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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Israeli cluster bombs blanket Lebanese towns

01-09-2006 07:31

Unexploded Israeli cluster munitions dropped during the 34-day war in Lebanon have killed at least 13 civilians and wounded 50 since the ceasefire took effect on August 14. About 100,000 unexploded cluster bomblets litter the country, preventing large numbers of people from returning to their homes. Israel’s bombardment of urban and residential areas with cluster munitions was a deliberate tactic by the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to terrorise the Lebanese people and prevent refugees from returning to their homes.

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People Needed @ Bristol Crown Court This Monday + FAIRFORD ARTICLE ARCHIVES

01-09-2006 03:27

Three years of pre-trial hearings later, the trials of Margaret Jones and Paul Milling - who disabled vehicles at Fairford air base in Gloucestershire in the lead up to the bombing and invasion of Iraq - are due to begin on 4th September, and are expected to last until 18th September.

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Vine and Fig Tree Planters at Reading court

01-09-2006 01:13

29th August 2006 – Reading Magistrates Court

Two people from the international Vine and Fig Tree planters (Post Protest Community) who planted trees in Aldermaston in August 2005 begin to augment the altering of matters by appearing in Reading court to initiate changes themselves.

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Report: 11 Hour Blockade of Israeli Company

31-08-2006 19:59

UK Headquarters of Israeli Company Blockaded to Gain Ruling on Legality of Trading with Settlements

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31-08-2006 19:57

Are we due for the much-discussed "next 9/11" in Chicago, on or around 9/11, 2006? A former Army intelligence and public affairs officer, the commander of the cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, writes a powerful letter of warning to the US Army Inspector General and other US VIP's, warning that the next set up event is ready to be staged in Chicago between 9/7 and 9/11, 2006 -- and the newspapers are telling all about it in advance.

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what about the Brough Noise Demo

31-08-2006 17:31

So what about the Brough BAe noise demo?
This posting, made a while ago, has asked for support for a noise demo against a large, power using, weapon making factory(hawk jets - for the UK government/military) tomorrow, Friday 1st September.

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Monday 11/9/2006 - London 9/11 Protest

31-08-2006 15:53

Truth Concert @ Brixton Mass
The British 9/11 Truth Campaign, are inviting people to protest outside the US Embassy on Monday September 11th 2006:

Join us on our National Demonstration to commemorate the 5th anniversary outside the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square in London on 11 September 2006 from 12:30pm -2:30pm. Supporters are urged to bring a flower to lay at the 9/11 Memorial Tree and wear black in memory of all those who have lost their lives.

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Euro 'citizen's inspection-SW France against nuke missile plans.

31-08-2006 15:30

A Euro citizens 'inspection' against the proposed and currently fairly secretive plans for a new type of mini-nuke is to be held in SW France 22-24 Sept 2006

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Subcritical Nukes...

31-08-2006 12:55

The National Nuclear Security Administration (Nevada Site Office) has plenty on subcritical nukes, however yesterday's test is not up yet. The February Karakatoa tests are up, complete with videos - watch 'n' learn!

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The Sovereignty of CUBA must be respected

31-08-2006 11:39

To sign the Demand "The Sovereignty of CUBA must be respected":

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British Troops Mobilizing on the Iranian Border

31-08-2006 06:50

If Iran were to be invaded and defeated, much as Yugoslavia was by NATO, Khuzestan could find itself in a "state of autonomy" under Anglo-American protection much like Kosovo. Something Iran would never accept. It is also no mere coincidence that the British government—whose forces are bordering Khuzestan—have strong ties and nurture separatist movements outside Iran declaring to represent Khuzestan. It is also these groups or self-portrayed ‘fronts for independence’ that claim to be behind attacks in Khuzestan, Iran; something that the Iranian government has repeatedly held the British government, along with others, responsible for.

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US military escalates confrontation with Shiite militia in Iraq

31-08-2006 06:14

Reckless and bloody operations
It is these considerations that are propelling the US military into reckless and bloody operations against the Mahdi Army, regardless of the consequences.

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Art of War : The New Anti-Semitism

30-08-2006 21:10

The New Anti-Semitism
The new Anti-Semitism

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Protest by Baloch commuinity against Pakistan on Killing of Nawab Bugti

30-08-2006 19:07

Protest against Pakistan by Baloch Community
Protest by Baloch commuinity against Pakistan on Killing of Nawab Bugti

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Greedy EDO’s CEO Exposed!

30-08-2006 18:26

Independent Financial News

Wednesday August 30th 2006

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Twenty-two Things We Now Know

30-08-2006 18:24

If a Democratic president and vice-president had behaved similarly to Bush and Cheney, they'd have been in the impeachment dock in a minute.. Winning in November is our job, our moral duty.

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Greens welcome Oldbury reactors shutting down

30-08-2006 14:26

Safety regulators say they have seen nothing to persuade them that Oldbury nuclear power station is safe to restart - and despite the industry spending more than £2 billion researching the safety of graphite reactor cores, both reactors are due to shut early September (i).

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What Prevents Radicals from Acting Strategically?

30-08-2006 13:20

A look at the crippling tendency for dedicated activists to live in their own self-defined, encapsulated social scenes, cut off from the larger social groupings that could provide a base of political support.

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Alarm in Washington over deepening disaster in Afghanistan

30-08-2006 09:26

“Losing Afghanistan”
Afghan officials told VOA that there could now be as many as 40,000 guerillas fighting against the occupation forces and the Afghan army. Extensive US and Pakistani military operations have failed to prevent insurgent groups using the mountainous regions along the Afghan-Pakistan border as a safe haven to rest, resupply, train and recruit. Large areas of the predominantly ethnic Pashtun provinces of southern and eastern Afghanistan are outside the Kabul government’s authority and regularly fall under the sway of Taliban forces.

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Live report / press release: Israeli Company Blockaded

30-08-2006 06:41

Israeli Company Blockaded For the Second Time in Bid to Gain Ruling on
Lawfulness of Trading with Settlements.