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Situation Escalating in West Bank and Gaza

26-04-2004 18:44

This is an alert to give you all a heads up about the developing situation in Palestine. Activists throughout the West Bank and Gaza have reported an increase in Israeli military activity since the Bush-Sharon summit in Washington and the situation seems ready to escalate even further.

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Afghanistan - current situation

26-04-2004 16:04

An article from the New Yorker - "Quite a good summary of the current situation", according to a UN worker currently in Afghanistan.
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The Fairford Five: The Iraq War on Trial

26-04-2004 12:09

the procession to the court
At around 8.30 this morning around 100 supporters of the Fairford Five gathered in the centre of Bristol. They were here for the start of the trail that is expected to focus world attention on the legality of the war.

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Iraq Procurement - Day 1

26-04-2004 10:53

Delegates to Iraq Procurement 2004, the Big Business carve up of Iraq taking place for the next 3 days at THE NEW CONNAUGHT ROOMS, GREAT QUEEN STREET, OFF KINGWAY, WC2 were greeted by a small number of protetors today. 2 women were arrested , allegedly for "aggravated tresspass" after they briefly entered the building.

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Report of secret US nuclear weapons in Europe to the United Nations in New York

26-04-2004 10:48

picture of citizens inspection at military base at Lakenheath
Citizens Weapons Inspections in the absence of the United Nations
For Mother Earth presents a report about secrecy surrounding US nuclear
weapons in Europe to the UN in New York

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Pat Tillman: Hero or Wasted Life?

26-04-2004 01:17

An argument against the US corporate media's depiction of American soldiers as "heroes" when they are engaged in an immoral and illegal war for fallacious reasons, especially when the war leaves a radioactive legacy of cancers and deformed children like the present wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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An Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, London, June 15th-21st 2004

25-04-2004 21:51

To celebrate the beginning of the end of BP’s sponsorship of the National Portrait Award, we (London Rising Tide) invite you to help put together An Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, from June 15th-21st 2004.

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Latest report from Fallujah

25-04-2004 12:15

Dahr Jamail is Baghdad correspondent for The NewStandard. He is an Alaskan devoted to covering the untold stories from occupied Iraq. You can help Dahr continue his crucial work in Iraq by making donations. For more information or to donate to Dahr, visit .

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Video clips from aldermaston (CND)

24-04-2004 18:20

aldermaston cnd march (wmv clip, 4.16MB, 1.37 min)

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Pix of RAFAEL ARMS (ISRAEL) Demolition Demo, Fri 23 Apr 04

24-04-2004 10:24

Photos of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) London 'demolition' demonstration outside the (hastily vacated) offices of RAFAEL ARMS (ISRAEL) on a sunny spring day in April 2004.

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Singin' in the Rain (by Latuff)

24-04-2004 06:05

Killin' in the Rain
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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End the occupation demo

23-04-2004 19:52

End the occupation - Freedom for Palestine - Troops out of Iraq

Join the protest - Saturday 24th April 12 midday - Sheffield Town Hall

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pictures from Fallujah!!

23-04-2004 15:26

Here are some pictures that were sent to us from Fallujah.....

These images do not reflect the views of the The Iraq Solidarity Campaign.

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ISM in Biddu get Shot at!

23-04-2004 14:11

ISM'ers get shot at during non violent protest

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Iraq Procurement: Tuesday's Gala Dinner to be held at New Connaught Rooms

23-04-2004 12:16

I have just visited Windrush Communications, who are organising next week's 'Iraq Procurement: Meet the Buyers' event. The door was open, so I invited myself in.

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England, Your England: A St George's Day Message From Lenin's Tomb

23-04-2004 12:15

On this most holy of patriotic days, I send a blessing to all you chubby inhabitants of this spectred isle...

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fact and fiction about the israeli wall

23-04-2004 10:47

Like almost everything in the Middle East, the Wall/Fence/Barrier under construction by Israel has become the subject of partisan politics. The truth is inconvenient for most political puproses, because too often it favors nobody and makes everyone look bad. Thus,the raw material truth product must be reworked and reshaped by experts until it suits the purpose of those marketing it as "truth." Consequently it is impossible to determine the truth except from first hand accounts, and as these are inconvenient, they are not believed.

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Your Tax Dollars At Work

22-04-2004 16:16

'Your Tax Dollars At Work'

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22-04-2004 10:51

The five Trident Ploughshares activists who evaded security at Northwood Military HQ yesterday, were charged last night and bailed to appear in court next week.