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All efforts towards advancing the national democratic revolution in Philippines!

Roxana Malaya | 28.04.2010 11:18 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | World

Today we celebrate with utmost joy the Filipino people’s gallant struggle for national liberation and genuine democracy under a united front. Thirty seven years ago on April 24, in the face of the fascist Marcos dictatorship, revolutionary organizations came together to form the National Democratic Front (NDF). Through the years the NDF has proven its commitment in advancing the revolutionary struggle of the Filipino people to overthrow the semi-colonial, semi-feudal system which oppresses, deprives and exploits majority of the masses.

The shamelessly corrupt and evil US-Arroyo regime and its utterly inhumane anti-insurgency campaign Oplan Bantay Laya 1 and 2 aimed to quash dissent and perpetuate the regime in power, but failed miserably to douse revolutionary fervor and only succeeded in driving the oppressed and exploited masses to fight strongly for their rights. It is effective only in pushing the best sons and daughters of the Filipino people into waging armed revolution and joining the New People’s Army.

The people’s hatred of GMA has spilled over the election season where progressive, patriotic and anti-GMA candidates have more chances of winning in the coming May elections than the utterly corrupt GMA minions who are in power. Conversely, the election season has widened the cracks even more within the entire ruling system amidst series of political attacks thrown against the ruling Arroyo clique and defections to opposition forces and the heating and bloody race for power. It is likewise favorable for the advancement of the people’s demand for revolutionary change and unfavorable for the ruling system wanting to perpetuate the oppressive status quo.

All indications point to an advancing people’s revolutionary struggle. But we must work harder to ensure more victories.

Let us celebrate the founding anniversary of the National Democratic Front by strengthening our resolve and doubling our efforts. Revolutionary organizations must arouse, organize and mobilize the majority of the people by the thousands within and outside of their ranks. Red fighters mostly come from the lumad people and peasantry, and so the peti bourgeoisie especially the educated youth, must go to the mountains and join the New People’s Army. All out effort must be made towards building the people’s army and advancing the national democratic revolution from the stage of the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate within 5 years!

Long live the revolution!

Long Live the National Democratic Front!

Onward with the struggle!

Roxana Malaya