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NATO-Rebels` Attack on Tripoli

Armando Legrand | 15.09.2011 22:20 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Terror War | Cambridge

How the NATO-Rebels` Attack on Tripoli really looked like: On-the-ground footage of rebels opening fire on a compound in Abu Salim district in Tripoli, Libya, which the mainstream media refuses to broadcast, instead choosing to portray Libyan rebels and NATO as the purveyors of "freedom" who are "liberating" the people of Libya. ........

NATO-Rebels Attack - Tripoli
NATO-Rebels Attack - Tripoli

What happened in Libya: Here is a video in two parts on what really happened in Libya. ......

How Freedom* Came to Libya pt 1: How Protest Became War

How Freedom* Came to Libya, part 2: How the Rebels Gave Africa the Boot

After this two part series was done the NATO-rebels liberated Tripoli from it’s black skin part of the population. Here is how that liberation of Tripoli looked like from the NATO-rebels’ perspective of view. Libya: Bataille en Libye Abou Salim Tripoli: ....

At this moment the NATO-rebels are in the process of „liberating“ the cities of Sirt and Bani Walid in the north of Libya and then are planning to do the same to the south of Libya.

Armando Legrand


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