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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Kissinger's Kiss n' Tell - Codename: "Meet Andy in Paris"

06-11-2005 22:24

Newly released State Department Documents have revealed a surprising fact about what Kissinger got up to in Paris in 1972 with Nixon's approval.

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No Trident! No Trident Replacement!

06-11-2005 18:34

A decision on the possible replacement of the Trident submarine nuclear weapons system is due in this parliament. According to reports, the UK government, despite its commitment to nuclear disarmament under the NPT, has already decided to replace Trident. Help send the message loud and clear from Oxford - get rid of Trident and don’t replace it!

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British Soldiers' families unite with Iraqi & Irish families to condemn Impunity

06-11-2005 13:46

As former Scots Guards Colonel and Human Rights abuser Tim Spicer, whose Aegis mercenary company is the subject of much controversy in Iraq, attends a conference at RUSI in Westminster, families of British Soldiers, of Irish Citizens murdered by British Soldiers, and representatives of Iraqi families murdered by British soldiers unite with a cross-party group of MPs and human rights lobbyists to call for an end to Impunity for human rights abusers.

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Is Iran `next`?

06-11-2005 12:45

This is a 600 word piece about a possible attack on Iran or maybe Syria. 10 labelled press cuttings and photos are attached.

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GOP Leaders to Bush:

05-11-2005 18:45

[earth2025] GOP Leaders to Bush: 'Your Presidency is Effectively Over'

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Western Imperial Pandemic

05-11-2005 15:58

The laws in our countries are being eroded and ignored, so that the fact we don't want to be imperialistic, the fact that we can all see the damage that imperialism does to the world and those directly oppressed by it, no longer constitutes a wake-up call to those in charge.

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05-11-2005 15:50


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EU, CIA's Secret Jails:a SCOOP on CIA Prison Planes

05-11-2005 01:53

The CIA's Planes/The CIA's Companies
Two countries the media declined to name...a complete list of CIA shell companies and aircraft....
News media reported Thursday that the group Human Rights Watch "claims records and other evidence point to POLAND and ROMANIA as countries that allowed their territory to be used by the CIA to hold top suspected al-Qaeda captives." We report that HRW knows that from tracing the movements of CIA planes and we provide a list of the planes.

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edo bombarded

04-11-2005 19:25

pixie action at edo

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fragging of officers in iraq/just like vietnam

04-11-2005 18:35

seems the war in Iraq is becoming another vietnam by the day , if this report from is anything to go by

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Imagine the effects of a cluster bomb dropped on Covent Garden…

04-11-2005 16:56

Cluster bombs have been widely used during conflicts in countries such as Kosovo, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. The results are devastating…

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What does a Galloway actually do?

04-11-2005 11:10

Parlimentary democracy and other myths

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CIA Holds Terror Suspects in Secret Prisons

03-11-2005 16:29

Salt Pit
American newspaper Washington Post publsihed an interesting article yesterday, 2nd November, about secret prisons run by the CIA on foreign soil. Unsurprisingly, the agency, as well as top US politicians, are trying hard to keep the information secret, as the article shows.

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The US Elephant

03-11-2005 15:21

"The US elephant has grown into a monster of grotesque and obscene proportions. The special relations between the US and the United Kingdom in the last years have led to the deaths of thousands upon thousands.. All this happened under the sign of a moral crusade to bring peace & stability."

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Israeli Sonic Booms Over Gaza

03-11-2005 11:50

Although it had evacuated its settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip earlier this year, Israel continues to control the territory's airspace, coastline and borders. It has also continued to carry out air raids against what it says are militant targets. What's more, Israeli jets are are now said to be flying regularly over the Palestinian land, with sonic booms designed to be a show of force.

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Conference on Chechnya, London, 25th Nov

03-11-2005 11:25

The UK-based charity MARCCH (Medical Aid and Relief for Children of Chechnya) in association Centre of Contemporary Central Asia & the Caucasus (SOAS) are organising their second Conference on Chechnya on Friday 25th November at the Brunei Gallery, SOAS.

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Armed Forces Bill

03-11-2005 10:48

Clare Short's Armed Forces Bill defeated

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Haifa Zangana talk at Edinburgh University Wednesday 2nd November

03-11-2005 00:01

There are notes from the talk given by Iraqi Kurdish writer and activist Haifa Zangana at Appleton Tower, Edinburgh University on Wednesday 2nd November 2005. 2 photos (excuse quality) are attached.

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Suicidal Statecraft and Intrigues in Washington

02-11-2005 15:22

"Suicidal statecraft. Sadly for President George W Bush's place in history but-much more important-ominously for America's future, it has lately seemed as if that adroit phrase might be applicable to the policies pursued by the US since the cataclysm of 9/11."

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Aoteaora Revolutionary Clown Army (ARCA) protests Weapons Conference

02-11-2005 10:54

More than 70 people took part in an action organised against the Weapons Defence Industry Association conference held at Te Papa in New Zealand on on Tuesday 18th October 2005.

The action, which was organised by Peace Action Wellington, involved a large sit-in/blockade by the Aotearoa Revolutionary Clown Army in front of Te Papa which lasted for about two and a half hours, and also a blockade in front of an armoured vehicle. Twenty people in all were arrested, with charges ranging from obstruction, trespass and assault of police officers.