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Disrupting DSEi - Day One. Full Timeline

13.09.2011 09:42 | Anti-militarism

Full timeline of actions on Tuesday 13th September 2011 against the DSEi Arms Fair.

19:30 8 cops escort Geoff Hoon past protestors to drink with the Merchants of Death
19:00 People chanting "Scum!" at dealers entering reception
18:17 Confirmed that DSEi reception is being held at National Gallery. Protestors inside and outside.
18:08 Report of arrests outside National Gallery where arms dealers are dining.
17:32 BAe die-in in progress.
17:11 FITwatch reports that other FIT cops present at BAe include Alan Palfrey, another bystander when Ian Tomlinson was killed.
17:11 150 people now reported to be outside BAe building
17:05 About 65 people at the die-in at BAE.
16:52 15 CAAT supporters blockaded an arms fair exit with a die-in. Arms dealers forced to step over their bodies. 1 arrest.
16:51 FIT have followed FITwatchers on tube to Embankment.
16:36 Chris Cole of Drone Wars UK sprayed 'Stop the Arms Trade' and 'DSEi Kills' at Custom House today. Charged with criminal damage and bailed. Court 12 Oct.
16:00 Report of protester arrested on DLR by British Transport Police.
15:50 Critical Mass on its way to BAe die-in.
15:50 Manchester against militarism & others outside Aerospace Defence & Security Group HQ forcing staff to use different exit.
15:35 FIT now watching FITwatchers drink beer at a pub in Whitechapel.
15:28 Group gathering to perform 'remote controlled killer robots' street theatre protest outside General Atomics- makers of drones.
15:21 Quietening down at west gate at Excel. Bikes likely to move off soon to BAe die-in.
14:47 Police have managed to contain west entrance blockaders behind police lines. Traffic moving through gate again.
14:37 Group headed to blockade office of arms trade lobby ADS.
14:36 Kettle reported at West Entrance.
14:25 West Entrance closed following sit down and street dance.
14:18 West entrance blocked again by a die-in.
14:17 Kettle in Tidal Basin Road. People asking for support.
14:15 Unconfirmed CAAT report that people on bikes have been kettled by tidal basin road. Awaiting confirmation.
14:14 Report that cops are asking people to go in the 'official' pen to protest.
14:10 [approx time] Arrest for climbing fence at west entrance to Excel Centre
14:05 Blockaders now blockading Royal Victoria entrance. Cars and taxis turning around.
13:57 Blockaders now moving to Royal Victoria DLR.
13:55Police threaten to arrest man for distributing anti-militarist literature at Custom House.
13:45 People at west entrance being warned for trespass by Excel security.
13:34 25 people staging die-in at West Entrance
13:29 Sparkles not Shrapnel having led the throng in song at Parliament are now going to serenade arms dealers
13:20 Critical Mass at the West Entrance.
13:13 Critical mass cyclists and others blocking west entrance to the arms fair.
12:58 People are reported to be heading to Custom House now for a Die-In.
12:35 Veggies Catering Campaign of Nottingham is at Canning Town feeding arms fair protesters.
12:34 Docklands Light Railway protests this morning reported to have been 'very easy'. Successful die-in at main entrance.
12:00 An Anglican priest has staged an 'exorcism' of the arms fair at the Custom House entrance.
11:41 CAAT reports rally of 200 outside Parliament.
10:31 Critical Mass broadcasting loud soundtracks of warfare, huge explosions at Custom House
10:26 Arrest at Custom House for shouting 'go home, scum' at delegates
10:27 Protestors with banner moved from Custom House to 'offical protest site' at Prince Regent.
10:24 Critical mass arrives at Customs House DLR. Greeted by many cops.
10:17 Banner being held at custom house station. Cops threatening removal.
09:00 30 cyclists ready to set off on Critical Mass from Bank.
08:42 Destroy DSEi Banner Drop at ExCel.
12/09 March ban partially lifted under threat of legal action by arms fair protester.
12/09 Multifaith vigil held outside ExCel 6.30 - 8pm. One arrest for criminal damage. Later released.


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