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Army Retaliation against Sgt. Donald Buswell, the 911 NCO

29-08-2006 19:31

The US Army has done the only thing it could do in its attempt to undermine the "911 NCO," Sergeant Donald Buswell, who has become a central figure in the 911 Truth Movement by calling for a new 911 investigation -- and being attacked for it. Sergeant Buswell, it turns out, has powerful comrades in the State Department who present a big problem for a military bent on defaming him for his position of principle and his mission of conscience.

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How to Organise a Major Terrorist Scare

29-08-2006 13:52

How easy is it to organise a major terrorist scare like the one that’s currently gridlocking the world’s airports? Dead easy. If you follow a few simple points you can panic the populace and stampede the media with virtually no risk of getting caught. All it takes is a little confidence.

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Climate Change and 21st Century Border Controls- Technopolitics of exclusion

29-08-2006 11:00

Audio Interview of the Workshop leader - Run by an internationally recognised authority on the subject, the workshop covers current military plans to build new immobilising and paralysing technologies for border control and for targeting large crowds. The talk explores the generation of this technology as well as the challenge of developing non-violent countermeasures.....

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To Build the Impossible Bomb

29-08-2006 08:19

No Muslim in his right mind would attempt what has been claimed, because he would know it can't be done - and, believe me, doing it under any circumstances would require a Muslim in his right mind. At best, the guy simply would kill himself, and do little damage to the plane's toilet. Regardless, nobody would be allowed the opportunity to spend hours in the toilet ... not aboard a jetliner.

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Why Do We Hate Them? - Fear and Loathing in the Occident

29-08-2006 07:28

Islamophobia is a mental and spiritual affliction. And our Western ruling elites bear the responsibility for inflicting it upon the psyches of the masses.

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60 dead as attacks sweep Iraq

29-08-2006 02:00

A wave of bomb attacks and shootings swept Iraq from north to south Sunday, killing at least 60 people despite a massive security operation in the capital and appeals from Shiite Prime Minister Nuri Maliki for an end to sectarian fighting

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Look what they did to Lebanon!

29-08-2006 01:06

They flattened it! With Depleted Uranium (and more)!

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29-08-2006 01:03

The once beautiful Lebanon
Look at it! Look at it! Look at it! What? The map of Lebanon. 'They dump the old weapons and test the new weapons'...

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Phone Blockade of EDO MBM tuesday 29th Aug - Call 01273 810500

28-08-2006 21:58

Tell the arms deakers what you think of them...
to find out about EDO MBM see

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The political foundations for the struggle against militarism and war

28-08-2006 11:47

There are two outstanding and interconnected features of the present period. The first is the complete disregard for, and overturning of, all precepts of international law. The second is the extent of official lying by all the major governments, along with the absolute prostration of the mass media, which now function as little more than the propaganda machines of the various governments. Nothing recalls the present period so much as the decade of the 1930s, which led eventually to the eruption of the Second World War in 1939.

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The Troop Question

28-08-2006 11:46

As the shaky ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel lumbers on, the European governments expected to ‘enforce the peace’ have been stuttering and stalling in the face of actual commitment. It was France who took the initiative originally, who as head of UNISFL (United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon), promised 3000 troops. After analyzing the situation further, an about-face occurred, and the troop level was reduced to 400 non-combatant personal. Italy saw opportunity and declared itself the replacement, promising 2000 troops; France, not to be outdone, reasserted leadership responsibilities, but with 2000 troops this time; Italy was then, thanks to its charitableness, awarded France’s old job as head of UNISFL. After all this, the seesawing attitude of the rest of Europe continues. These governments are demanding more definitive ‘rules of engagement’; they’re curious about the prospects of actual fighting, and are rightfully scared of being viewed as a foreign occupier in Hezbollahland. Bush is intent on seeing that his backfired war-effort is partially salvaged, and has insisted that Europe “hurry up” with military aide, since the U.S. has none to spare. It may be prudent to examine why Europe— who views Israel and the U.S. with apt distrust— is both eager and terrified to help them pursue their interests. Note: a working assumption will be that ‘humanitarian reasons’ is a sophistic answer, meant to lure citizens into obedience.

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Aspects of Asymmetric Post-Modern Warfare

28-08-2006 09:05

Victory over any opponent is the result of functionally superior values and strategies not advanced technologies as is often imagined; wars today continue to be fought by men and women. The relative strengths and weakness of combatants and cultures determine outcomes in today’s conflicts. The recent conflict in Lebanon demonstrates that military might is no match for superior strategy and tactics – superior technology is the intoxicant of technocrats and the drug of weak and incapable fighters/soldiers.

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Bleeding Clowns

27-08-2006 16:42

Report on the events of Monday 21 August 2006

What was to be a civilised cocktail party became a bloody mess as four clowns
from the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army became injured and started
dying whilst serving drinks outside the Foreign Office.

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George Galloway - Live From Beirut

26-08-2006 23:08

Recordings of Galloway's debates, live from Beirut this evening.

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The Liquid Bomb Hoax: The Larger Implications

26-08-2006 09:18

The bomb plot political ploy fits the previous political pattern of sacrificing capitalist economic interests to serve domestic political and ideological positions. Foreign policy failures lead to domestic political crimes, just as domestic policy crises lead to aggressive military expansion.

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Art of War : Neocon Agenda

26-08-2006 01:12

Neocon Agenda
Neocon Agenda

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Central Global Threat, The Axis Of Aggresion, The US Under PNAC & Israel

25-08-2006 16:51

The world now understands who The Terrorists truly are ...

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Bush and Saddam Should Both Stand Trial, Says Nuremberg

25-08-2006 16:41

The same is true of Phony Bliar, who was a willing partner in the commission of "the supreme International Crime".

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Sensible Mandate

25-08-2006 13:42

Peoples do not win wars, only governments.. People only delight in war when they are poisoned by propaganda and indoctrinated by the school, media and religion.. War, this orgy of killing and destroying, is the absolute horror.. Peace can only be made with enemies. Despite everything, we on this earth are condemned to negotiate reconciliation.

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Desperate times – desperate measures

25-08-2006 13:08

One thing is abundantly clear, the empire is in deep shit and like any cornered animal, they are extremely dangerous. The ‘terror alert’ is indicative of just how desperate they are risking even the destruction of the airline industry in order to put the frighteners on the populace. But has it worked? On one level, yes as the events on an aircraft from Spain bound for London reveal, with the xenophobic Brits refusing to travel on the plane with two people who looked “Middle Eastern” onboard.