community
at Newbury Magistrates Court (21/11/2005) - Lifted bail.

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Iran accuses Bush over depleted uranium

27-11-2005 19:32

Iran accuses Bush over depleted uranium

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Tory leader (Til 6Dec)M.Howard on Trident&Climate Change.

27-11-2005 14:31

Letters to a constituent from out going Toty leader Michael Howard on Trident renewal (Greenpeace campaign) and Climate Change (FoE campaign).

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Police Threaten to Crush Anti EDO Mass Demo

27-11-2005 06:29

Why we're Marching...
Sussex police have threatened to arrest demonstrators planning to March through Brighton on Dec 10th to protest against EDO MBM, a factory manufacturing electrical components for arms in Mouslecoomb.

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Ending the war in Iraq: the US runs out of excuses

26-11-2005 22:27

The US appears to be in negotiations with the nationalist Iraqi resistance

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Aussie ministers plot to kill dissent

26-11-2005 20:54

To ramp up terror fears and here in Australia
Sure, we should be really angry now, that these terrorists should plot to blow up the Bali mourners! And that should buy hoWARd the coward a free kick to any draconian laws that he now seeks to enforce, based on the communities deep emotions, anguish and fears of another attack?

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No Trident! No Trident Replacement

26-11-2005 20:05

Over 200 people today gathered at a rally against Britain's nuclear arsenal and against its extension or replacement.

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Anti-war arrests outside Parliament - pictures and comment

26-11-2005 13:49

Two women remembering the dead
Two women arrested outside Parliament for remembering the dead of the Iraq war

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Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund

26-11-2005 12:10

Nuking Iran Without the Dachshund

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The al-Jazeera leak: how Blair benefits

26-11-2005 10:48

On the surface, this looks like a bad story for the British government, but we should look closer before coming to that conclusion.

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Anti-War Campaigners Stage Bell-Ringing Ceremony Outside Parliament

25-11-2005 14:03

100,000 Rings: In Remembrance of the Iraqi Civilian and Military Dead

Two women were arrested today while holding a bell-ringing ceremony outside parliament as part of an international peace event, to mark the anniversary of the release of the Lancet study on 29th October 2004 which estimated 100,000 people had died since the beginning of the war in Iraq. Similar ceremonies have and will be occurring in nearly 100 other communities around the United States and United Kingdom.

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Iraq oil union president to tour UK

25-11-2005 13:34

Hasan Juma in February 2005
Organising over 23,000 workers in Iraq's oil and gas industries, the Federation of Oil Unions in Iraq (IFOU) is struggling against both the US/UK military occupation and the corporate-led privatisation of Iraq's industry. The president of the federation, Hasan Jumaa Awad, is touring the UK and addressing public meetings during November and December.

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EDO High Court latest

25-11-2005 12:11

Judge Walker has been hearing evidence this week that EDO lawyer Timothy Lawson-Cruttenden (TLC) has been acting unlawfully in disclosing confidential police reports and statements to the court.

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"Don't bomb us" say Al Jazeera staff

24-11-2005 21:42

Al Jazeera media staff have begun a campaign blog denouncing reports that the US government considered bombing their offices.

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24-11-2005 19:23

Front Companies and Real Companies
CIA-AIRPLANE SHELL COMPANIES Have ONE Employee: A LAWYER. A list of known fronts, including Prescott, is below. The chart shows how the fronts and other, real, companies work for the CIA.

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Bush Torture Charges Back in Court

23-11-2005 23:35

Please distribute this far and wide. We need to inspire others to resist the Busheviks. We need to encourage MSM to cover this form of non-violent resistance. We need a return to government by law rather than by men.

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Public Meeting- Life in Iraq: Can it get worse?

23-11-2005 20:45

Iraq Union Solidarity Nottm meeting - an Iraq woman speaks on 'Life in Iraq: Can it get worse?'