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Smashing EDO in pictures.

11-06-2008 10:01

For various reasons, the main one being lazyness I have neglected to write my own report of what went on. Instead I have pasted below the write up that appeared in the alarmingly brighton-centric Schnews. It pretty much covers all the bases. Enjoy...

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The EDO march in pictures.

11-06-2008 08:02

c-mass arrives...
Nice sunny day for it.

Very few cops on the demo.

3 sound systems and a samba band.

Great stuff.

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Israel Launches 'Iran Command' for War

11-06-2008 02:29

It's becoming frightening clear just who poses the real threat.

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Smash EDO noise demo

10-06-2008 23:02

This wednesday the regular Smash EDO noise demo's will resume.

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Post Carnival Message from Smash EDO

10-06-2008 22:53

please email your feedback about the carnival to

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First Clown Account of the Edible Dionysian Orchestra's (EDO) Grand Finale

10-06-2008 20:47

Loads of clowns turned up to play outside EDO for its grand finale ast Wednesday 4 June.

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London to Geneva Peace Walk, May 2008

10-06-2008 00:59

First Day
We have been in France for 28 days, and over a month since the walk began. We have had huge support from not just local people but globally the walk has been joined by people from Japan, Canada, German, France, Italy, Australia, Sweden, Scotland, England, Niger & the United States of America.

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Treaty Tensions Mount as Iraq Tells the US It Wants All Troops Back in Barracks

10-06-2008 00:56

Can you blame the Iraqi people for not wanting the occupation troops to stay?

If this "agreement" gets passed before the end of this year (and the end of the election season, so Bush can trumpet Iraq as a "success" worth all the cost in blood and money), look for the Iraqi people to revolt completely against the Al-Maliki government (and US troops) in any way they can think of.

Creating a Forward Operating Base for US forces to prosecute the rest of its planned Regional Wars was, of course, one of the main reasons for the US to attack both Afghanistan and Iraq. This 'agreement' appears designed to create the appearance that this is some new development, as the Neo-Cons can no longer hide the construction of permanent bases its Opposition has been pointing to since late 2003.

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Manchester Police Own Goal

09-06-2008 19:37

It appears Manchester Constabulary fired and scored an own goal today with the death of one of their officers during routine firearms training in a Manchester warehouse.

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EDO demonstration, Brighton, 4 June 2008

09-06-2008 16:56

A selection of photographs from the carnival against weapons manufacturers EDO in Moulsecoomb, Brighton, Wednesday 4 June 2008

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Death threats against Colombian WRI affiliate Red Juvenil de Medellin

09-06-2008 16:16

Statement of the War Resisters' International Executive Committee

London, 9 June 2008

War Resisters' International is very concerned about the death threats received by its Colombian affiliate Red Juvenil de Medellin. Last week, Red Juvenil received death threats in the name of "Aguilas Negras" (Black Eagles) [1], a name widely used by groups of supposedly demobilised paramilitaries.
On Thursday 29 and Friday 30 May 2008, Red Juvenil de Medellín received the following message from "Death to anarchists disguised as a pacifists. No more concerts of drugs and communists. No further notice." The threats were directed at eight named members and close friends of Red Juvenil [2], and signed Aguilas Negras.

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Army Website Prefers Trolls To Truth

09-06-2008 13:23

Rob McCartney has published several articles on Indymedia about fraud and corruption on MOD Equipment contracts. He posted links to one on the British Army Rumour Service website to promote discussion among members of the armed forces. The site admin supported attempts to intimidate him for raising the issue, even though it was a clear breech of their own rules.

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parcaberporth/uav unmanned planes

09-06-2008 07:05

parc aberporth,as good as EDO and MBM 25 -26 JUNE

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Dialect - Can Britain feed itself & Hay on Wye festie review

08-06-2008 20:16

Dialect Radio is a Bristol (UK) internet broadcasting Co-operative run by volunteers. Our main activity is our weekly current affairs and arts magazine programme Dialect, which is recorded at our Queen's Square studios and posted for download every weekend. Want to volunteer? Volunteering Bristol, Royal Oak House, Royal Oak Avenue, Bristol. BS1 4GB Tel: 0117 989 7733

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Iran demands Security Council action on Israel threat

08-06-2008 19:23

"Mofaz's threat against Iran was the most explicit from a member of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's government, which has preferred to hint at a possible use of force.

Khazaee's letter said the Security Council's history of failing to act against Israel "has emboldened it to continue and even increase its unlawful behaviors and policies."

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I Spy a Spy, Menwith Hill, July 4th 2008, 5-10pm

08-06-2008 17:15

Come to Menwith Hill on July 4th!
A protest will be held at Menwith Hill base on July 4th, 2008. It will run from 5pm - 10pm, including music, speeches and food. Please attend in spy evening wear!

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The Doctor, the Uranium and the Dying Children

08-06-2008 16:24

We must put these genocidal criminals in trial

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FITwatching at the Carnival Against the Arms Trade

07-06-2008 15:00

FITwatching really take off at the carnival - and the FIT took off in response!

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Israel attack on Iran 'unavoidable'-Olmert deputy

06-06-2008 18:44

One way to avoid it would be to arrest these War Criminals before they have a chance to start another illegal war.