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End war on freedom of media in Bangladesh

21-09-2011 08:09

Basil Fernando: Director for Policy and Programme Development of Asian Human Rights Commission commenting on the present situations of Bangladeshi media freedom said “For a democratic government it is essential to facilitate a free platform of discussion and one of the important instruments of that platform is a free media, which is free from censorship. A free media signifies the right of free speech and promoting respect for differences of opinions in public discussion. Without a free media a democracy is blind, deaf and dumb which are lead towards violence not justice and peace. The Bangladesh government has totally lost the characteristic of democratic government.

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[video] 9/11: A conspiracy theory

19-09-2011 18:32

James Corbett's humorous take on 9/11 has gone completely viral, amassing 500,000 views in just 5 days on youtube. This 5-minute satire of the 'Official Conspiracy Theory' uses factoids and hilarious graphics to drive home its points in what can only be called a masterpiece of reductio ad absurdum. Whatever it is, it's working. A half-million views in 5 days speaks for itself.

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ILPS Condemns US, NATO and puppet forces for barbaric attacks on Libyan people

19-09-2011 03:33

We, the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS), condemn in the strongest terms the US, NATO and their puppet forces for their barbaric military campaign against the people in the whole of Libya since several months ago and in Tripoli currently. The combination of escalated NATO air bombardments and ground movement of Libyan puppet forces and NATO special forces against Tripoli since 20 August aims to deliver the final blow on the Gaddafi regime.

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Commonwealth Heads Meeting in Sri Lanka plan denounced

18-09-2011 12:14

Talk of awarding the next Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting to Sri Lanka, led by the despotic Rajapaksa governement accused of systematic war crimes against scores of civilians at the end of the country's 26-year old civil war in 2009, has been widely denounced.

Meanwhile, why so little BBC coverage on Sri Lanka since the end of the conflict bearing in mind the grotesque barbarity that has occurred in the country, as Channel 4 have so successfully exposed?

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Peace Day Event in Wrexham, Wed 21 September. Free for All.

16-09-2011 12:58

A free event for International Day of Peace on Wednesday 21 September. There'll be live music all day, peace readings from faith and secular perspectives, a peace picnic, a free give and take stall, performance poetry, interactive art and bridge-building craft. Wrexham Library is hosting an exhibition 'Nonviolence Works' all week and there'll be an after-show party Wednesday night at the Horse & Jockey pub. Organised by local band Heal the Last Stand, Wrexham Peace & Justice Forum, Wrexham Diocese Faith, Peace & Justice Network and many friends.

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Offsetting Human Lives - towards an 'ethical' Arms Trade?

16-09-2011 10:31

Audio Subvertised billboard near DSEi

The launch of, Life Neutral Solutions a new company at DSEi 2011, raised some controversy.

Advertised on a billboard near the Excel Centre which hosted the Defence & Security Equipment International, billed as the world's largest Arms Fair, the company wrote on its website:

You’ve heard of the importance of being carbon neutral? Well, being Life Neutral is the same - but with people. For every* life lost as a result of the use of products from our member organisations, we make sure that a new life flourishes. Join today and your next child could be a Life Neutral™ child.

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NATO-Rebels` Attack on Tripoli

15-09-2011 22:20

NATO-Rebels Attack - Tripoli
How the NATO-Rebels` Attack on Tripoli really looked like: On-the-ground footage of rebels opening fire on a compound in Abu Salim district in Tripoli, Libya, which the mainstream media refuses to broadcast, instead choosing to portray Libyan rebels and NATO as the purveyors of "freedom" who are "liberating" the people of Libya. ........

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Killing the bad guys

15-09-2011 14:18

War must become a taboo

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Disrupt the arms dealers dinner tonight

15-09-2011 13:15

The delegates at the DSEi arms fair are having their get together this evening

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Retraction: EDL and Stabbings

13-09-2011 21:40

We published an article yesterday casting doubt on the claims that two EDL members were stabbed outside the Tyburn Pub in Marble Arch, London.

We now accept these stabbings did happen and anyone with any information should contact Westminster Serious Violence Team on 0207 321 9314, or Crimestoppers anonymously.

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Gaza children’s images of war censored

13-09-2011 21:28

Gaza children’s images of war
Gaza children’s images of war censored under pressure from US Israel lobby .... Pro-Israel organizations pressured an Oakland children’s museum to cancel an upcoming exhibition of drawings made by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. ...The censored drawings were created through local children’s mental health initiatives in Gaza immediately following Israel’s attacks in the winter of 2008-09, during which approximately 1,400 Palestinians, including more than 300 children, were killed.

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National Gallery shamed whilst hosting arms dealers’ reception

13-09-2011 20:51

Arms dealers schmooze with National Gallery
Activists protest against DSEi drinks reception at the National Gallery.

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Disrupting DSEi - Day One. Full Timeline

13-09-2011 09:42

Full timeline of actions on Tuesday 13th September 2011 against the DSEi Arms Fair.

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Press release: Banner Drop at London Arms Fair

13-09-2011 07:42

Destroy DSEi banner
Wave of actions planned for opening day of London arms fair

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Glasgow protest against NATO war crimes

12-09-2011 14:19

Call to protest against NATO war crimes

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9/11 Vigil at the US Embassy in London

12-09-2011 07:36

vigil outside the US Embassy
Report from yesterday's vigil at the US Embassy on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

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First Aid training London 12/9/11

11-09-2011 20:51

UK Action Medics training.

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Disrupt the FIT at DSEi

11-09-2011 15:05

Named Met FIT

It's that time again. DSEi, Defence Systems Equipment International, the world's largest arms fair, is returning to ExCeL, and Disarm DSEi, alongside others in the Stop the Arms Fair Coalition will be trying to stop them. 13th September has been announced as the main day of action, with Disarm DSEi calling for people to stop the arms dealers in their tracks by blockading the DLR from 10am at Custom House station. Actions will be continuing throughout the week, including at the arms dealers dinner on Thursday.

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Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair: Iran is the real enemy

11-09-2011 14:16

The Times, 9 September 2011
Unlike George Bush, who kept a low profile since leaving presidency in 2009, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair (1997-2007), the other war criminal-in-chief, is still at the forefront of war propaganda efforts.

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Breaking: Kayaks attempt to stop warship getting to DSEi

10-09-2011 10:34

HMS Dauntless and police boats
Activists on inflatable Kayaks have this morning attempted to stop the Destroyer HMS Dauntless from reaching the Excel Centre where it is due to be displayed at the DSEi Arms fair.