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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Tom Hurndall - Soldier Arrested

01-01-2004 12:53

today on Sky News, they reported that a soldier (presumably the sniper who shot Tom) was arrested. He changed his story during interrogation from shooting Tom who had already fired a pistol to shooting him coz he was apparently in a position to fire at Israelis-according to Israelis. This in an area where there were no other militants firing weapons, in the runup to the incident.

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U.S. dope-powered soldiers (by Latuff)

01-01-2004 12:30

Dope-powered soldiers
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff. Happy 2004! :)

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Misleading information from BBC?

31-12-2003 18:37

This is an example, how information which is not untrue - only some missing words, may one give wrong ideas.

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BC Government Drug Dealing/Cointelpro/CONtrolling the Poor

31-12-2003 17:48

The details of this story are still very sketchy but it appears that part of a 20 month cross border drug smuggling investigation
led Victoria city police to stage a Sunday afternoon raid on Finance and Transportation Ministries at the BC Legislature.

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The Cheney/Baker Strategic Energy Plan: History and Illusion

30-12-2003 22:31

We already have the names of nearly everyone Cheney sought advice from for the Strategic Energy Plan! The content of the plan itself is an outrage of Imperial conceit!

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U.S. Army Arrests Student Demonstrators In Violent School Raid

29-12-2003 06:54

Twenty-six middle school students who threw stones at U.S. troops breaking up a neighborhood pro-Saddam rally Dec. 17
were arrested during a violent raid at their school the following day.

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Shooting Of Israeli Anarchist At Fence Protest

28-12-2003 15:54

IOF Shoot Israeli Anarchist at Fence Protest

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American banana problem ?

28-12-2003 09:55

pay back time
one day
6 heroes dead
6 collaborators dead
43 heroes wounded to cripples
And no personalized evil in sight to blame

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dear yanqui goon

28-12-2003 04:52

An open letter to all yanqui goons

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Alternative Christmas carols in Manchester - dial-up modem video clips

27-12-2003 21:08

Alternative Christmas carols for Palestinians...

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Live ammo against pacifists in IsraHell (by Latuff)

27-12-2003 19:51

Pacifists are the new targets for Israeli troops
It was the first time since the start of the intifada more than three years ago that an Israeli had been wounded by live fire during the course of a protest.

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Ulla Roder, the activiste who disarmed a Tornadojet in march, issued a statement

27-12-2003 13:27

Ulla Roder, the international peace-activiste who disarmed a Tornadojet in Leuchars last March, wrote an interesting statement. In a.o. things she explains why she believes the justice system in Scotland is designed to silence her and she believes she is not being provided with a fair trial. (surprice?) Ulla does not wish to escape justice, shee seeks it, but demands a fair trial. Her action was and is accountable!

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From Iraq Indymedia - Living by the Fence

27-12-2003 09:00

The November 2003 study by the Uranium Medical Research Committee (UMRC) said: "Witnesses living next to the airport report 3,000 civilians were incinerated by one morning's attack from aerial bursts of thermobaric and fuel air bombs...."

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26-12-2003 15:57

The Queens Speech Was Shit Once Again !!!

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The Mad Cow in Iraq (by Latuff)

26-12-2003 06:06

Mad Cow
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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The 2004 ReCreation

24-12-2003 17:49

The 2004 ReCREATION..Picture of Saddam ReCreating Bush
for the 2004 Erections.this Pic is Worth a thousand W's.

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Video Clip of Alternative Carol Singing in Manchester

24-12-2003 16:14

This action took place on 2oth Dec 2003 in the pouring rain.

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17 January 04 - Reclaim The Bases Now!

23-12-2003 21:43

Reclaim The Bases Now!

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War is terrorism on a bigger budget

23-12-2003 10:38

UK Goverment spend £140 Million on guided bombs.