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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Parliament Square Peace Camp Eviction - Update

20-08-2007 16:36

GLA Spokesperson replies to the eviction and my repley to them and Ken Livingstone

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Europe and America: Sharing the Spoils of War

20-08-2007 00:50

Europe and America have been long-term partners as well as rivals. New spheres of influence between the European Union and the United States have unfolded. The Middle East and its peripheral geographic areas lie at the heart of this process.

In the wake of the invasion of 2003 invasion of Iraq, a unified stance has developed within both the E.U. and NATO in regards to this geopolitical re-division. This unified stance is a reflection of an unfolding political and strategic consensus between The U.S. Britain, France and Germany.

While Iraq falls within the Anglo-American orbit, the Eastern Mediterranean and its gas resources have been set to fall into that of the Franco-German entente. In fact, the entire Mediterranean region, from Morocco and gas-rich Algeria to the Levant is coveted by Franco-German interests.

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Police use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVS) to spy on festivalgoers

19-08-2007 20:13

The BBC has reported that an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) has been used by police at the V music Festival in Staffordshire.

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The Bipartisan Guarantee of More War in Iraq

19-08-2007 13:29

Most people persist in believing that the Bush Administration has "mishandled" or "bungled" the war in Iraq, when in fact they have achieved almost all of their goals. They have expanded the size, power and scope of the armed forces and the intelligence services (which now have their own secret armies) beyond the wildest dreams of the most hawkish Cold War militarist.

The US army will keep squatting in Iraq for years to come, if the "serious" leaders of both parties have their way.

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Activists Target Carmel Agrexco in Conjuction with Climate Camp

18-08-2007 12:08

At 1pm, approximately 20 activists from London, Brighton, Reading and the nearby Climate Camp entered the Carmel Agrexco site in Hayes Middlesex where some activists have D-locked the gates shut. They are being entertained by Samba. Four police arrived on the scene almost immediately.

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A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran

18-08-2007 11:28

In addition to advancing the demonization required for the larger strategy of violent regime change in Iran, it also aids what is now emerging as an important tactical move: a smaller-scale strike "at suspected training camps in Iraq run by the Quds force, a special unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps," McClatchy reports. This is what Cheney is now calling for, putting red, bloody meat on the bones of Bush's vaguely menacing statements.

The initial, small-scale raid would then itself become a justification for further action against Iran: "Did you see that bombing in the Green Zone yesterday? Of course it was the Iranians! It was obviously a revenge attack for the Quds raid. Now we have to retaliate for the tragic loss of our personnel in this cowardly terrorist action." And so on and so on, ratcheting up the level of military response – and public support – with each new iteration of the cycle.

Thus a small-scale raid would actually be a masterstroke in the Administration's psy-ops scheme to build support for a larger action to destroy the Iranian regime.

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Putin resumes cold war flights and takes BBC Moscow off the air

18-08-2007 02:48

the TU-160 is one of the latest russian bombers
What is going on at the climate camp is all fine and dandy but yer eyes are off the ball because the war on freedom is hotting up all the time and at a teeny bit of a faster rate than the climate. Putin is acting to protect the Russian people whilst our leaders are preparing to sacrifice us along with most of the Middle East. Possibly destroying the remaining nations of Islamic culture.

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A Policy of Genocide

18-08-2007 00:42

The demon of greed never seems to get enough. Over 1 million dead Iraqis – with Dick Cheney’s old company KBR/Halliburton being the prime benefactor of theft, Dick Cheney now has his eyes on Iran. More bodies, dead ones, are needed for the task. Once again, his old company, KBR/Halliburton, not only comes to the rescue, but benefits from the deal.

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WMD in Aldermaston, not Iraq: Protest at East London Court

17-08-2007 14:45

Peace campaigners demonstrated outside Stratford Magistrates’ Court in east London on Thursday 16th August as a local activist surrendered to a no bail arrest warrant received two weeks previously.

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Anti- EDO week 27-30th August.

17-08-2007 09:05

Please come!

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American Troops admit to War Crimes

16-08-2007 18:47

American troops talk of being ordered to "shoot anything that moves", and "you can basically kill anyone you want"

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Brighton Community Group funds building of 'illegal' School in Occupied Palestin

16-08-2007 09:39

Brighton Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group Press Release

Brighton Community Group funds building of 'illegal' School in Occupied Palestine

For more info email, tel 07845039980

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Labeling of the Revolutionary Guards: Another step toward military confrontation

16-08-2007 01:05

The unprecedented move by the United States to designate a branch of another sovereign nation's armed forces, in this case Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps as a "terrorist" organization, is only the latest episode of a menacing plan that has taken years to implement.

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Reviving the Anti-War Movement: Support the Iraqi Resistance

15-08-2007 10:04

Has the Left been neutered? It struck me that the greatest taboo of the antiwar movement is to show the slightest empathy for the resistance fighters in Iraq
They are never mentioned as people for whom we should show concern, much less admiration.

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A Disneyland Of Militant Ignorance: The American Normalization Of Mass Murder

14-08-2007 23:23

In truth, the only place the people of Vietnam ever constituted a threat to the United States was within the toxic mindscapes of paranoid cold warriors. This death-enamored realm -- where the most psychotic is king -- is the place (and only place) where Iraq's weapons of mass destruction existed, and is where, at present, Iran's threat to the United States looms.

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Escalation by the Numbers: What "Progress" in Iraq Really Means

14-08-2007 22:29

Further documentation and resources can be found at the story's link.

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UK Partially Blocks Arms Sales To Israel

14-08-2007 22:28

Since arms sales to countries with secret nuclear programs are illegal, all arms sales to Israel, from any country, should be immediately stopped.

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9/11 Truth: London Parliament Demo 11th August 2007

14-08-2007 09:37

Here are some pics from our 11 August Demonstration outside Parliament in London. Due to the legislation from 2005 (SOCPA – Serious Organised Crime and Protection Act) all demonstrators had to apply for a lone demonstration license from the police. To remain within the law we therefore all had to demonstrate on different topics to all be lone demonstrators.

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Terminate Baghdad

14-08-2007 08:53

As Mike Davis has observed the world can often be better understood by reference to Hollywood sci-fi flics than government policy`papers or academic/mainstream media ramblings. Attempts to make the surge in Iraq work are now to feature Terminator-style armed robot killers.