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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Sea-action at Faslane Fair

17-06-2006 14:49

Sea Action and Helensburgh CND protested at the Faslane Fair at Helensburgh, near Faslane.

Every year the MoD take over the car park at Helensburgh with a celebration of the war machine and the culture of war.

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Direct Action info + planning night in Sheffield

17-06-2006 09:38

Oh, the long summer stretches ahead of you, weeks and weeks of hot days and nothing but Big Brother on tv. If only there was something better to do with your summer... something effective, positive and fun.... something like DIRECT ACTION.

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Invitation from Colonel Gill - US base Commander - NSA Menwith Hill

16-06-2006 23:42

4th July Ball
Americans world wide celebrate 4 July as 'Independence Day'. They do at NSA Menwith Hill near Harrogate North Yorkshire.

Since the early 80s there has been a demonstration 'Independence FROM America' - this year is no exception....

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Leuren Moret Describes Vicious Attacks on Whistleblowers

16-06-2006 19:45

June 15, 2006

by Leuren Moret

To the Berkeley City Council and City Manager:

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This Week In Palestine

16-06-2006 14:05

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for June 9 through June 15, 2006.

Israeli army kills seven family members on Gaza Beach and 21 others in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as the army staged up its extra-judicial killings policy. Meanwhile, Palestinians along with Israeli and International supporters continue to resist the West Bank annexation wall as Palestinians continue with their National dialogue session in bid to stop the infighting and end the financial crisis.

These stories and more coming up. Stay tuned.

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Invitation - women-only action camp weekend

16-06-2006 08:29

From evening of 7 to evening of 10 July, Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp is hosting an action-oriented event outside Britain's nuclear weapons factory. There is also a (mixed gender) Block the Builders action on the Monday 11 July at Aldermaston, with possibility of women-only action (if enough women come down over the weekend)

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Indonesian State Sanctioned Terrorists Warn Australia

16-06-2006 07:55

CIA or the American Military's involvement
Here is a full report and one that was not carried out by Australia, Indonesia, or the US authorities over the possible CIA or the American Military's involvement in the second blast that required nuclear hardware way above the knowledge of any peasant class in Indonesia just prior the Iraq war, mind you.

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Review of 'Alternatives' meeting in Telford

16-06-2006 06:44

Positives and negatives to take from the 'Alternatives' meeting on 10 June

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Tell Me No Lies

16-06-2006 04:03

Continue to root them out
Rather it will be discovered by those who put their own reputations and often lives on the line, in order to uncover the real actions and outcomes of those who tell us they rule over us. The challenges that emerge from reading "Tell me no Lies" are to find the strength to continue to root them out and even more importantly, to stand up and challenge them publicly.

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"Our Military is Being Treated as Human Fodder" - Mother of Soldier

15-06-2006 23:39

Police in Eugene, Oregon have arrested 21-year-old Army Specialist Suzanne Swift for refusing to return to fight in Iraq. Swift served in Iraq for a year but decided she could not return and went AWOL. Not only did she feel the war lacked purpose, Swift said her superiors repeatedly sexually harassed her while serving in Iraq. We speak with her mother, Sara Rich.

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ECO - CENTRIC The Australian Nuclear Debate mp3

15-06-2006 22:47

No Nukiller
The nuclear debate we HAD to HAVE [ again!!!]

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Basic Rebel Clown Training (Brighton 24/25 June)

15-06-2006 19:37

The Army Needs You
Calling all Fools - The next Basic Rebel Clown Training will be held over the weekend of June 24th and 25th in Brighton on the south coast of England.

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Unexpected Guest Drops in on Iraqi Prime Minister

15-06-2006 17:57

Guess who’s coming to dinner? The President of the United States. But for the U.S. media, this peculiar party crashing by President Bush was a Big Moment, not an embarrassment.

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Urgent Letter from Chile

15-06-2006 16:37

News About the Student Struggle taking place in Chile - Call to action to organise a protest at the Chilean embassy.

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Palestine Today

15-06-2006 15:41

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Thursday June 15th, 2006

Army arrests three residents from Nablus and invades Kofer Harres village near Salfit also Army arrests one resident from Attil village And four residents from Hebron Meanwhile Unknown gunmen abducts a resident in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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15-06-2006 14:51

The Council have refused Bradford PSC a stall at the Mela on the advice of the Police. They have stated the Mela is a family event but have not given us any reason(s) as to why our stall would be unsuitable or unfamily friendly.

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Leeds Palestine Solidarity Campaign Film Night

15-06-2006 10:12

Map to the Common Place
Leeds PSC Presents -The Iron Wall- a film by Mohammad Alatar alongside the "Children Under Occupation" art exhibition.

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Israel Occupation Forces' strategy (by Latuff)

15-06-2006 08:08

Israeli Occupation Forces' strategy
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance against U.S. backed Israeli occupation.

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Perfect Storm In George Bush jnr's (World) Tea-Cup

14-06-2006 22:28

George Bush is partly to blame for the troubles in every region the IISS (International Institute for Strategic Studies) report cited as “engaged in brutal combat” in which simultaneous global turning points could initiate an international crisis. I believe all these regions have become trouble spots largely because of the war on terror, and/or George Bush Jnr’s “Axis of Evil” announcements. I will prove my thesis without mentioning the war in Afghanistan or Iraq, because we all know the roles Bush and Blair played in those “trouble spots.”

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Daily death in Palestine

14-06-2006 19:51

The following is an account of how a few 'human rights observers' found a boy in a mountain - dead. It might be daily life in Palestine but for most of us it was shocking. I don't think many people are prepared for this kind of stuff