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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Thursday May 6th Animal Liberation/ Anti-Militarist Demo in Worcestershire

04-05-2010 18:34

Stuart Corbett a so-called "conservation officer" from the Porton Down military research facility in Wiltshire is giving a talk for the Worcestershire Wildlife Trust on Thursday May 6th. Porton down carries out horrific and cruel weapons experiments on animals while Corbett is brazen enough to talk about wildlife conservation!

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US targeting Iranian nuclear program (by Latuff)

04-05-2010 03:11

US targeting Iranian nuclear program.
Cartoon for Iranian newspaper Jame Jam.

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Iran and the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) conference

03-05-2010 20:43

President Ahmadinejad speaking at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference
This year's Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference - as with previous years' - promises to be yet another battle between the developing and the nuclear-armed nations. The US insists that the Non-Proliferation Treaty needs to be rewritten so as to place greater limits on what it calls "nuclear weapons proliferation" whilst the developing nations say that the concern over proliferation is being used as a pretext by the US to avoid its own obligations under the same treaty to disarm its own nukes and to share nuclear technology with everyone else.

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Mayday! Peace Camp / Democracy Village - Parliament Square

02-05-2010 21:59

Statement From The Democracy Village, Parliament Square

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Report of May Day march and rally in Edinburgh

02-05-2010 01:36

A report with photos of the May Day march and rally in Edinburgh with news of other May Day events around the globe

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Threatening Iran Is Wrong

01-05-2010 21:39

The antiwar movement everywhere should be extremely alarmed about the Obama Administration’s declaration in April that Washington can target Iran with nuclear weapons. Although vague “all options are on the table” warnings were also issued under George W. Bush, now the threat of a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Iran is enshrined in the revised Nuclear Posture Review of the United States.
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Demonstration against Israeli exhibition at the Scottish Parliament

01-05-2010 21:00

There was a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 26th April 2010 from noon to about 1.35pm when around 70 people turned up to listen to a number of speakers condemn the exhibition.

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26 June - 1 July: Afghanistan Peace Walk

30-04-2010 18:10

Stop Bombing Afghanistan
A five-day walk from London to Colchester in Support of Joe Glenton.

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Nuclear weapons & interceptor missiles:Twin pillars of US-NATO military strategy

29-04-2010 15:54

US. nuclear weapon bases in Europe (2008)
Discussions held by the NATO members on the role of nuclear arms in Europe a generation after the end of the Cold War are in line with the Nuclear Posture Review released last month by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Since 1949, NATO’s policy has obligated European member states to adhere to what is called nuclear sharing or nuclear burden sharing; that is, nuclear bombs stationed on bases in Europe are to be delivered by the host nations’ air forces.
Europe will not be free of nuclear arms until NATO is disbanded.

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All efforts towards advancing the national democratic revolution in Philippines!

28-04-2010 11:18

Today we celebrate with utmost joy the Filipino people’s gallant struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy under a united front. Thirty seven years ago on April 24, in the face of the fascist Marcos dictatorship, revolutionary organizations came together to form the National Democratic Front (NDF). Through the years the NDF has proven its commitment in advancing the revolutionary struggle of the Filipino people to overthrow the semi-colonial, semi-feudal system which oppresses, deprives and exploits majority of the masses.

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US soldier in collateral murder video speaks out against war

28-04-2010 08:40

soldier who saved kids in wikiLeaks massacre video condemns war

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Media Disinformation: Syria Threatens Israel’s Security. One Big Smokescreen

27-04-2010 18:23

In the self-sensationalising world of modern media, some truths are better witnessed than told. Over the past fortnight, major media outlets have converged on Syria’s alleged delivery of scud missiles to the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah. By examining how the story first came to limelight, as well as the manner in which media sources have uncritically covered the story, one can begin to notice the vastly degenerated state of today’s media and its deeply polarising effects.

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Instruments of global domination:US spends billions on new global strike weapons

27-04-2010 12:36

US Global Command and Control System
The Obama administration is spending billions of dollars to develop new weapons systems, including powerful conventional warhead missiles capable of striking any target in the world within less than an hour.

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Trident: women campaigners to challenge police abuse of power

27-04-2010 08:20

More women blockade AWE on 15 February (not the arrestees)
Four women from Aldermaston Women's Peace Camp(aign) will be attending Newbury Magistrates Court on Wednesday 28 April 2008 to challenge bail conditions which have limited their freedom of movement and freedom to protest since 15 February 2010.

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It's Now or Never: Hands Off Mother Earth!

26-04-2010 17:44

This article sums up the essential findings of the People's Agreement, the final document of the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth, held in Cochabamba, Bolivia, from April 19th to 22nd. The writer calls on readers to join the HANDS OFF MOTHER EARTH CAMPAIGN, launched as an immediate first result of the People's Conference.

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Unarmed demonstrators shot in Gazan ‘buffer zone’

25-04-2010 12:28

El Maghazi, Deir Al Balah, Gaza, Occupied Palestinian Territories, 24th April 2010, 12PM – At a peaceful nonviolent demonstration against the forceful cessation of farming within what Israel defines as a “buffer zone,” which was attended by 150 people, two Palestinians demonstrators and one International activist were shot. Israeli soldiers opened fire on the demonstrators from the border fence. Nidal Al Naji (18) was shot in the right thigh. Hind Al Akra (22) was shot in the stomach and is undergoing emergency surgery. Bianca Zimmit (28) from Malta was filming the demonstration when she was shot in her left thigh. The wounded are currently being treated in Al Aqsa Hospital.

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Urgent: Protest in Defence of Gaza Demonstrators 26/4/10

25-04-2010 10:35

Protest in Defence of Gaza Demonstrators Monday 26 April 9.30am
Isleworth Crown Court, 36 Ridgeway Road, Isleworth TW7 5LP

Yet another young man, who had the strength and courage to take a stand against the collective punishment of 1.5 million people in Gaza during the Gaza bombing last year, is in court on Monday.

Martin Askew, a writer from London, faces a lengthy prison term if the jury find him guilty of violent disorder. Mr Askew was himself brutally attacked by a police sergeant who gave evidence last week saying he "hit him as hard as I could" in the head with his full-body shield. The jury had earlier seen footage of Mr Askew showing peace signs to police lines moments before he was attacked. The police sergeant in question said he "jabbed" Mr Askew because he had been "distracting" police and had to "take him out".

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Tony Blair, very close to being indicted for war crimes in Malaysia

24-04-2010 18:22

Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair testifying at the Iraq Inquiry, January 2010
While on a speaking engagement in Malaysia organized by "Success Resources Company", former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was the object of an articulate protest movement demanding his indictment for war crimes.

This was no ordinary protest. Tony Blair has been accused of war crimes in a legal initiative led by the country's former Prime Minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Upon entering the main convention hall, Tony Blair was very close to being served with an indictment for war crimes.

While the unfolding events have been acknowledged by the Malaysian press, Tony Blair's visit to Malaysia has passed virtually unnoticed in the United Kingdom. In fact, outside of Malaysia, the issue has not received press coverage.

Deafening silence and complicity of the British media? One would expect that people in Britain would want to know what happened to Tony Blair in Kuala Lumpur.