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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Why I'd go to prison (Kate Holcombe)

11-11-2003 11:34

Kate Holcombe
AN EVESHAM anti-war activist is set to face trial at Gloucester Crown Court on Wednesday [12th Nov] charged with criminal damage.

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Activist on Bridge urges Commuters to STOP BUSH

11-11-2003 11:26

Perfect colour coordination!
Commuters at the Cambridge station were in for a surprise this morning when they were greeted by a large banner spelling STOP BUSH and a voice of a protester announcing the arrival of the American president rather than the next train.

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Economic Plans for Iraq May Violate International Law

10-11-2003 23:33

The U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority’s (CPA) failure to adhere to Iraq’s foreign ownership laws violates international laws, and could nullify contracts signed by foreign investors.

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Cambridge Man Shot by Israeli Army

10-11-2003 23:15

Cambridge based activist Mika who is working with the International Solidarity Movement in Palestine has sent us the following report...

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A New Song To Sing!

10-11-2003 22:09

Something for you to sing as you're being knocked about by John "ID Cards" Stevens' mob in London next week.

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An American War-Wolf in London!

10-11-2003 22:04

An American War-Wolf in London
Hi folks, you are welcome to use this image on websites, posters, placards etc.
as part of the campaign to stop George W. Bush's state visit to London.

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Shoot To Kill

10-11-2003 19:20

Bush visit. Special relationship. Shoot to kill.

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Prescott Bush: Guilty of Treason

10-11-2003 19:14

The following article confirms that Prescott Bush was guilty of treason and should have been hung at Nuremberg with the rest of the Nazis.

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Stop Bush events in Oxford

10-11-2003 18:33

Shut him down
Join the protests against the world's warmonger-in-chief, George W Bush, as he makes a state visit to the UK.

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Warning to Bush

10-11-2003 03:41

Just a reminder of anti war demo... a demo with a difference!!! Please let as many people know as possible. Dates: Nov 19-21st. Place: Central London, UK.

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Stop Bush! Upcoming demos.

10-11-2003 01:49

Protest against the visit of the man who serves as a mouthpiece for US economic and military domination.

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U.S. warplanes renew bombing of Iraq targets

09-11-2003 22:18

This might explain the recent sightings of busy airbases in Scotland

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Cambridge Stop BU$H Mobilisation

09-11-2003 21:51

George W Bush will we be the UK on the 19,20,21 Novmeber.
On Wednesday the 19th there will be a Protest rally at 6:00pm in the Market square in Cambridge.
On Thirsday there is a national demonstration in London, Cambridge Stop the War Coalition is organising coach transport leaving Cambridge at 12:00 noon. Tickets are £5/£10 unwaged/waged. Phone to book you place now.

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Knesset speaker on Palestine

09-11-2003 19:11

"Israel must choose between right and wrong"

This article is by Avraham Burg, speaker to Israel's parliament from 1999 to 2002 and an Israeli Labour Party member. This article, which first appeared in English in The Forward, was adapted by Burg from an article that appeared in the Israeli newspaper Yediot Ahronot and was translated by J. J. Goldberg.

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Vigil against the Wall

09-11-2003 18:08

End the land grab!
At least sixty protesters in Cambridge urged Israel to tear down the Wall that is being built and to stop the escalation of hatred and violence.

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National Day of Action 21-11-03 Legal Action Against War

09-11-2003 13:20

LAAW will be launching a National Day of Action on the 21st November. LAAW is calling for an investigation of the British Prime Minister T. Blair for War crimes, and its activists will be presenting a petition to Scotland Yard.

We would like to invite all other activists throughout the world to present petitions as well, on Friday 21-11-03 at 12 noon in their respective countries. Copies of Downloadable Petitions can be found under the events drop down heading of this website. Please feel free to amend the main title to suit your Group/ Organisation Name.

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Galloway speaks at "Anti-war Movement at the Crossroads" raly in Manchester

09-11-2003 00:40

View the video clips from this meeting.

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'The American-led Invasion'

08-11-2003 23:34

Spin for the revolution & the language of the BBC

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Blasting suspect houses

08-11-2003 18:23

Anyone noticed the latest tactic of our illegal occupation of Iraq?

In Tikrit houses _suspected_ of harbouring terrorists are being blasted by our masters.
Atleast the Israeli occupation has some capability to spy around and and gather some flimsy evidence.
Also three massive bombs (atleast 500 lb each) have been dropped on a heavily populated town. WTF is happenning. No news on this! There are children and humans in towns!!

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The Chomskybot Code: Conduct In the Time of Terror

08-11-2003 16:25

In spite of constant reassurances about the term "democracy" one is rarely allowed to criticize the country of Israel without suffering some punishing consequence for it. If you are a Jew you may survive the accusations of anti-Semitism but if you consistently express yourself online in any dissidence about Israel's current politick, you will probably not be immune to cyber attack.